Date: 21st March 2007 at 12:15pm
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Tomas Rosicky has claimed Chelsea are ‘boring’ ahead of his match against Germany for the Cezch Republic.

Tommy Gunn was asked about Chelsea midfielder Michael Ballack’s form ahead of the Euro 2008 qualifiers.

Rosicky turned down Chelsea in the summer of 2004 to stay in Germany, only to sign for the Gunners 2 years later.

‘I don’t know [about Ballack’s form], I have not been watching Chelsea. They are boring,’ Rosicky told Idnes.

‘Do you enjoy their football?’

Rosicky is also looking foward to the challenge of facing Germany: ‘They are very confident.

‘Self-confidence is their main weapon.

‘As far as I know, they have got a very experienced midfield. Ballack, Frings, Schneider.

‘It could be a very good game. It will be a very big experience for us and the fans.

‘I am looking forward to it very much as I enjoy these sort of games.’

Good luck Tommy…just don’t get injured!


43 Replies to “Boring, Boring Chelsea”

  • Not as boring as the Arsenal players, management and fans calling Chelsea broing in the first place. Now that is boring – we hear it every year.

  • andleics, I dont think its just us, btw !! A lot of teams think u are boring, coz u are !! I would have liked to hear Rosicky say it, though. Matter of fact – chelsea are boring :). And Im with simmy – pls no more injuries.

  • keep playing your “beautiful” football. I hope you are all extremely happy with it (just like Gallas is).

  • We keep hearing you say it about Chelsea, not because we’re actually boring, but because you can’t beat us since we got Mourinho on board.

    How boring it must be, to be so bored by all the teams that have beaten you this season. Let’s hope you can find something to get excited about next year, eh?

  • You are boring, thats why you hear aty all the time knobend. now go back to you combat18 meeting.

  • And wether Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Man U or even Tottenham win the league next year if Mourinho’s still there you will still be boring!

  • Problem is boring at the moment wins titles. All results and no style ruins the game, all style and no results causes premature baldness amongst the fan base

  • I’m confused: should you head Willie Gallas’ advice, and play more like Chelsea, or listen to Tomas Rosicky, who says that Chelsea are ‘boring’? The funny thing is, you don’t have any choice: right now you can shoot your load at all the pretty football that is being played at the Emirates, but the best you can aim for is a tussle with Liverpool and Spurs for the qualifying places to the CL. It sounds like your declaration of how pretty your football is is a justification for the fact that your season is over. ‘Oh well, at lease we see some interesting football’. Yeah right.

  • S_H was i the Aussie k_chelski accused you of racially abusing? that really hurt my feelings ya know.

  • EuroBlue you guys are the Juventus of England. No wonder Italian football died, Mourinho stole their style and made it more painful to watch.

  • too true sir harry! don’t get me wrong i love watching the exciting quick passing football, but nothing ticks me off more than finding myself yelling SHOOT at the tele. i’m sure every arsenal fan is debating in their mind whether they would rather have their slick football that not many people appreciate or trophies. i would personally settle for some of lampards deflected goals if it meant we won games we should win. all i know is that the arsenal better show up next season and deliver a major trophy. the rebuilding process has to end! the arsenal must move on!

  • Ozi Gooner, can I just point out that us Chelsea fans couldn’t really care less. I suspect that, if you really had the choice, you’d pick silverware any day. What a pity, then, that you don’t have that choice….

  • Strange how all the Arsenal fans forget that in the 80’s / 90’s their success was built on the BORING 1-0’s and long ball game that they now attempt to criticise Chelsea for! I for one have a S/Ticket at Stamford Bridge and have seen my fair share of attractive football over the past few seasons. There is a trade off between attractive football and sucessfull football though.

  • Arsenal fans used to have to put up with the same abuse when George Graham had them playing less than beautiful footie. What your team needs to do now is step things up a bit a la Barca, and score more goals. If you can’t deliver that, then it’s going to be another long year next season!

  • “…some of lampards deflected goals”? Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Arsenal’s winning goal against Villa a deflection?!

  • ‘I don’t know [about Ballack’s form], I have not been watching Chelsea. They are boring,’ Rosicky told Idnes. Hmmmmm No one else spot the contradiction here? Maybe Tommy Gun (good nick name for a player with a startling tally of four goals all season) is just like most lazy fans in this country? Spoon feed their anti Chelsea bile by the anti Chelsea media and he?s too lazy (or possibly stupid) to put in the effort to formulating his own opinion when he?s researched his material. I?m not saying we play attractive stuff like you guys do but it?s not as half bad as you lot make out.

  • yeah and we won! too bad we couldn’t do that sunday! i always think arsenal can win but against the toffies i just knew we were gonna blow the game in the final minutes. but i guess you can be too harsh considering arsenal we starting an attacking mid and 3rd choice striker up top. i am not bashing chelsea here. yes they don’t play the most attractive football but they do have 4 trophies in the last 3 seasons and they aren’t done yet. ATTENTION arsenal fans! this is not a good time to be talking about the slick football we play and the bad football everyone else plays! we have nothing to show for it! this is a time to be humble and not open your mouth. unless it is towards tottenham :)!

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