Date: 18th July 2016 at 1:11pm
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As we have talked about before the influx of TV money has driven the crazy up 10 or 11 notches, even the “smaller” clubs are making audacious attempts at bringing huge names into their squads and sometimes it works.

But we don`t care about other clubs we just care about Arsenal, right?

As usual all the transfer talk surrounding Arsenal is regarding a striker, because let`s face it, we really bloody need one. Not for the first time the name on everyone`s lips is Gonzalo Higuain.

Depending which site you happen to click on he`s either going to sign this afternoon or, and which is probably most likely, he`s on the cusp of joining Juventus. There`s little doubt Napoli would rather him move away from Italy than join one of their rivals but we`ve been here before and it just doesn`t feel like he`s coming.

Staying in Italy, word on the street is (and by street I mean someone has made it up on the internet) that Arsenal will instead turn their attentions to Inter Milan`s Argentinean striker Mauro Icardi who the Express trying to have us believe has just flown to London for talks. We shall see.

And of course it wouldn`t be a rumours thread without us being linked to someone we`ve never heard of. This time apparently Mr Wenger is keen on 18 year old German striker Philipp Ochs. No idea who he is, if he`s any good or what aftershave he wears. Any Arsenal fan telling you he knows all about Ochs have a raging inferno in their trousers.

Till next time.