Date: 9th July 2007 at 10:33am
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The Independent today carries a story that Ryan Babel has been targetted by Liverpool as their 2nd major summer signing.

The newspaper reports that Liverpool have offered EUR10m (£6.75m) to secure his services., which is close to Ajax’s valuation of the player.

This is where it would seem to become a bit blurred, as it has been believed that Babel had a release clause of £6m in his contract.

If this turns out to be as real offer by Liverpool, it would seem that Gooners who were hoping to see the young Dutchman follow his good friend Robin to The Grove may be disappointed, unless Arsene brings forward his plans to sign the man likened by his national coach to a young Thierry Henry by a year.

Perhaps Arsene really is concerned that Babel may not have the required talent for his team – it has been believed that Wenger has had the player scouted on numerous occasions.

Babel himself had recently spoken of his desire to play and learn under the tutelage of Le Professor, adding he would spend one more year in Holland before moving to Arsenal – could this all be about to change?


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  • Well if babel truly wants to play for arsenal then he will wait, if not then he will leave ajax for liverpool should an offer be made. I seriously doubt Wenger would miss out on babel for the sake of one year, so either babel knows we will sign him next summer or Wenger has no interest. After the signing of Eduardo I think its pointless speculating on Wenger’s targets because its clear nobody knows who he is after. I don’t believe for one second that our transfer activity is finished either in sales or purchases but I do think its going to be another august 31st jobby again!!

  • wenger isn’t interested trust me. we have recruited well this summer with hugely impressive youngsters. angel di maria a tall skillful technical fast argentinian has been signed and loaned to salamanca. this kid 19 yrs old will b amazing wen he arrives. we are also near completing a deal for yoann gouffran. hes 21 yr old striker but can play on the wings. he is jus as fast as walcott mayb quicker strong and is a lethal finisher with both feet. he will stay at his current club for another season then he will arrive next season. as to will vela. oh my god our team is looking exceptionally fast and bloomin dangerous.. check out the clips on youtube for these players di maria and gouffran. fellow gooners i know their young but i guarantee u won’t b dissapointed.

  • Babel must be what Benitez imagines when he dreams of what he wanted from Bellamy, so this transfer is feasible. Whether Babel is right for us is something Wenger surely knows. AG is right – we are not done yet. Arsene is not about to loosen his grip and when he does show his hand it will surely be met with sighs of relief (unless of course you are a wretched Spud).

  • Protocal, You could have said all of the above for Reyes. The truth is when you sign a foreign youngster (or any player for that matter) you dont know how they’ll pan out. Will they be a fabregas/Van Persie, Or a Reyes/Baptista?

  • Say it quietly Dales Dad but Sugar Daddy has cut the allowance and only permitting free signings until you can sell someone to create the funds to buy. The real world beckons.

  • henry to berca, now real=fabregas, juve=rosicky, gallsa talkin crap, babel a player that wanna play for us now his on his way to liverpool..omg as an arsenal fan all this is putting me in a frustration…this team are bullying us, is it becouse of our financial position???…madrid or berca fink arsenal is a free farm for them??? hope we have a better season…ARSENAL 4 LYF

  • I don’t understand the fact that most of us keep saying “Wenger is probably not interested in him…” when he probably might be. I feel it is a way that most of us console ourselves when we mite miss out on a player. Yes, we do things secretively, I’m all for that.. but I’ve not heard Wenger saying anything about his future since Henry’s departure… something… anything will do. I’m getting very very frustrated.

  • Babel might be interested in coming to Arsenal but that doesnt mean Wenger wants him. Lots of good players – Bale, Bent, Zakora, Defoe, Dawson, Keane, Malbranque – were all linked with Arsenal for ages (by the press & agents) but we didnt go on to make a bid for any of them. You can blame the agents for trying to get the best possible deal for their clients but they have all had to accept signing for a smaller club. If Babel is right for Arsenal we will sign him. If not, then in a months time he will no doubt be saying “I’ve always wanted to play for….(insert team)….ever since I was a child”.

  • who cares? will u guys stop gettin worried. if we sign ne1 it’ll b a huge name player. rumour has it he plays 4 valencia and could be facing up against us in the emirates cup.

  • Or perhaps Babel won’t consider the Scum, until Wenger signs a long term deal. When was Malbranque, Keane, Dawson, ever linked to Arsenal?

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