Date: 4th January 2007 at 6:12pm
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News that Gooners have been waiting a hell of a long time to hear is finally here; Abou Diaby is back.

After suffering a horror injury in the 93rd minute of a game Arsenal were crusing 3-0, Diaby once again took to the football pitch today as he took part in his first full training session.

Wenger seemed as pleased as no doubt you will all be. ‘It is great news, he had his first complete training session today,’ said Wenger. ‘He is so happy to play and his performance was very positive.’

Diaby signed for Arsenal 12 months ago and showed just what a promising player he really is with Vieira like displays.

Let’s hope his return to the proper action isn’t too far away!


30 Replies to “Arsenal – Abou Diaby Is Back!”

  • Fantastic news! I feel so sorry for the lad, he was really showing some great potential, then Dan Smith went and made one of the worst tackles I have ever seen.

  • Diaby is going to be our power house who can drive us on. I can’t wait for this lad to don the red and white for the very first time.

  • When he scored that Goal against Villa it was so Vieira like it was frightening! I have high hopes for this young man!

  • hopefully he will be back for the one of the cup games, maybe pushing things too fast though, which could be the worst thing to do

  • I was sat in the North Bank that day and to see the joy on his face as he scored his firt Arsenal goal. Blowing kissies everywhere he was 🙂

  • he’s very good.. could be the next PV for us.. i saw him and song take the field against portsmouth last season.. i’d say they were very good in the first half.. but the momentum they created in the first half died down in the second half.. but these things come with experience and i hope to see the two lads up and about in no time fightiing for their place..

  • I don’t think he will be as attack minded as Vieira. People remember Vieira as a holding player but he only did that in his younger days. He was our thrusting force from midfiled as he matured. Cesc has taken that role now so I think Diaby will be more neutral in his game. Not a holding midfielder but as Rocky said, a proper powerhouse! Would like to see Bolton do him, Baptista and gilberto over…good luck!

  • Diaby was not as defensive as I thought he would be and looked like a wonderful central attacking midfielder with terrific skill and technique…anyone remember that run he made against Birminghan away when he beat five players or that first twenty minutes against pompey away?..unbelievable…I think if we are to play a 4-5-1 in the future him, cesc and gilberto could be a formidable trio…can’t wait to see him back

  • I think wenger still says end of January before he actually plays in the first team, but its fantastic news that he is back. probably missed him more than any other player through injury.

  • I think the initial signs of Diaby were good (anon1 is right, he ruled Birmingham away and was excellent at Bolton in the cup). But the jury’s still out, its too early to call him the new Vieira. I think we are all so desperate for a player of that ilk again. Him and Denilson look very tough and I think that points to the fact Wenger does not think we can continue to be as lightweight as we are.

  • Diaby, when he was signed, was called the replacement for pv4 as our newdefensive midfielder. Yet recent reports prior to his signing for arsenal, in an U21 for france vs england, saw him described also as exceedingly skillful in the pass, as well as getting forward, harnessed to much finesse on the ball. So all told, providing he suffers no permanent after effects as a result of Dan Smith’s crude assault, there should be an awful lot more to come from Abou – i for one take great delight in welcoming him back, he showed terrific promise in the games he played for the team, before his season was cut short.

    »»Arsene Knows««

  • Unfortunately Dan Smith will never receive proper retribution, he will never be two weeks away from a CL Final in his home city, so he’ll never know what he robbed Diaby of. I don’t recall him ever apologising either.

  • neith er do I LD, the mackems, as far as i can recall, were pretty unrepentant full stop, if i recall correctly.

    »»Arsene knows««

  • It appeared almost like he was in the game in an encouraging way then was going to be out forever so suddenly. The news of him returning is awesome. Welcome back Diaby.

  • its good to see the lad can still run,let alone play football,after that sickening assault.welcome back

  • he was on our eurtunnel train to paris in may, and i have to say he is HUGE, he was in plaster but he looked massive and i am not shrinking violet at 6ft ! good to see him back, now lets watch him make a name for himself

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