Date: 31st July 2006 at 6:42pm
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Mighty Gunners boss, Arsene wenger, gave a tv interview whilst on tour in Austria with the team in which he claimed he could possibly snap up some of the young Austrian players.

While on the show ‘Talk und Tore’ Wenger gave a couple of hints but as usual, kept his cards close to his chest.

”There are a few young Austrian players between 16 and 19 that could get a chance at Arsenal,” confirmed Wenger.

”We are watching them closely but I don’t want to name names.”

Watch this space.


14 Replies to “Wenger Keeps Eye On Austrian Players”

  • There are a few 16-19 year olds from every country that could get a chance at arsenal. I would prefer a few 24-28 year olds that have actually played at the highest level so that the team can actually be competitive, rather than hearing those same old tired excuses about lacking experience.

  • AG – I think you’re the most depressed gooner I’ve ever met. Just because Wenger has commented on a couple of players he’s seen doesnt mean he isnt looking for more experienced players!!!

  • R7- I am depressed, having witnessed such a poor league season last time out I think its about time wenger started investing in players for the here & now. Wenger has said he is not particularly interested in signing anyone else unless they are world class & cheap, or words to that effect anyway. The only reason we got fourth last season was because the spuds threw it away at places like sunderland & at home to wigan but with a better squad you cannot honestly believe they will do that again.

  • weve taken a ghana defender on trial by the way lads, duuno if you already knew and if hes any good, played in the WC tho?

  • I’m sure that all Gooners want to see the squad strengthened but we are not the gaffer and there is a good reason for that. Wenger knows what he is doing. He made a mistake last summer and we all know that but we are all human (even Le God).

    Wenger has described what he is doing at Arsenal as a “project”. That means it will take time. We have added to the squad and I believe we will add more.

    Have faith!

  • Yeah we need a few more experienced players, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep swelling the youth ranks as well!

  • I think AW is looking at young players with the new “home grown” players rules that will come in shortly, in mind.

  • AG cheer up. This season is approaching and our squad will be prepared trust me. I kno last season wasn’t the usual it left me happy still. U kno getting fourth place and reaching our first CL final amazing for a young squad. And if u saw the interview at the end of the loss to barce u can bet ur bottom dollar that Arsenal, the mighty gooners will be firing on all cylinders and challenging on all fronts. The Quadroople only Celtic have ever done it, maybe this time it will be us. Arsenal r the best in the league, Mourinho knows it so does Sir Alex. Teams have to change the way they play when facing us, we play the same style always but its gonna get even better as our players mature. AG its gonna be great this season and you’ll be a very happy gooner!!

  • I agree and im not a Gooner – you didnt have enough depth last year, your main competition (other than man u) are strengthening moreso. No matter how good a youngster is, they will always make mistakes no matter how few, but they may cost you 3-5 points a season which could mean a lot.

  • I have been reading a bit about this player we have on trial. Every article I have read seems to rave about him, apparently he is tall, very good on the bal & can play both defence & central midfield. It seems wenger has pulled off a bit of a coup getting him on trial as there were several teams interested in him including man utd & ac milan. Lets just hope he turns out to be as good as everyone is saying.

  • He has to broaden his field, these days. His gooner schooner that’s been shipping in African players, and earning him commissions on their resale, has hit a reef. Austria’s a great place to start hunting unknown talent. No one in football knows who they are anymore.

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