Date: 23rd July 2007 at 4:09pm
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I must have had a good night’s sleep, or someone slipped something in my water, because I awoke today feeling spectacularly confident about the new season.

Many pessimistic Gooners have fallen into the media trap and are believing the hype (and the general consensus from over the Seven Sisters) that we are a team in decline, I, however, am feeling a little bit different.

We finally ‘lost’ Henry to Barcelona, and while we will undoubtedly miss his talent, goals, experience & indeed cash we made from merchandising, he took with him an on pitch attitude and also the pressure placed on the younger players to please their brooding captain.

After viewing only two pre-season games Robin van Persie looks like a new man. Gone has the tag of ‘promising youngster’, the King of the Cage has become a man ready to take on the mantle of top dog.

Eduardo, whilst he has only played around 20 minutes for the Gunners, has already proved he has a better touch than Baptista and his left foot is enough to get the most downhearted Gooners juices flowing. His movment and positioning will certainly provide Hleb with the facilities to showcase his silky skills and I’m positive the Belarussian will have his finest season to date.

The defensive unit will have to up it’s game, although with the Hurricane starting at left back for his second consecutive season and the signing of beefy but agile right back Bacary Sagna it seems as though we can be as strong down the flanks as we’ve ever been.

In Kolo Toure & William Gallas we have two of the finest central defenders in the world, we just need Billy G to shut his gob and concentrate on keeping fit and the forming of a formidable should be nailed on.

Arsene Wenger has spent the summer performing the services formally provided by David Dein, and has wasted no time in getting rid of the dead wood and then replacing those players (Although we need a winger now Arsene if you’re reading).

I firmly believe that we will begin our assent back to the top starting on Sunday 18th August when we take to the pitch to face Fulham, and with that in mind I would like to offer the following wager to the smug faced visitors of the Vital Chelsea and Spurs sites who frequent our boards offering their condolences to the apparent death of our beloved football club.

If Arsenal Football Club do not better their points tally of last season, or finish outside the top for (or indeed below Spurs) then I will write an article pointing out the ignorance of my beliefs and the decline of the Gunners and will also publish photographic imagery of myself wearing the shirts of Tottenham or Chelsea (or possibly both) football clubs on the site. And should, sorry, WHEN I win I would expect you to do the same!

So, it’s time to put up or shut up.

Any takers?


50 Replies to “An Offer To Spurs & Chelsea”

  • You should also have to admit our responsibility for the decline in the England team and admit that actually we secretly all loath english players and that even if they play like pele have no chance of getting near our first team!

  • There is no doubt we are a stronger looking side this season than last. The players ‘lost’ didn’t play a significant role last season whereas the players ‘found’ top scorer RvP, maturing Cesc, Clichy as good a left back in as we have had, Rosicky with a season in the prem, along with others all point to a better season than the last two. But in truth there are too many variables in football to simply be able to look at squad lists and decide who will beat who. The bookies give us as 10 to 1 for the title. I think that is about right. We are in with the competition for sure.

  • I definatly think we’ll score more goals and accumulate more points than last season. When you consider the amount of points we squandered, at home especially, then i don’t think anything less than an improvement is on the cards points wise!

  • That article cheered me right up m8. The future is bright its red and white lol any takers then chelski? spuds?

  • I will take that wager me old son!!!
    I think you would look good in our lovely new Electric Yellow shirt I will personally drop it off for you geezer.

  • Nice one Rocky… come on folks, come for our Editor’s hide – he’s calling out for you!! Rocky can you throw wearing a skirt in with the bargain?

  • amazing.. i’m seconding the writer’s thoughts.. i’ll be in a spud or chelscum shirt if we finish below 68 points or below position 4.. but i know i wouldnt need to.. there’s loads to look forward to.. hope the winger comes in soon.. dunno.. but lately.. seeing wenger’s interviews.. i’ve got a smug feeling.. he will unleash something of a big player on the EPL this season..

  • yeah.. the bet should be of our shirts and skirts coupled with jol’s underclothes.. how worse can it get for anybody.. aah yeah.. how can i forget.. there’s something worse.. moaninho’s underclothes..

  • Gor blimey muckers, hows about jumpin in the jam jar down the frog and toad to the rubadub for a few swift sherberts! Sure this isnt the WestHam board?

  • Well.. I want to believe that this season would be better than the last. I want Arsene to bring in 2 players more.. definitely wingers. Hopefully both these wants will become reality.

  • I’ve been having a good feeling abt the season for a week or so, Rocky. Things could still go horribly wrong, of course, but I am convinced we will surprise a lot of people with our performance this season. The squad looks young, hungry and raring to go. We might miss the experience, but this is a make or break season for the kids, and they have learned a lot from past failures (hopefully).

  • This is gonna be goooood. For some reason I’m not that suprised at the lack of takers.

  • No takers because the bet’s a bit of a cop out, after all the success you’ve had under Wenger is your goal for the season seriously to finish in the top 4 with 69 points? We (spurs) have a chance at 4th next season but despite all the front and banter I’m aware Arsenals chance is bigger but I’ll still happily take that bet because a 20 year old spur without opptimism is a very miserable young man indeed!

  • Whats that? A Spud with a sense of humour? 🙂 Phartman – I think Arsenal can achieve more than 4th place to be honest. Just that we’ve had the normal traffic on here, saying we’re in decline, blah blah. So this is a direct challenge to them.

  • Why is the bet a cop out? All of you guys have been saying you’ll dislodge us and we “in decline” I’m simply saying we aren’t.

  • Okay, maybe ‘cop out’ was a little extreme. I was trying to say you should be setting your sights a little higher (like we do lol) then if it goes tits up that’s life. ‘Club in decline’, don’t confuse banter with reality new stadium/facilities, debatably some of the best young talent in the world you?re still a dangerous team just not to the same degree as you were a few years ago (even you must agree with that?) which is why we?re making so much noise about next season because (although you?re still ahead) the gap?s closer then it has been for well over a decade and I have a dream 🙂

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