Date: 15th February 2007 at 3:43pm
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You know, even when Brazilian wonder kid, Robinho chose Real Madrid over Arsenal, I still felt a little warmth for the boy, and now I know why.

After rumours circulated that Robinho may leave Real Madrid should first team football not come his way at the Bernabeau, the inevitable link to Tottenham arrived.

Well the little attacker proved that even though he join Madrid, he is a true Gooner at heart with this side splitting statement.

‘Reports that I’d move to Tottenham are wide of the mark, if I had to leave Real, I’d choose to join another a big club. ‘Said Robinho

‘I don’t regard Tottenham Hotspur as a big club.’

Hats off to Robinho, he knows true class when he see’s it.


102 Replies to “Robinho: Spurs Are Not A Big Club”

  • Oh dear, your gonna upset the tarts from down the road now, repeating what robinho said. The fact is it cannot even been construed as an insult because he is only speaking the truth, but it wont stop them from trying to make out they are big!!

  • You have missed the rest of his statement. He said that a move to Arsenal, West Ham, Fulham, Chelsea or even Barnet would be considered.

  • QUOTE OF THE YEAR…still laughing and i read it an hour ago 🙂 …I hope we sign him hes pretty good.

  • Robinho is just scared he will be the meat in a Robinson/Huddle20stone sandwich! Martin Jol says he thinks Sp*rs are a big Mac…..Sorry i mean big club!

  • Hold on a second….. how can he say that??? He obviosly doesn’t know what he’s talking about at all does he!!! I appreciate he’s a good footballer and all but……. Oh sorry I thought he said “**** CLUB”!!!

  • Is it my imagination or has BFMJ’s head got even bigger??? Was he one of those blokes tested for that drug who then developed the elephant man disease??

  • What I wanna know is where are all the Spurts fans saying “well, actually I think you’ll all find we are a big club!!! In 1956 we won the……………….”??? Maybe they’ve just accepted things now!!!

  • not a peep from a spud as yet ! incredible, i think they have all committed hurry curry after last weeks performance and are using their spare time to phone into talk sport and vote for Jol to win the sack race, which he won on sunday night i might add 😉

  • G4L – swap him for reyes and buy beast for 12mil…interesting…but i dont see any holes in the ship right now with our team, where would he play? who would have to sit out? id love to see him in an arsenal shirt tho! would he be considered one of our ‘young guns’ and play in the carling cup?

  • He is very similar to walcott. Both have terrific skill but both are too lightweight. Walcott is still developing but I think Robinho is 21 or so now. He obviously needs to spend a lot of time in the gym if he is going to make it. At madrid he gets knocked off the ball way too easily & the premiership is a lot more physical than la liga.

  • Like in ‘X men the last stand’ they have found a way to cure mutants/spuds and they are all down the clinic getting their shots!

  • I think that a big club like us (and unlike spurs) might go for Robinho, as we could do with maybe one more winger, and I think AW could make him a winger, as he has all the attributes: Pace, Technique, good passing(all Arsenal players need) and he can hit a great strike. He would definately be a class act for us.

  • HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!! My sides hurt. We’ve been telling them ths for the last 15 yrs, maybe they’ll get it now. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!! HILARIOUS !!!!!

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