Date: 5th May 2007 at 4:14pm
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With the war of words reaching fever pitch between Arsenal & Chelsea fans over the interweb ahead of tomorrows vital clash, I thought I’d enter the battle field one more time.

After ‘suffering’ at the hands of Merlin, the Vital Chelsea editor ever since the grand opening of Abramovich’s cheque book I thought it was about time for my rebuttal.

Comments such as ‘Your Brasso is past it’s sell by date’ and ‘Go back and look at your empty trophy cabinet’ (That one made me laugh), I won’t mind admitting it riled me a little, but after quiet reflection I realised it wasn’t all so bad.

Chelsea aint as good as Huddersfield Town.

There’s a special little club in England of which there are only four members. These teams are The Mighty Arsenal, Man Utd, Liverpool & Huddersfield town. Can anybody tell me the criteria needed to join this clique?

That’s right, you need to have won the league three times in a row.

Despite sending 85 Billion Squillion Gajillion pounds, Chelsea still remain left on the outside looking in (reminds me of G14 a bit). After adding a £30 Million pound Shevchecnko, Ballack (ok he was free but probably earns £1M a month wages) and stealing Obi Mikel in dodgy circumstances, the boys from the Bridge have failed to add their third successive title (and only their 4th, pah)

No doubt we’ll be inundated with comments telling us that our glories are all in the past, but I don’t think I need to remind you that Moaninho’s two English titles are also now…….yes that’s right……….history.

So it is with a smile on my face I declare Huddersfield Town are better than Chelsea.


49 Replies to “Huddersfield Better Than Chelsea”

  • Ha Merlins’ got you pretty riled Rock, don’t let the little gremlin wind you up, that is his only talent and he aint even much cop at that, if the fans of the clubs his weak arse excuse for a site insults boycotted them, the site would be as dead as their forum (and thats sayin summit!!). Basically, if your football was as dull as theirs and you’d achieved everything via a murderous sugar daddy would’nt you become a spoilt brat? with nothing to do but wind up the true deserved giants of our game?

  • Lol at having nothing to play for half way into the season. But dont worry you got a bright future dont you? Haha, gooners crack me up everytime they say that..

  • Good things come to those who wait. Hell you lot waited 40 years, but then again you couldn’t manage to do it yourselves could you. Small club with a big wallet.

  • Does this mean that Nottingham Forest is better than you?Hmm, strange that you lot only value dumb players , like gallas.Whereas players like Baptista that work as much as they can for the team, doesn’t receive any credit. Fair enough, your team not mine.But to try and wind up with this, ah ,let’s just say it didn’t work with me.

  • Domestically we are a millenia ahead of Forrest, but in Europe, of course they are better than us, and you.

  • off course Nottingham is better then Arse..i dont even consider arse a top ten team anymore.. even watford had something to play for this year unlike them.

  • Kev, this article only surfaced in response to Merlins’ endless tiresome childishness, he has obviously learnt no lessons from his repetitive scouser baiting which backfired spectacularly and utterly predictably on Tuesday, feeling good about tomorrow?

  • Sure it is G4L. Gallas slams the team : “gallas is right”, baptista scores: “he should have scored another one, we don’t want him”. The way you lot criticize him is unbelievable.Good answer rocky, but the way we won those titles was something never done before.Look at the records, do you think any team will break them in a near future?

  • Nik, not sure about the score tomorrow. I don’t know how our team digested the defeat against Liverpool.I could you see you destroying us, i could see us destroying you, and i could see a bore draw.But a 2-1 for us sounds ok.

  • still without our first choice strikeforce, so we wont be destroying you in terms of scoreline and I dont see you doing the same, if we do as pool did and double up on Diddums we can neutralize your long balls, tiredness on your part may play a factor but you need to come for us – which is how we like it!

  • Baptista scored a goal after 439 squandered chances. Against the Sp*rs he missed an open goal that maybe you would have scored. He is not sharp. He is a good player and he has proved it before, but he just isn’t doing the job for Arsenal. Gallas on the other hand, by ‘slamming the team’, slammed himself as well. He did not exclude himself. He knows what he is talking about as he was a key player in your title winning seasons. It is the media who make his comments sound offensive to his teammates.

  • And Nas, as your Special Big Mouth would say, noone will remember what and until when you played for something.

  • You don’t think that once he settles he’ll be just as sharp as Drogba is now? It would be splending if Baptista went to another english club and scored loads of goal.

  • Nik, if Robben plays he’ll be a major threat to your defence. We could’ve used him against pool. Now it would be great watching him against you. And if we see Lampard playing, we could win this one.

  • Herbert Chapman was a manager ahead of his time, who won it twice for us out of our three and all three for you guys, shame for us that weve done nothing for thirty plus years, which but hope springs eternal.

  • Kevin Chelsea “but the way we won those titles was something never done before.Look at the records, do you think any team will break them in a near future?” Ever go unbeaten Kev? 😛

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