Date: 20th March 2007 at 11:18pm
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Emmanuelle Adebayor looks set to be banned from football for the rest of his life after after incidents got out of hand between a Spurs fan and Frank Lampard at White Hart Lane on Monday night.

After Spurs crashed out (unbelievable eh?) of the FA Cup, a Tottenham supporter ran on to the field and swung a punch at Chelsea’s Frank Lampard. Fortunately for the midfielder his supply of Ginsters peppered steak pasties had been late this week and had lost sufficient weight to duck the Spurs fan’s hay-maker.

Not surprisingly, the FA and Tottenham Hotspur slapped the fan with a life time’s banning order for, and I quote ‘aiming a punch at Frank Lampard and failure to leave the field of play’.

Now those of you who don’t suffer from alzheimer’s will remember that Manu Adebayor was issued, and indeed is still serving a 4 match ban for apparently that self same act.

In the FA’s second draft of their match report, they claimed Adebayor had been sent off for ‘aiming a punch at Frank Lampard’ and gained a further one match ban for failing to leave the field of play.

Sound familiar?

Manu now faces a life time ban after the Tottenham fan claimed that it was only fair that the same punishment be issued.

Speaking with Vital Arsenal the Spurs fan said, ‘It’s not fair that I’ve been banned for life when Labytraor only gets banned for four matches, that means I got banned for twice as long as he did’

‘If he was English it would be ok, but because he’s French he should be banned for life.’

‘I will campaign for the rest of my life, or until the dole office opens, for justice’


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  • “narcacistic self pitying”…look up “oxymoron” while you’re at it.

    I will be honest, though, and say I’ve read cleverer/funnier things than this.

  • spurs fans mouthing about thier english players policy for the England national team. If lampard had been injured in that brawl, with internationals coming up, then how can spurs be deemed good for England?

  • F- then Jamma? Well it’s been a long day and I’m just home from work. Even as I approach my 30’s my reports still read “must try harder” 🙁

  • guys, leave sir_harry alone, he’s tired , it’s been a long day for him, deporting immigrants.And rocky, it’s not all bad, o.O , i thought i was funny, not funny “hahaha” , but still funny.

  • Haha you thought you were funny, k_chelski? I know, I know..typo. Anyways~~ there,there Rocky. It brought a smile to my face as I’m sure it has to all the gooners on this website. Cheers and kudos to you for your effort!

  • I can understand different people finding different things funny…gah, whatever. I just wish we wouldnt focus on Tottenham so much.

  • I dont think that was focusing on Tottenham completely, as much the FA knobends was it not? i laughed Rocky dont feel to bad.

  • K_chelski, you may write good English but you don’t understand it. Your suggestion of an anti immigration mentality is laughably the polar opposite of the truth. Whilst I notice nobody complains that Canada, Australia, USA and NZ, have much tougher restrictions on immigration, like all British people I fully welcome 100% of those who are fleeing persecution or can make an effective contribution and wish to integrate into our country. This would of course mean you being immediately deported back to Brazil, as I am certain your real contribution would be as pathetic as the juvenile and pathetic posts you plague us with. Nobody is impressed that you select the richest team with the better recent record to support – you cannot even support your fellow brazilians by following Arsenal

  • Rocky7, self love and self pity – I’m pretty sure its possible. In this case Chelsea were far wiser than you lot. They immediately admitted the charge of failing to control their players, thus helping to make sure the FA didn’t look closer. Arsenal were slower. Yes YOU WERE WRONGED but you made it worse for yourself. If you’d want to get Manu off, you’d have taken your poison with Eboue and Toure and then asked the linesman if in all the hurly burly it could have been mistaken identity and asked him to look at the tape. By calling him a liar he was never going to admit to making a full mistake. But where was your captain? and the professionalism of Manu? He got involved .. he was aggresive in his demeanor .. he failed to leave the pitch? Yes we all get passionate but the captain should have been there immediately, getting him away and if he’d still been red carded then off the pich ASAP. If this had happened, I’m sure the red card would have been overturned. Instead Wenger engaged in a backfiring policy of confrontation v the FA like his players. I note a former player of yours, Bentley was sent off by the same ref at the weekend. He was fouled, yet got sent off for a second handball. But while chasing the game, he immediately made a minimal protest then got off the pitch. I am sure if Rovers appeal, the 2nd yellow will be wiped from the record. You should all be asking where the professionalism is of full internationals like Adebayor

  • Sir_Harry, you say our captain should have been there to get Adebayor off the pitch after he had been redcarded, but as Toure was captain for the day, and had just been sent off himself, that was not going to be very difficult.

  • rocky – I thought that was funny, brought a smile to my face :). Doesnt anyone consdider it even slightly strange that we have sir_harry giving us a sermon on this particular thread which talks of a spurs fan aiming a punch at lamps?? I’m not saying you condone such behaviour sir_harry, just find it strange thats all. And what we are asking is ‘where is the competence of the FA’ ?? Didnt we hear keane protest vociferously when he didnt think it was handball on the goal-line (not on the pitch, but later)? Atleast keane knew what he got sent off for, Ade didnt. To ask the ref why he was red-carded is unprofessional?

  • Haven’t seen anyone comment on the Chelsea players kicking the Spurs fan when he has being held down. Cowards, the lot of them.

    Nice to see Ashley Cole being shown up time and again. Can’t see him lasting any longer than Maureen at the Bank of Russia.

  • Sir_harry, the problem is you can’t take a jibe, it has been previously stated(and you didn’t reply) that you wrote some things that could be racist.So i am taunting you.Support fellow brazilians?I can’t cheer for a team that doesn’t have brazilians?So most of these gooners, are wrong supporting arsenal?

  • “k_chelski did you see the game… the ground?if not ***** off.”- Sir_harry. And i am the one who writes childish posts.

  • Rocky, I will be forwarding this piece to The FA, I think it has a lot of points they should look into!

  • lets face it, the spurs fan got closer to lampard than the rest of the spurs players did all 90 minutes !

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