Date: 4th January 2007 at 8:01pm
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Charlton manager Alan Pardew has escaped an FA Improper conduct charge after his over-enthusiastic celebration during West Ham’s 1-0 win over Arsenal.

The xeonaphobic manager thought it would be ok for him to get in Arsene’s face when Marlon Harewood scored a late winner at Upton Park. Arsene disagreed and shoved Pardew before refusing to shake the then West Ham manager’s hand. Wenger was fined £10,000 for his troubles.

The FA though thought that Charlton’s 4-0 demolition at the hands of Arsenal was punishment enough.

Apparently Pardew could be heard singing ‘Forever blowing bubbles’ and chanting ‘Engerland, Engerland, Engerland’ as he left Soho square.


27 Replies to “Pardew Escapes FA Fine”

  • Absolute rubbish. Both managers deserved the same punishment. I bet Morgan gets away with it as well.

  • davecook, wenger is a bad loser because he is driven to be a winner. Pardew, and your mob, on the other hand, have taken the handbrake off your skoda outfit and are ambling down the hill towards relegation, because they are losers.

    »»Arsene Knows««

  • Dave, at least attempt to practice some kind of contrition, instead of just trying to wind people up in a depserate bid to get hits on your rather unpopular site. Both managers behaved badly and both deserved punishment, it makes no sense that Wenger accepts his punishment yet Pardew whinges and gets away with it.

  • ******** ridiculous, at least there centre back appealed and got his ban increased due to lack of substance of the appeal or something HAHA

  • Pardew whinges……………….WTF Wenger is the biggest Whinger around. The sooner he clears off home to France the better. Your comments are worse than mine and im on a wind up.

  • you only hate wenger because before he came along your teams type of football was considered to be competent,after ten years of wengerball your teams football and the football of many others teams have been exposed as the load of *****e that it is

  • ur making yourself look very foolish making comments like ‘go back to france’ thats stepping over the line of football banter. very ignorant ramblings. his home is the EU with freedom of movement and all that, I actually used to like Charlton but your doing a great job of helping me feel a bit better when they get relegated.

  • lol same here i actually used to like and respect them and didnt really want them to go down but im starting to lose what ever respect i had for them in the first place, but now o well they can go down

  • justice for pardew >? yah his player got another 2 game suspension for impeding a perfectly good scoring oportunity that pardew claims wasn’t. silly boy….

  • He must be feeling mixed emotions at the moment, he got one over on Arsene by avoiding punishment for his celebration but ‘the foreigners’ have got not one over on him, not two but three. Love it!

  • Don’t know why a Charlton fan would get defensive about this anyway…Pardew wasn’t even with the Addicks at the time of this incident, he was managing another relegation-bound club. Anyway it hardly matters, I just hope Wenger is extended the same courtesy and beats the ridiculous charge he got from the Portsmouth match.

  • Gooners – LD enlightened me yesterday that Pardew is a bit of a Plonker, but are you really surprised he escaped punishment? Wenger was the one making all the physical gestures so its obvious that the FA would arrive at this outcome. Wenger is also a serial offender

  • Interestingly, the F.A did not punish him on the grounds that there was ‘no evidence against him.’ Which suggests that the case bought against him was due to comments he made. Which I happen to know were ‘Made in England.’

  • I could n’t give a flying ***** what punishment he gets. His retribution will be delivered in May when the slide to obscurity starts for the Xenephobic cretin.

  • hatespur – Prob right. I would rather he kept them up though and Curbishley took the hammers down for a lovely bit of irony!

  • OH JACKY i love a good bit of irony, i don’t care much for pardew, which by the way, if you look at he previous club to west ham, it was reading, which he left to take over a bigger club, not exactly doing well with finding the right club is he.. bet he wished he stayed at reading now 😉

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