Date: 9th July 2006 at 11:14am
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World Cup finalist, Franck Ribery, today dropped a massive hint that he could well be on his way to Arsenal.

Speaking about his future prior to the final Ribery admitts there would be nothing better than than working for an English club with a French manager.

Ring any bells?

The winger said,

‘I would love to have a career like Zizou, it has taken him to the biggest clubs in the world.’

‘I have only just started my career. It’s true I’ve been with five clubs in five years. I was born in Boulogne, played for Ales, Brest, Metz then Galatasaray in Turkey and now I am with Olympique Marseille. I went to a foreign club too early and it was not the right environment for me.’

‘I’d love to play for a big club in England – and nothing would be more ideal than to be with a French coach.’

‘But this is not the time to speak about my future. I have the World Cup and that is bigger than anything in my life right now.’

The rumours are in full swing this morning.


27 Replies to “Arsenal To Win Ribery Race?”

  • Did Ribery actually say this or is it just more made up rubbish from the press?? If someone actually saw him say it then fine maybe there is something to it but all I have ever actually heard him say is how much he wants to join lyon!!

  • great signing, didn’t expect it, but with all the supposed signings in saviola, yaya toure or mascherano, salcido, nuri sahin or gago. We are building a massive squad that can challenge on all fronts, and teams domestically and in europe should be biting there finger nails. Seriously…

  • I want him to come but Manchester United want him and he has been linked with Lyon too, If he comes he will be a huge player though. Theres a big if though.

  • sounds good he has potential and i remember not knowing anything about him but when i watched him at england under 21s he caught my eye and then 1 week later he was linked with a host of clubs

  • I don’t want him at arsenal. He’s not a nice guy and will ditch us for real madrid after 2 seasons. Also there is no space for him.

  • I think that we should bring him into the squad even if it is for two seasons, he will have an impact on the premiership and a hage advantage for the arsenal in the coming season with him, rosicky, buffon and possable torres on the way to us we are going to mount a serious title challange this year

  • He is going to Lyon, he has been saying it for months and the deal is already done, don’t know where these pretty little comments came from but if he was the definate he would have mentioned “a team like Arsenal.”

  • i think ribery will be staying in his bell tower for at least another season. will probably end up at lyon, as they have a good team.

  • Ribery will not fit in.We already have players of equal and higher calibre in his position such as Hleb and Rosicky.Both better dribblers and greater footballing intelligence.Also what would happen to Reyes?However,he strongly prefers a move to Arsenal and this could push his price down.

  • the press does make up quotes, or maybe im imagining a fake interview with Pauleta, posed by the english media…

  • I’ve just heard that Real are looking to bid something crazy for him.Region of 25 Mil I heard.The Sun? is reporting that he has turned a move to Lyon down and stated that he wants to play with Henry at Arsenal.We’ve made a 10 Million pound offer to Marseille who will most probably wait to see if Arsenal will offer more but it may happen but not soon.Although Real have money,planning to spend 35M on Kaka and 23M on Cesc plus a whole lot more for others is unrealistic as not even they have that much.Maybe Chelsea do but not Real.I’d say we are favourites for Franck Ribery.

  • folks don’t believe everything you read, sit back and wait till the club make a press statement and then we can look forward to the new season. i hate the summer rumour mill.

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