Date: 9th July 2007 at 3:56pm
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Another sunny sunny monday afternoon, dontcha just love it? I am sorely torn between writing this column or going outside t enjoy the beautiful weather that is currently on display outside. But I left the snorkel equipment at home today, and the water wings are at the back of the wardrobe, so looks like you’re stuck with me. Sorry folks…

on with the round up…

Oh, ballacks!!!

Teamtalk talks team-tastic today, telling tales to titilate to t’core. Chelski, according to the football website, are today travelling out to the states to begin their pre-season tours and conditioning.

Joining them will be new signing Florent Maloudadooda, fresh from signing from Olympique Lyonnais for a reported fee of £13.5m.

Missing out on the trip,however, will be German midfielder Michael Ballack, who misses the start of the tour as recovers from surgery following surgery on one of his ankles.

Rumours are that he slipped on a piece of pie crust from one of the tasty treats from Lumplard’s ‘trolley full of cakes and meaty fings’.

In other Chelski news, the blues have stealthily crept up behind everyone, and then put on a scary mask, and gone ‘BOO!’. The scary mask in question is Avram Grant, as the Telegraph report that the former technical director at Portsmouth will be joining the blues as director of football, and also sit on the Chelski board too. I bet they’re relieved it’s not Lumplard doing the sitting.

Robben to fly the nest?

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the top target of them all? Well, when it comes to Real Madrid, some will tell you it’s our very own Cesc Fabregas. But the Daily Mirror will tell you otherwise.

They today report that it’s Arjen Robben who is exchanges naughty sly glances with the Madrid club, and playing footsie with the Spaniards under the table, saying that he still has his heart set on a move to the Spanish capital and current La Liga champions.

The signing of Maloudadooda yesterday, the paper says, could well spell the end of the Dutchman’s spell at the Bridge.

Carra on without me.

The Liverpool Echo carry the story of Jamie Carragher, who’s seemingly called time on his international career, feeling that being overlooked by ‘Honest’ Steve McClaren, despite being one of the most consistent central defenders in the Premier League, time and again, coupled with being 29, tell him that he should focus himself on his club.

Personally, i reckon he’s ‘doing a Beckham’. If you see Jamie sporting a wealth of new tattoos, bleach blond hair and in tow with his new best friend, jay-z, you’ll know I’m right.

It’s a shame for Carragher, he’s been on top form for at least 3 seasons, whereas players like woodgate have been out injured, surely Carragher had earned the right to secure his place behind Terry and Ferdinand in the squad. Or Perhaps Honest Steve thinks he IS too old at 29 to warrant giving him the chance in the squad, preferring to look at a younger defender instead.

Kamara pretty as a picture to Fulham

Hey you, up in the Sky, learning to fly, tell me how high do you think you’ll go before you start falling? So sang oasis, back in the day. Fast forward back to the present and my focus is on a sky of a different sort, of the web-based football news site type thing. Yes, it’s good ol’ Sky Sports, minus the traumatic sight of the hairy hand of Richard Keys, who are telling anyone who’ll listen (the brazen jezebels) that Fulham have completed the signing of Diomansy Kamara from West Brom for a fee of fifteen squillion euros and a bag of caramac bars. OH no, sorry, i read that wrong – it is in fact a much more managable £6m (i have no information about the caramac bars…).

Sky Sports sat that the Senegalese international has put pen t’ paper on a five year deal and joins Aaron Hughes and Steven Davis (both from Villa…) as new arrivals at Craven Cottage, as Lawrie ‘Dirty’ Sanchez shapes the team in his own image.

So expect them to come running out for their first game of the new season wearing long raincoats and stern-looking spectacles, looking like 11 Gene Hackmans from the film ‘Enemy Of The State’…

Good gwief – is that the time? I simpwy MUST go, wevewend wilson will be wound soon, and i have to put the best china out for him, before we discuss the church fete…

Til next time, my good chums…


23 Replies to “Wingers’ World 16 – Losing Count”

  • I thought Diomansy Kamary was signing for Reggina,stupid move,he just signed his career to the drain,another good player to waste

  • On a seperate subject, has anyone read the latest Gallas comments…? Don’t sound good but if they are true he can just get lost too cos we don’t want any moaning players throughout the season.

  • He moaned his way to a transfer from Chelski, what made you think he would be any different at Arsenal

  • Cheers Arsenalruz4ever – that link is to that article written in French; I take it you can read French…?

  • Such petty aggression from Le Arse. Boy, becoming a team battling for a UEFA cup place has really hit you hard hasn’t it. Rather than talk about the virtues, or lack of them, of your Henry-less team, you choose to have a dig at those above you. I bet your mind games have really got Jose and Rafa all in a tizzy.

  • Gallas get the point, what he talks that is true….AW brought young players without big names… season is so long, l wish l had wrong….. Eduardo is not TH14, that is fact….

  • Gooner_vin just go to the home page and you will see the article in English. And are is correct it is a totally different from the hybriditem reported. He has not slammed the Arsenal board and he does miss Henry but he was not surprised. I wish there was more news coming from the Boss but as always he does and acts for the best interest of the club.

  • Cheers alwaysgunner, I just read it and its not in the same context as how the press have protrayed it, surprise surprise. I’m fast becoming tired of the media and their sensationalism, even the so-called quality publications are doing it now. There’s news that we might sign Sagna (again could just be rubbish), and I’m struggling to think why we need a right-back when we already have Eboue, Hoyte and Kerrea Gilbert.

  • gallas has been completely misrepresented by the press just go to his official site, google it and choose the english version and read for yourselves..

  • Sagna seems to be set for the switch.. unless something untoward happens.. I guess he’s going to be the cover for right back.. and abt Kerrea Gilbert.. will he actually play for us next season? I think that Wenger will sell him.

  • And hearing abt Fiorentina willing to include Bojinov in a deal for Freddie… good deal? Sounds interesting..

  • Yeah but why do we need a third right back? He seemed to be satisfied with Hoyte, hence gave him the new contract. I guess we can trust Wenger to know what he’s doing!

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