Date: 21st March 2007 at 11:31pm
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After a brief chat with a Vital Arsenal colleague today, it was decided that it was time to stop trying to wind up other fans and concentrate on articles with Arsenal at their heart, but upon my arrival home from work this evening I saw the latest load of bullshit from the FA, and just had to comment.

A statement was issued saying none of the Chelsea players who involved in ‘restraining’ (yeah right) the Tottenham fan would not face any disciplinary action.

‘We have looked at all the available video footage and there will be no formal disciplinary action against any players,’

Obviously not all the footage, because surely a player who kicks a member of public (no matter what he has done) should be held accountable for his actions.

The following clip is taken from the live broadcast on the BBC of the Tottenham vs Chelsea FA Cup quarter final.

With the aid of SkyPlus, not any fancy video technology, it’s clear to see at least two Chelsea players putting the boot in on the so called fan.

I’m sorry to harp on about it, but after the Carling Cup final, Manu Adebayor was banned for four matches despite the FA not having any footage what so ever of the player committing the crimes they accused him of, and now, with footage readily available (so much so it’s posted all over the internet) the FA tell blatant lies (once again) and the Chelsea players get off scott free.

The FA are killing our game with their inconsistencies.


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  • i agree, ive got no allegance to any london club but this is another f a disgrace, sack em , get rid of em, they r shamefully inadequate

  • I’m trying not to sound like a bitter old bugger, but it’s so obvious to anyone with eyes. It’s really disheartening that a group with such power in our game can be so blatantly corrupt.

  • as i posted on the forum the other day, this highlights the discrepencies of the FA. they bury their heads in the sand, and seem to be unwilling/unwanting to adopt the hardline across the board. Witness the footage in the youtube links i posted in the forum, you can quite clearly see the chelski players rucking their feet into the area where the fan is. AND the fan got off. Neither are correct. »»Arsene Knows««

  • * one of the youtube links being taken from an earlier post, by G4L (I cannot take credit for that…) »»Arsene Knows««

  • Carragher was sent off for throwing a coin at the crowd after being provoked by the coin initially hitting him, whats the difference? The fear of Chelsea perhaps? The fact the FA want to see a title race thats exciting and banning any chelsea players would harm the climax to the premiership season therefore harming the FA’s product (Drogba not being banned after slapping Cesc would add to these theories). I dont know but I do know it stinks and that Cashley is the most cowardly footballer that I can remember.

  • The fact that the Chelsea players know they are doing wrong and are having sly digs at this geezer makes it all the more disturbing. Slimey *****ers.

  • The fan (and others) had no right coming on the pitch we all know this but the four, maybe five Chelsea players should not get away with having nothing done to them. I know the fan didn’t come onto the pitch and he threw himself into the crowd but Cantona got a nine month ban (or something like that) for his assult on the Crystal Palace fan. This is a different scenario but they’ve still put the boot in. You can argue that he deserved it but even so the FA have got to start playing fair right along the board EVERYONE should be under the same rules, the FA SHOULDN’T be bending them if/when they see fit.

  • spot on Hughes. The FA is shaming English football, I have no words to describe this. After watching the vid over and over again one word came up in my head: COWARDS!! The lot of them. That kid had no right to be there, but they (the Chel$ki COWARDS), led by the vicious Ca$hley, did something despicable that will go unpunished. This is unheard of in the modern societies, reminds me of the justice I read about that happened way back n medieval times. Even then they had honour.

  • wingers all the lads who posted the video deserve credit as well – the whole world can see the wrongdoings… is this only because ENGLAND is playing so they do not disturb the COWARDS within?

  • Disgraceful !! Inconclusive evidence?? Can’t they see? I should say I’m not surprised the FA did nothing, incompetent****s they are. Now I hope Arsene goes in on March 30th, and riles up the FA, nice and good. Inconsistent, unfair ‘justice’. No wonder the gaffer was fuming.

  • Better than that Iceman10, Ian Walker previously tackled a fan on encroached onto the pitch and attempted to attack him, wrestling him to the ground and was fined by the FA. Can anyone explain the difference between that and what happened on Monday night? Walker should at the very least be refunded his fine with interest, because having set a precedent, the FA have totally ignored it. I also note that Chelsea have not made any announcement against the actions of their fan who encroached on the pitch.

  • Its an absolute joke. Is there anyway we can all right a letter to the FA showing your disgust and inconstiant decisions made by them? Imagine Chelsea losing Drogba, Terry and Lampard for 4 games. They’d not finish 2nd place i tell you that

  • I am surprised at the us, the gunner fans, anyone can see that the fan threw himself on the ground and the Chelsea players were trying hard not to step on him. But the fan tries so hard to put himself under their feet. That?s a load of boll.a…s just like the FA just bolla…s.

  • It’s beyond a joke really, and precisely why Arsene felt compelled to use the word ‘liar’ after Cardiff. If he wasn’t a gent he might have been even more forceful too. What the hell are you supposed to do in the face of injustices like this?? Shut up and take it perhaps Sir Harry? The despicable FA aside, what can be going through the mind of seasoned internationals kicking an idiot who is already on the ground? Aren’t they showing us how miserable and pathetic they are?

  • As far as I’m aware Ian Walker had no charges brought against him, but that was an entirely different scenario. He had been confronted by a member of public, who was acting in an agressive manner and could have been carrying a weapon. Walker pushed the fan to the floor until the stewards arrived. What happened with the Chelsea lot was the man was in the process of being restrained by and the Chelsea players kicked him………how is that helping?

  • Walker was fined though defending himself … how were Drogba and Cole defending themselves against a person who’d been restrained and was not a threat?

  • when you think how much money roman has contributed to english football,how much of it has filtered down to the FA in brown envelopes????

  • Whats probably even more disappointing is the response on the vital chelsea site. common sense prevails, I think is the title of that article. No chelsea fan seems to think anything is wrong with what their players did. All I can say is – the fans deserve those players and vice-versa !!

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