Latest Arsenal figures shows off how bad August 2020 decision has proven to be- Opinion


Arsenal paid £16.5m in agent fees, the sixth-most in the Premier League after the latest figures from February 2020 to February 2021 were released.

The Gunners fell behind five of their traditional ‘big six’ rivals whilst they matched rivals Tottenham Hotspur, who also paid £16.5m.

Chelsea topped the list having paid a staggering £35m, whilst they were followed by Manchester City, Manchester United and Liverpool.

Were Arsenal wrong to make 55 redundancies?



The news about the Gunners payment in fees to agents has brought back questions over the side’s redundancy of 55 employees back at the start of August 2020 due to the pandemic.

In a statement released by the club, it was claimed that the illness had left a bigger strain than initially hoped on the club in terms of revenue.

However, the Emirates Stadium giants saw an increase in agents fees paid from the previous calendar year, from £13.6m to £16.5m, leaving question marks over the club’s claims.

Then there’s the small matter of the summer transfer window, where Arsenal spent over £76m, including a stunning £45m on Thomas Partey, you feel as though the decision to make 55 redundancies may have been the wrong one.

One of Arsene Wenger’s last remarks, before he departed back in 2018, was to uphold the values that the club has been built on. During the Frenchman’s time in north London, the club were known as a classy club to the extent the former manager would refuse to do business with certain agents.

With spending up and costs down, you feel as though the club have moved away from the principles that were laid down by their former manager. The redundancy of 55 staff members leaves a sour taste in the mouth especially when you consider how the money has been spent.

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