Date: 9th July 2006 at 11:37am
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Arsenal wonder kid, Cesc Fabregas, has reiterated his intentions to remain with the Gunners next season and fight for glory.

Speculation has been rife of late, that new Real Madrid president, Ramon Calderon, had already agreed a deal for the young midfielder. Fabregas however has a different opinion.

‘I’m not thinking of anything other than playing for Arsenal next season,’ he told Mundo Deportivo newspaper.

‘I’m an Arsenal player 100%. No-one has told be anything to the contrary.’

The statement will come as a real kick in the balls for Real Madrid who have persistantly tried to poach Arsenal stars, but in recent times have only managed to sign Nicolas Anelka, for a side splittingly funny, 23 Million quid.

Fabregas has also said, and rather honestly, that he would like to go to Spain one day, but then again, we all knew that.

‘Sooner or later I would like to play in the Spanish league as I left when I was 16 and I haven’t had the chance but at the moment I am really good in England,’


19 Replies to “Fabregas To Stay A Gooner”

  • Nobody has told him anything to the contrary!! Maybe he wants to speak to his agent then seen as he has agreed him a deal with madrid for 5 years!! Cesc is happy at arsenal which is quite obvious but he would also be happy to go back & play in spain so I think long term arsenal cannot rely on him staying. It could be any summer now when he declares he wants to “Go home” so it would be a bad idea for wenger to build a team around him!!

  • Well i am glad he is staying but c’mon he was never gonna leave after the season he just had. No doubt he will go back home in probably 3 or 4 seasons depending on our situation and his desire. Same as Jose reyes, but wenger already has players on the continent to replace them if that should ever occur. Sahin, Van den Berg, Fran Merida, possibly Gago: the list goes on and on. Even if he was to leave 2moro we could replace him, but personally he is vital for these coming years at the grove and i’d like him to grow old here… Cesc rulez did u see him 4 spain. Quality

  • hes a very good player, which it is good for you guys to keep.
    obviously lol but dont you think you could go for some english player.
    arent the fa bringing in a rule son where you need at least a certain amount of english player in a team?

  • but fabregas is with arsenal and he could remain with arsenal for another 4 years and he will stlil be young maybe he would like to finish his career in spain but have his career with arsenal after all they have done for him. i do not doubt fabregas at all he wil stay a gooner for atleast two more seasons hopefully or more

  • Hello, is the saviola talk true does anyone know or isit aload of crap ???, and very pleased cesc is staying

  • i think that it is fantastic that he is going to stay with us for now, but i have a bad feeling that well all have that he is going to go back to spain someday thus leaving us, but thankfully i do not belive that it is going to happen for a good few years yet. As for Madrid they are always looking at getting hold of our talent it just shows you how good our youths must be, so if oyu look at it that way as long as they don’t get the players it does show that we have class all over the club

  • cant see him going for a while to be honest, looks like wenger is in the middle of developing him. he would in my opinion be an idiot to leave for somewhere like madrid.

  • He’s a good player and Real will keep knocking on the door for him. Maybe you could offer Madrid Cygan?

  • Elmo, I think any player would be an idiot to join Real Madrid. Over the last few years they have proved they are a joke of a club.

  • Excellent news – keeping another foreign player in, with Sol gone only one to go ! I love this traditional football – ?Must be great to watch 1 enlgish player playing in england for a english club, at the Emirates Stadium ! u must be so proud !

  • apparently the beast has now been offered in exchange for cesc and seeing as wenger tried to sign him last year it may very well happen. stop whinging Boony good football knows no nationailty (thats for the world cup), race or religion. so if it bothers you that much cry yourself a river, build a bridge and GET OVER IT

  • Cesc will not leave for a while now.Also,there is no way that we would take Baptista in place of Cesc.

  • Aint really seeing why Madrid are a joke? I mean ok, they have underacheived by their standards, but their standard is alot higher then most other clubs

  • Football is a world in itself that has to adapt to changes (quite more frequently) so whatever the changes that may come will be managed accordingly. It’s heartwarming to know, the guy is confirming his allegiance to a club that he likes. Good thinking man!

  • Fabregas must be really good to be wanted by one of the biggest clubs in europe.And at only that age

  • Fabregas must see that Arsenal currently have a much brighter looking future than Madrid with their squad of overpaid, overaged, overhyped galacticos. A club that is willing to let their most important players leave (Makalele) because they don’t see defence as very important, is not worth joining.

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