Date: 23rd July 2007 at 3:03pm
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Well, if it’s not transfers, it’s takeovers. So no sooner has talk of transfers died down somewhat (apart from the angel di maria transfer being uncovered as a hoax – naughty!!! Slap on the wrists and straight to bed with no tea… actually, i cannot really see what the fuss is – it’s only the fact that we as fans are so rabidly looking for signings like the drug that will give us our fix, and probably felt like a bunch of wallies that got up everyone’s noses. For me, the fact that Fleet Street had the wool pulled over their eyes for the 2nd time in a week is priceless – perhaps they will be more careful before publishing pieces in the future? Probably not…), then yesterday we had the dubious pleasure of being informed by various publications, including the bbc, the telegraph and the NOTW that Bernie Ecclestone may be interested in Arsenal, as he’s ‘interested in anything if it’s cheap enough.’

So folks, still want that takeover? Cos if this fella got his hands on the club, hardly sounds like he’d be in the mood to splash the cash for signings, which seems to be the main reason that gooners want a takeover to materialise. This sounds to me like PRECISELY the reason i am more than happy to have the club in the hands of PHW, Edelman, Fizsman, et al.

The full quote from Ecclestone is ‘If somebody offers me something I think is good value, I will have a go. I’m interested in anything if it’s cheap enough.’

Now, i know you’ll probably say that it’s a bit premature, coming out with that Wingers, all because of one little quote. And maybe so.

But my club isn’t something to be valued by the rich and powerful as a little plaything, or a bargain, so if Bernie is looking for a bargain, i sincerely hope that he is mortified by the prospect of having to fork out £650m – please do us a favour Mr Ecclestone and naff off somewhere else. The man has a proven track record of being exceedingly brutal in F1, chopping and changing the calendar and locations on the F1 calendar, famously nearly pulling the British Grand Prix from Silverstone. It’s entirely possible that under a man with that sort of history, a chairman such as this would not think twice about ripping the team away from it’s North London home. And he hardly sounds like the kind of guy who’d bring you the multi million pound mega-signings (which Arsene VERY rarely makes anyway…).

I just hope this is an off-the-cuff remark by Mr Ecclestone, which was picked up by some journo and blown out of all proportion. To any of you ready to see the current board ousted, the prospect of being bought out by a man who is looking for value, as opposed to the honour of purchasing one of the most prestigious clubs in the world of football, perhaps you will view the stewardship of the current board after the spectre of an Ecclestone buyout after all.

The grass would surely not be greener on the other side of this particular fence.


14 Replies to “Bernie In Pole Position?”

  • When I think “pole” and “Bernie” I admit that the only position I can visualise is him impaled on one.

  • It seems that the poison dwarf has given the game away. If he is only interested ‘if its cheap enough’ then he is a speculator and not an investor. That’s the worst kind of money for any organisation looking for long term, stable development.

  • Hell no to Bernie !! I think its clever manipulation of the media by Kroenke, and my 1st thought was that this link was to reduce the opposition to Kroenke’s take-over. His ‘I would buy anything if its cheap enough’ comment hardly endears himself to gooners.

  • Bernie Ecclestone’s daughter is going out with Gavin Dein. So, who do you think is behind this rumour? The Dein PR machine is working overtime, that man can well and truly do one, I never want to see that man back at our club.

  • He tried to sell the club behind the backs of the board, and now he’s pushing very hard for this takeover to go through. A takeover would benefit him and his bank balance very nicely, it would leave this club in the ***** long term and would ruin everything the board worked so hard for. This club does not need a takeover, the boarf have a good plan in place and just because Dein wasn’t in on the ground floor, he’s looking to destroy it for his own ends. He’s a snake.

  • Agree completely LD. I can’t see that a true ‘supporter’ with the best interests of the club at heart would want to threaten the clubs stability at the moment whatever his longer term aims might be. Any hostile takeover is bound to be hugely disruptive. If Dein wants to get out then let him do so. If he doesn’t then he should accept the wish of the majority of the shareholders while the board have a good development plan in place and is meeting its objectives.

  • Ld and amos i cant believe u think dein is behind this just cuz his son is dating bernie’s daughter…i mean c’mon..and bernie has showed very little interest he jus happened to mention and to my knowledge has no stake in the club..c’mon guys afterall he is the guy who brought wenger to arsenal…jus for that we owe him

  • But he also tried to sell the club behind the backs of the board. The increasing PR machine over the last few weeks has Dein’s fingerprints all over it. He did a lot of good for Arsenal, but that’s in the past, right now he is only out for his own ends. As Amos says, anyone who cared about this club would not launch a hostile takeover on the eve of a new season.

  • karley, its extremely naive if you think Dein/Kroenke arent behind these latest rumours. I agree with LD and Amos to the extent that I think its terrible timing, just when focus was shifting back to matters on the pitch. I’m still not sure why Dein is trying so hard though – does he really believe that we need the cash in the short term for transfers? Our net spend this summer is nagative, so that thoery goes out the window. So Amos/LDs logic looks sound.

  • While I am always anti leveraged-buyouts, we really are between a rock and a hard place. If you read Fiszman’s anodyne statements they are the things a businessman like him would say to keep the boat steady for a while but I feel certain he will sell up in 12 months. I can’t for the life of me see how he can sell his share without plunging us into a battle for control of the club, which will in all probability will see someone who we dont want as our new owner. Are there really any other outcomes if Fiszman sells up?


    Having said that, I don’t think the board will sell to either Kroenke or Ecclestone anyway.

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