Date: 10th July 2007 at 3:48pm
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I read an intresting article on Vital Spurs a couple of days ago comparing Tottenham’s squad with Arsenal’s.

Although I agreed with some of what the writer said, I disagreed with some too.

So, with Spurs making plenty of noise about getting into the Champions league, I thought I’d give my own opinion on our respective starting X1’s and squads.

Lehmann V Robinson. The verdict of the writer on Vital Spurs was ‘Draw’. I say Lehmann. Not because I’m biased but because no ‘keeper in the Premiership conceeded more than Robinson last season, Lehmann meanwhile was solid last season.

Eboue V Chimbonda Verdict of Spurs writer ‘Draw.’ My verdict – Chimbonda. While Eboue is a superior attacking player, Chimbonda has more experience than Eboue and looks more solid at the back.

Clichy V Bale. The verdict on Vital Spurs – Bale. My verdict – Clichy. Clichy was under a huge ammount of pressure last season to replace the best left back in the world (Ashley Cole), and he did it with ease. Bale was impressive last season but he was impressive in the Championship. He has to do a lot before he can be considered better than Clichy.

Toure V King. Vital Spurs verdict – draw. My verdict – Toure. kolo has emmerged as one of the best defenders in the world, his reading of the game is second to none, nor is his power, drive or leadership.

Gallas V Dawson. Vital Spurs verdict – Gallas (just). My Verdict – Gallas by a country mile. Dawson is a great young prospect but Gallas has proven himself at every level and in the biggest of games. Dawson has a bright future, but the difference in quality is impossible to measure.

Hleb V Lennon. Vital Spurs verdict – Lennon. My verdict – draw. Lennon is great when he’s running at players, he can go past mot men as easily as Lampard can eat a box of pies, however, he lacks an end product. If he was to improve his crossing and finishing he could easily be one of the best wingers in Europe. Hleb is a fantastic player who can run through teams all day. However, he needs to find his shooting boots. He’s always looking to pass the ball, even when he’s in a great shooting position.

Van Persie V Malbranque. Vital spurs verdict – Van Persie. I wouln’t compare these two players, Van Persie is a striker who can play on the wing, not a winger who can play up top. I would compare Rosicky and Malbranque. Verdict – Rosicky. The tenacious Czech captain is a far superior player in every aspect. He’s better going forward and gets back to support his full back more.

Gilberto V Zakora. Vital Spurs verdict – Zakora. My verdict – Gilberto. Bert proved himself to be one of the best holding mifielders around last season. He made a fantastic captain in the absence of Henry and scored some crucial goals for us last season.

Fabregas V Jenas. Vital Spurs verict – Fabregas. My verict – Cesc. The ‘ickle Spainard has gone from being a talented yongster to being a world-class leader and playmaker. Still only 20, he has one hell of a future ahead of him.

Da Silva V Berbatov. Vital Spurs – Berbatov. My verdict – Berbatov. While Da Silva’s scoring record was outstanding in Croatia, he hasn’t played at Premiership level yet. I’m sure he’ll be a hit but Berbatov proved a class act last season.

Van Persie V Bent. Vital Spurs didn’t compare them. My verdict – Van Pesie. The young Dutchman proved last season that he is a top striker. His 13 goals by January proved that.


Almunia V Cerny. Vital Spurs – draw. My verdict – draw. Both average players.

Senderos V Kaboul. Vital Spurs – draw. My verdict – Senderos. Kaboul comes with quite a reputation, but Senderos has proved he has quality, if not on a regular basis.

Walcott V Tarrabt. Vital Spurs verdict – draw. My verdict – Walcott. Theo has proved he has what it takes to play in the Premiership, rescuing Arsenal on several occasions last season. Tarrabt only made 2 (I think) sub appearances last season, and while he showed some promise, he has to do more before he can be treated as Walcott’s equal.

Adebayor V Defoe. Vital Spurs – Defore. My verdict – Adebayor. Defoe is a talented player but he is just a shadow of the player that led Spurs’ attacking line a few years ago. Adebayor is a constant threat with his finishing (not great, but always improving) and his physical presence on the pitch.

Keane V Bendtner. Vital spurs didn’t compare them. My verdict – Keane. Bendtner hasn’t played a Premiership game yet, while Keane has proved over the last few years that he is a good player.

There you have it. My honest opinions.

Any thoughts?


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  • I have carefully considered your appraisals simmo and having done so the real fault I can find is that the Eboue v Chimbonda is not in bold. Though I would also say that Hleb and Lennon are entirely different players and direct comparisons may not be relevant but I would still plump for Hleb as the more accomplished.

  • Not really – 1) Robinson v Lehmann is a draw. Robbo can play much better and will be behind a better defence. Jens will not be able to raise his game further. 2)I think the Dawson & King v Gallas & Toure comes out as a draw. Gallas was poor last season, Dawson is better than he is given credit for 3) You have a superior midfield and win that position 3-1 4) Up front, Berbatov should be measured with RvP as they are creators as well as scorers and Bent should be considered v DaSilva. Berbs beats RvP because there is still the feeling that RvP has temperament issues, Bent v DaSilva is a draw as Bent has done it in the Prem but DaSilva has the better Int record. On the subs bench Kaboul v Senderos is a draw as Senderos is ponderous and probably only got picked for the Swiss as they such a small pool.

  • I havent seen the Spuds article but it looks like they only think they have 4/5 better players than us? If so why do the majority of them think they will now take 4th when we have better cover and a better manager?

  • COCKeril you really aren’t that inteligent, are you? (Even for a Spud!). If you’re gonna come on here then make some valid comments or just don’t bother. I’m even more bored than normal with all the spurts talk of… “well… you’re all girls and anyway Spurts are gonna win everything next season coz we signed Bent for £16.5m and that was more than you sold Henry for which means that Bent is a much better player…. You’re a team in decline and we’re a team on the up blah blah blah blah” It’s just tedious! At least Kernow actually has something to say!

  • I ***** myself laughing everytime I hear spuds fans going on, this is the season, we will finish above Arsenal this year. They dream they always do, one phrase can sum spuds up for me”Desperate hope, engulfed in in a decent season 46 years ago.

  • I rate it as Spurs have 3 better players – Lennon, Berbs, Chim: Arsenal have 4 in Fabregas, Silva, Rosicky, and Clichy (this is v.marginal v Bale) and with Robinson v Lehman, the centre backs and Bent v Silva its too close to call

  • You can’t compare Clichy and Bale at all. Bale, from what I’ve heard he’s good, but in the championship. It’s like saying that Bendtner would beat Keane. Clichy was great last season and helped us all forget the snivelling little girl that was Cashley Hole.

  • So who are spurs going to sign to replace of Berbatov, Lennon & Chimbonda when they are sold to man u & chelsea?

  • Its like saying then that DaSilva is better than Bent in that case – RVP should be compared to Berbs, DaSilva with Bent

  • What a silly little boy you are gooner303. As these players are on contracts with more than 3 years to go, there is no need to sell them. They have also signed extensions. Carrick was sold because he wouldn’t sign an extension and we got a silly price for him. Now little child do you understand the difference?

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