Date: 20th April 2007 at 9:51pm
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Last night my wife got the rare chance of a bit of internet time as I relaxed on the sofa in the company of the worlds favorite shark.

Many years ago I developed quiet a talent of not listening to the Mrs yet still being able to quote her should the situation require.

As I watched Jaws tuck into a couple of American teens (why couldn’t you scran that screaming cow on the boat?) the wife babbled on with the usual clap trap, until she uttered the words ‘female commentator’.

For once she had my attention.

Now before I carry on I am in no way a sexist bloke, I believe all women are capable of doing most jobs that don’t include driving!!

As it transpires, a lady by the name of Jacqui Oatley will become the first ever female commentator on the BBC’s Match of the day tomorrow as she takes charge of the Fulham vs Blackburn game.

I realise we are in a time of change, where nothing can stand still, but I am the only one who will find it strange to have a women commentating? I’m not saying it’s bad, just strange.

Some of the key moments in football have been preserved for ever in history by the immortal voices of football commentators. Would life be still the same had a woman uttered the famous words ‘And Arsenal come streaming forward in what will surely be their last attack. A good ball by Dixon, finding Smith, to Thomas, charging through the midfield…….IT’S UP FOR GRABS NOW!!!’.

I think I may struggle with it for a while, indeed I’m still not comfortable with a Scouser commentating on our games.


27 Replies to “Two Upfront On Match Of The Day”

  • What to say? This will be strange to say the least, but I thought woman commentary is for woman football and man for mens football? This ain’t got nothing to do with the fact BBC1 has lost its live tv rights for 2008?

  • I’m glad to hear I’m not alone kidK, I’m not sure they have the required vocal tones to pull it off, especially when there’s a particularly dramatic moment.

  • I wonder if she will scream out in ecstasy when someone sticks one in?! Seriously il confirm judgment until ive heard her commentate.

  • The art of commentating died with Brian Moore. Nobody can/could capture the feeling of a game like dear old Brian. I’ll certainly be tuning in though to see how she gets along.

  • Pity she can’t replace Andy Gray on Sky! It’s okay for you guys who are lucky enough to see the games live. Unfortunately the rest of us have to endure that man’s bag of over used cliches and fly ridden bull**** every match. I would turn the sound off, but I love listening to the funny p*** taking chants that fly back and forth between the supporters during the game.

  • lol Cheers Ice! That’s just enough to send me over the edge! Watch the news tomorrow and you’ll see me hanging from the Severn Bridge 😎

  • does anyone remember when andy gray went bonkers when errard scored against olympiacos that was hillarious !

  • I agree with you simmy, and how apt is the photo that accompanies the article showing two tits and a fanny. 😎

  • how old is that picture 😀

    im just going to wait and see how she does than have a rant about it.

  • I’d have to say it is a bit strange, Rocky. But I want to withold any judgment till we see how she does. Now this is a side question, but a while back there was some controversy regarding a female linesman in the 2nd league was it? How would you feel about a female linesman in the premier league? Oh, and I dunno about the women you’re around, but all the girls I know are great drivers! 😛

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