So long Alexis – All the best at Man United

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So long Alexis – All the best at Man United

Whisper this very quietly, but if the next fortnight pans out as it looks like it will, Arsenal are about to have their best ever transfer window.

Firstly, the bad – any actually sad – news. Alexis is off to Old Trafford for what Sky News have reported as £500,000 a week. Good luck to him, we can`t match that nor can we ever hope, or even wish to. He has been brilliant for us and despite the histrionics, we should nevr forget what he has given us, if you have any doubt take a look:

And that doesn`t include his Cup Final classic against Aston Villa!

So now for the good news. Theo and the Ox have gone off to the blue and red halves of Merseyside respectively, giving us the £60 million that we need to tempt Aubameyang away from Dortmund and Mkhitaryan and up to £10 million is coming our way in exchange for Sanchez. We are close to getting Malcom from Bordeaux, although it may be that we have to wait until July for his arrival and it looks like both Jack and Mesut will sign new deals.

Feel free to argue with me if you like, in fact please do, but that looks like fantastic business for us. True we need to replace Cech sooner or later – Jack Butland anyone? – and Jonny Evans could help shore up our defence, but maybe the tide has turned and we could be on our way back up to where we belong.

In order to cement this, we must turn our thoughts to the succession. We all know Arsene is leaving and despite him staying on too long we will miss him. We will never see his like again and his achievements must never be forgotten. But that is for next time.

For now let`s say a fond farewell to Alexis and try and remember that when a good thing comes to and end we have to be grateful that it happened not sad that it is over.

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