Date: 7th April 2007 at 11:53pm
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Now, I know that Gooners everywhere will be feeling like they’ve just been sat on (crushed) by Michelle McManus following Arsenal’s first ever defeat at The Emirates stadium but let me tell you that it’s not all doom and gloom.

Let’s drown our sorrows today, for tomorrow is a new day and the new season is a mere 4 months away, and I wouldn’t mind betting it will be a season to remember. This season and last has been a period of transition for Arsenal, just as the last 3 years have been for Manchester United (despite the fact that they have spent plenty of money).

The Arsenal first team squad has been plagued with injuries this season. Henry will have missed most of the season, Gallas missed 3 months, Baptista has suffered several injuries, Rosicky has spent a total of around 2 months out, Van Persie has been out since February and walcott has been playing with a bad shoulder for most of the season.

Imagine what losing Rooney, Saha, Scholes, Giggs and Ferdinand would do to United! Or if Chelsea lost Terry, Lampard, J.Cole, Drogba and Shevchenko…see where I’m going? So just avoiding injuries to so many key players next season will see an instant improvement in results.

Then there’s the biggy – the youngsters. This season has seen Diaby, Adebayor, Walcott and Denilson experience their first full season in the Premiership. Diaby has had the added handicap of recovering from a career threatening injury.

Adebayor has been excellent this season, leading the line superbly in the absence of Henry and Van Persie, I’d say he has exceeded everyone’s expectations – even Arsene Wenger’s. Oh, and he’s still only 21.

Diaby’s sensational performances have drawn comparisons to Arsenal legend patrick Vieira. Indeed the great man himself has even come out recently and said he sees a lot of similarities in their game.

Theo Walcott had a great start to the season. He made his debut on the opening day of the season and set up the goal that ensured Arsenal’s first Premiership match at The Grove didn’t end in defeat. Since then he has suffered a quite serious shoulder injury, an injury he was forced to play through due to injuries to other players. He’ll be back with a bang next season.

Then there’s the dynamic Denilson. He arrived in the final minutes of the summer transfer window from Sao Paulo as a completely unknown player. Most people, including Arsenal fans scoffed when Arsene Wenger said he had a bit of Gilberto’s defensive stability, Cesc Fabregas’ passing ability and Rosicky’s tenasity. I had the audacity to criticize Wenger when he brought him on against Sheffield United when we were 1-0 down but of course, Le Boss was right once again. It’s a well known fact that Brazilians take a long time to settle into the Premiership so imagine what this lad will be like next year after such an impressive debut season.

We also have to consider that the class of 06 will have another season’s worth of experience, one of only 2 or 3 things Arsenal have lacked this season. Clichy, Eboue, Toure and Gallas will have the summer to get used to playing with each other, Van Persie and Henry will at last be able to spend pre-season getting to know each other’s’s game without having to worry about preparing for a match. Rosicky will have his first pre-season with the club and provided Wenger want’s to keep him, Baptista should have adapted to life in the Premiership.

That’s without Wenger signing anyone. I’d expect to see one or two of Ribery, Babel or Robinho arrive in the summer. Arsenal have lacked goals from midfield this season, something all three of those players can bring.All three have something else Wenger likes in his players – versatility. Ribery can play anywhere across the midfield, Babel can play on either wing or up front, as can Robinho.

Add to that the return of Bendtner and Muamba from their loan spell at Birmingham. Both players have been fantastic in the Championship and it’ll be interesting to see if they can make the step up to the Premiership. Bendtner I’m sure will make it, if he’s patient enough.

So Gooners, that’s just some of what we have to look forward to. I hope it helps relieve some of the depression of losing to West Ham, if not go and seek professional help because you have serious issues.

The future’s bright, the future’s RED & WHITE!


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  • well…Always look on the bright side of life….We don’t really need a mass exodus. Except may be baptista, aliadiere, ljungberg, flamini, replaced with midfielders who can score goals. I believe we have the players to win things for us but we also need more goals from midfield and keep it tighter at the back.

    I don’t want to talk much about injuries becuase, bar newcastle, Arsenal have been unjustly and shabily treated by the treatment table this season. Injuries, combined with deliberate FA raps, have wrecked our season…If chelsea had had drogba, terry and lampard out at the same time from November to february, they’d be in our place right now. Likewise manutd, Ronaldo was available for every game this season.

    Its not all doom and gloom. If only there were not injuries in football…..

  • I really do feel comfort when I see things this way… My only worry, however, is that with the difficult fixtures coming up, we may not qualify for the CL and some of our star players might want to leave us …

  • Glad to have been of service, TR7. As Little Dutch has said on several occasions, the defeats in the 00 & 01 cup finals was the making of the invincibles…

  • I said i would never write on this site again but in time of need we all need to stick together. I watched as we lost to W.Ham but felt from the goal they scored our fate would a loss. I know next year the tide will flow the other way but I do so hope we keep a hold on 4th place because the rush to leave the club from stars we have brought on will grow. My worse fear is if we lose to that crowd down the road.

  • Henry is finished, thats your problem. The difficulty you had replacing Vieira will pale in comparison to the difficulty you’ll have replacing Thierry. Lehmann has probably been your player of the season, he’ll need replacing too. And I honestly dont think your youngsters are all they’re cracked up to be. I think what you need is a new manager. Wenger has been phenomenal, built a team that plays such fantastic football and he’s done it on a fairly tight budget. But era’s end, and I think his needs to, Oh and you dont want Robinho, he’s cack.

  • babel, robinho and ribery are all k a k, lightweight and overhyped. you need lennon, but we definitely wont give him to ya. alwaysgunner – you better start taking those nightmare pills, cos the crowd down the road are itching to make your worst fear come true!!!!!!!!

  • I haven’t learnt to lose Cumsop, I just know that sometimes you have to take a step backwards in order to move fowards – you should know that being a spurs fan…except you forgot to move foward again! Nozzy (odd username), Henry isn’t finished, he’s injured. He’ll be back next season banging them in. Powerspur – get real! Robinho and Ribery are two of the biggest talents in world football, Lennon is a good player at a **** club!

  • Great article — you’re saying the exact same things that I have been. Too many gooners are spoiled whiners with no perspective. Our team is a dynasty in the making, its just a bit of growing pains at the moment.

  • yesterday was tough, my 6yr old said after the game, its ok daddy, i enjoyed the game, it was WEALLY exciting.. personally i would demand the players didn’t get paid for performances and defeats like that, and now i hope it will spur wenger to buy in the summer for a much needed striker, a poacher in the box, and maybe some other areas.. lehman was in 2 minds as whether to come or go back on his line, so a new keeper would be needed too… doom and gloom, if we lose 4th it will be a disaster !

  • I’ll tell if I feel all Doom & Gloomy after tomorrows game. A loss would be a disaster and would make Saturday’s game with Bolton even bigger. I know everything Simmo says is true, but I still feel down about yesterday’s result.

  • simmy, this is getting depressing, but we need articles like this to get some perspective. And it is difficult not to feel down at this stage. What bothers me is that we keep making the same mistakes and the team doesnt seem to learn quick enough, I hope we do that for the remaining games of the season coz 4th place hasnt been sealed yet.

  • To look at atleast one bright spot, the players showed that the Liverpool game was a one-off. There was commitment on the pitch, and we scored so many goals and dominated west ham. I guess I’m clutching at straws here, coz its extremely difficult to find anything positive now.

  • Nozzy, do i get the funniest feeling you’re here to wind us up….Get rid of wenger ?? wtf ?! like thats going to happen ! Powerspur, the crowd from down the road ? do you mean the mindless hooligans throwing chairs and bottles at the police and generally showing the world why England got banned from Europe in the 80s, you lot showed you are not fit to be in Europe, and hopefully wont make it back next season, lets face it, its not looking good, that will then spell the end of the north london ‘powershift’ haha!

  • As I previuosly said, I went, I sat next to the away supporters and even they said how the **** did we win that?. We played very well indeed, and I would not panic. We will start to bang the goals in again, this is our one *****e season out of five.

  • Lads, nozzy is just a kopite wind-up merchant, Henry finished?? if that is true why are there rumours that cesspool want to buy him in the summer, dream on “analfield redsox”. Arsenal have had a lot of injuries, and a few bad results, but you know you are a class team. Cream always rises to the top. EVERTON FAN.

  • G4L, I hope your starting to count out the money from your piggy bank. Anything less than 3 points tomorrow & you have lost the bet!!

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