Date: 19th January 2018 at 1:47pm
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This is hilarious. Arsenal stars challenged Twitter Trolls after they criticised them on Twitter.

Fair play to Lacazette, Giroud and Cech… and also, fair play to the fans for taking part in this. Talk about turning the table on keyboard warriors! *Note to self, don`t start making claims I can`t back up!

Betfair, Official Betting Partner of Arsenal FC, gave three Arsenal superstars, Olivier Giroud, Alexandre Lacazette and Petr Cech, the opportunity to get their revenge on unsuspecting Twitter Trolls as part of Betfair`s Twitter Trials.
Have you ever sat at home watching the football and become outraged at your favourite players` squandered chances or mistimed shots? We`ve all done it, but not all of us take to social media to air our frustrations.

Aaron and Ben are both massive Gooners. They love Arsenal and they love to tweet – a dangerous combination, as they soon discovered. When Alexandre Lacazette heard about their claims to score a shot he missed? with their eyes shut, no less, he enlisted the help of Olivier Giroud and Petr Cech and invited Aaron and Ben down to Arsenal`s training ground at London Colney to put their money where their mouth is and show him how it`s done.

Aaron`s tweet read;

@LacazetteAlex was only two yards out! I could have scored that blindfolded!

Ben`s tweet made a similar claim;

I could have scored that with my eyes close @LacazetteAlex #AFC #getmeonthepitch

Needless to say our tweeters regretted ever having shared their thoughts with the world finding their claim a lot harder than they thought it would be. Aaron said the experience will make him “think before I tweet” in future, while Ben summed it admitting: “I think I might close my Twitter account down.”

Giroud agreed and advised the fans: “Next time, you will think before tweeting.”

Betfair Marketing Director, Stephen Mault, said: “Ultimately these films aren`t just about embarrassing the fans for those moments when their passions get the better of them. They`re also about giving true Gooners a once in a lifetime experience to play football with their idols.”