Date: 20th April 2007 at 4:40pm
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It appears that American business tycoon, Stan Kroenke has snaffled further shares in Arsenal Football Club.

I won’t pretend to know anything at all with regards to shares, the purchase of & takeovers, hostile or otherwise, but even a fat neanderthal like me can do simple mathmatics.

A couple of weeks ago Kroenke announced he had purchase 9.99% of shares from ITV. Then it was revealed the Arsenal shareholder Danny Fiszman inadvertently sold 1.27% of his shares to Kroenke via his company JP Morgan Chase Bank. Giving him a grand total of 11.26% of Arsenal’s shares.

A friend of my sent me a link to the ‘PlusMarketGroup’ website where an article states that Kroenke has given ‘Notification of major interest in shares’. It is in this article that it is revealed that Kroenke has crossed the 12% threshold taking his current ownership to 12.19%, thus meaning Stan is hoovering up all available shares suggesting it will be a question of when rather than if.

Click Here to read the document.

As I say, I know nothing on this subject, so if any member of Vital Arsenal can give a better insight into this, please get in touch.


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56 Replies to “Kroenke Increases His Share Holdings”

  • R7, you are indeed correct & infact you have missed out that he wants a representative on the board!!

  • R7, that notification is a standard thing. Its just a reply to identify himself which the other board members had requested prior to him buying ITV’s stake as he bought Fiszman’s share quietly.

  • No, from what I hear it may be Jeff Plush who comes onboard. He is a massive arsenal fan & has been for years but because his american no doubt people will reject that idea, despite the fact it was known about well before arsenal even announced the colorado rapids deal.

  • Ok, but nevertheless it indicates the Kroenke is snaffling small amounts of shares from somewhere???

  • *****eholes, to coin a graham ttaylor phrase… ‘do i not like that’ »»Arsene Knows««

  • Yeah he is, so far 40 have been bought today. They are standing at nearly £7000 each now!! Something’s happening. Maybe Dein is selling his share.

  • In that case he has more than the 12.19% I have reported as that was announced yesterday. For some reason AG I think you may have an insider scoop on this situation 😉

  • Expect this to roll and roll guys. Looks as if Kroenke wants in sooner rather than later, don’t blame after the events this week

  • The plus markets website tells you how many were traded. The Jeff Plush stuff is just from american news sources. This guy is however a massive gooner & has been for many years, thats probably how Dein & Kroenke know each other & probably how we linked up with them. I am actually friends with DD’s son, but unsurprisingly I have had zero contact with him since this happened, the git wont answer his phone (well not to me anyway, but then I wouldn’t answer the phone to me either).

  • So are all of you against a takeover ?? Im worried about whats going on at my club at the moment !

  • to be honest i want dein back, becuase if dein is there there more chance wenger will extend his contract.

    IMO todays quotes from mr hill-wood just highighted how old fashioned and ill informed he is with todays game.

  • Lol @ AG!!! See if you can get an interview with him. We will pay him the handsome sum of £2.73

  • Again, I honestly do not care if Plush joins the board or Dein comes back. What I am interested is the club going forward. PHW pointed out that the board supports the manager and wants to extend the contract which is a good signal. They have created a concept that we all refer to as “the Arsenal way” and I really really like that. Transfer dealings, contacts, communication with the media, scouting – it is all part of this endeared notion of Arsenal Football Club. Kroenke on the other hand, is a big mystery to me and I refuse to believe anything and everything is written about him. Yes he seems like a genuine sports fan, and..? If he mounts a takeover (or as R7 puts it ‘when’), I do not know how he will position himself at the club and how will he relate to the fans. Will he be another Roman, will he follow Lerner’s ways or Glazers’? Will he demand big names? Will he demand trophies? I wish ‘the Arsenal way’ prevails in any case and this club keeps going forward

  • well R7, I think LD can collect more than that tomorrow at the lane, if he brings a big enough hat.

  • Nah them coins are worthless G4L, they pay for everything at the lane in 1961 prices so shillings, thrupence and half penny pieces will be thrown!

  • SkySports have just announced the news. Jeez lads, all that cash and you can’t even keep up with a little site like us!!!

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