Date: 22nd July 2007 at 1:59pm
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Arsene Wenger says that while Freddie Ljungberg’s experience is vital to the younger players, he’ll ‘see how it goes,’ in terms of injuries.

Ljungberg has been poor for Arsenal for the last 2 years, scoring less than half the nuber of goals in that time than he did in the one season before.

Ljungberg has been linked with a move away from Arsenal recently, with Fiorentina, Man City, Newcastle and now West Ham all reported to be interested in the Swedish captain.

Ljungberg, 30, joined The Gunners in 1998 for £3Million, making him the longest serving player in the current squad.

Wenger though, says that despite Ljungberg’s injury plagued 2 seasons, he is still part of his plans for next season.

Speaking to Arsene said: “Freddie is a winner. We have a very big squad, maybe not in numbers but in quality.

“We have many young players so the experienced ones have to show the way – not only footballistically but mentally – for a successful season.”

Wenger did drop the most subtle of hints that Ljungberg’s future could still be in the balance: “Last season Freddie had tremendous problems with his hamstrings so we will see how it goes this season. He will be part of the squad.”

Personally, like many Arsenal fans, I think it’s time for Ljungberg to move on. He’s been a great player for us in the past, but his best years are now well and truly behind him.

8 years of giving his all for Arsenal has taken it’s toll on him. We don’t see those menacing runs into the box, or the running of 10KM a game.

It’s sad but true, Freddie is finished!


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  • Selling him would mean signing a replacement which is usually the way Wenger goes. Maby the Modric thing will pan out but in January?

  • simmy is rite modric is no winger………..neway i thinkifthe deal for ribery or malouda or even babel had gone through we would hav sold freddie………i think we shudnt xpect ne more signing from arsene…

  • Freddie wont make the bench this year unless there are injuries. He was a terrific player who has lost his edge however he does have the experience that would help the youngsters. If he leaves, lets just Say thanks Freddie for the memories. His first goal for the Gunners against Man U and perhaps my choice of his goals, the Goal against Chelsea in the cup final. That was when he was at his best.

  • You guys know I’m not Freddie’s biggest thing, but with Henry going this summer I really wonder if letting Freddie go is the best thing right now, just in terms of keeping a semblance of stability and experience in the squad. I say keep him, but sell Reyes and use the lolly to buy another winger.

  • Have to disagree LD. I agree that some experience is vital in the squad, all the more so after Henry’s departure, but I don’t think Freddie is worth much to us any more. he’s on £50-£70K a week. If we can get the £6Million W.Ham and Fiorentina are reported to be prepared to pay for him and the cash from Reyes, then we’ll have a nice amount of money to spend on a winger. That, and £130K worth of wages a week will have been freed up!

  • I’d be loath to let him go too Simmo… even if he’s not the quickest, Arsene needs to push him to perform better… I think also that his influence on our young group can be quite steadying.

  • I agree that Fred’d not really worth much as a player now, I just worry about the squad becoming a bit unsettled. Whether he stays or goes, one thing is for certain, we need another winger.

  • Modric isnt a defensive midfielder. Sorry if i sound rude but surely you must be silly to say that 🙂 He is an attacking midfielder who can play left right or centre with more effect than Hleb or Rosicky as a winger. He is more like Rosicky but able to run on the wing. I would say he is better in Bergies position but we have first refusal.

  • I’ve always said it would be nice to use Freddie’s experience in the squad. His performances have been poor, and whilst it is optimistic to hope that he might be able to put in a blinder of a season, that may not happen. So its a tough one, but are his wages that big a deal? I mean, surely, we can allow a player like Freddie to go on for one more season. One more winger will make the squad a lot more balanced.

  • £70K a week over a season isn’t far shy of a million pounds. Considering cesc is only on £60K a week too… BUT I do agree that we need experience, and Wenger isn’t likely to bring it in. So, what do ya’ll think of moving Freddiw further up the pitch? Ask him to do less work.

  • Pires should have stayed, freddie should have gone.

    Costly mistake.

    Now replace them both ffs.

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