Date: 20th March 2006 at 8:25pm
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Robert Pires is out of luck if he thinks Arsene Wenger will change his mind over the length of contracts offered to over thirties.

Le Boss has again stated that he will stick to his guns with regards to Robert Pires’ contract. Bobby is desperate to finish his career with Arsenal by signing a three year deal, and Arsene is keen for him to sign, but he will not offer anymore than one year.

Speaking to Wenger made his feelings clear.

?I?ve always said that I want Robert to stay for at least another year and I hope that he will make that decision sooner rather than later. He will always be part of my plans but we must stick to our policy. I hope he stays, he?s a fantastic football player.

?His decision is that he?s at an age where he would like three years and if I were in his place I would as well.?

Wenger also suggested that Pires take a leaf out of Dennis Bergkamp’s book as it worked well for him.

?It is a difficult decision but he has an example in front of him in Dennis Bergkamp, who over 32 accepted that [a yearly contract] and at 37, is still with us,? he said.

?We have shown that we are loyal to all our players because [Lee] Dixon, [Martin] Keown, [Tony] Adams ? they were all 36, 37 and not many big clubs in the world take their players as far as that you know.

?I think Robert has a choice to make, I want him to make the right one and I hope we know soon.?


3 Replies to “Wenger Will Stick To His Policy”

  • Agree with the policy, what is wrong with one year at a time. If the player doesn’t like it it’s unfortunate but that’s life. What about my job, I don’t have a contract for a year….I could go tomorrow.

  • I have a feling he will go this summer. no-one wants to give way. he’s 32 now nearly 33. i agree with AW. Bobby should look at DB10’s situation as he loves the club enough to sign year after year on one year deals.

  • I think Viera would have liked a longer contract, too, and we see where he wound up… Pires will get a 3 year deal in France or Italy.

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