Date: 21st July 2007 at 2:01pm
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Arsene Wenger says he doesn’t need to buy anymore strikers.

Le Boss has always believed in his young players and claims he has all the power he need in a strike force in van Persie, Adebayor, Bendtner, Walcott and the recently purchased Eduardo.

The admission came while Wenger heaped praise on last season’s top scorer, Robin van Persie.

“Robin can score goals. He`s a good mixture between Dennis Bergkamp, a typical goalscorer and a tremendous player like Henry. So let`s hope he can mix his game well.’ Wenger said to The Sun

“I think he is developing very, very well. He has become more mature and he benefits from the good work of Emmanuel Adebayor, who makes room for him.

“The two always combine well together. We have also signed Eduardo da Silva. Why should we sign another striker?

‘We don`t collect them ? we buy the strikers we need. And we expect Nicklas Bendtner to move forward and show us some aspects of his talent this season too.”

Wenger also confirmed he is not trying to sign former Arsenal player Nicolas Anelka. When asked if he was chasing Le Sulk, he simply replied ‘No’.


37 Replies to “Arsene Confirms ‘No More Strikers’”

  • Ribery or Malouda???? Don’t think they will be coming Goof. Hard ass midfielder would be nice. I agree with le boss tho, we don’t need and more strikers: Van Persie, Adebeyor, Eduardo & Bentdner with Walcott also. Plenty me thinks.

  • A hard ass midfielder? Really. They wont play in our team tho. Like you would take Fab out for a tough tackler.

  • I understand where Le boss is coming from, coz we do have the quality upfront but I would be a wee bit re-assured if we signed another striker to cover for injuries. And a winger, most definitely yes.

  • You’ve done it again Mush, I was writing an article about Wenger’s praise for van Persie. >:0

  • What do you reckon the chance are though Rocky (on a winger)? I’m not really sure, because the season is starting in 3 bloody weeks!!

  • I can’t think of a winger we could honestly sign AB. There are just non available at the minute. I heard a rumble that Nasri could be on his way, but that was ages ago and now he is injured.

  • the only other thing I thought Rocky (probably in desperation) was that Drenthe refused to talk earlier in the week as Spuds and Chave were competing for him – no chance we put an offer in there is there?

  • I would doubt Drenthe, or any more players for that matter AB. I imagine that we’re pushing our luck with hleb and ljungberg as opposed to snapping up a winger.

  • thought you’d bring anelka back. I know he is ‘trouble’ but he is also a superb striker and could (almost) replace Henry. Not sure anyone can totally replace him!

  • No Goofle, I mean a hard ass midfielder to play beside Fabregas. As cover for Gilberto. Or do people think Flamini is up to the job?

  • Arsene will use Eboue or Walcott for width. I doubt we will see any other signings. RVP and ADE up front with Dudu and Nic for extra.

  • Sounds like a fair call madafrican although Arsene did say that Sagna was cover for the ACN, which would make you think that he’s not intent on pushing Eboue up to midfield – which is Hleb’s place. Having said that though, Sagna looks handy on the wing too, so he could be a good sub for Hleb after 70 minutes if Arsene wants to try a slightly different approach.

  • Still worried about those crosses from corners, was a big problem last year held my breath every time they were taken; have we improved??

  • Andy,i dont think we’re gonna see Sagna pushed on the wing,he is a natural defensive specialist and with Theo/Freddy/Hleb we’re not gonna see people getting shifted!!

    Dudu imo will be huge on the Forward position cause he plays on the left and right and not to forget CF and not to forget Nicklas and our 2 masters Ade and the great Dutch Man

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