Date: 15th February 2007 at 7:55pm
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Paul Jewell faces an FA charge after an amazing outburst at the final whistle at Ashburton Grove on Sunday. Whilst I still don’t believe it was a penalty I feel Jewell has every right to feel a little hard done by after Dowd produced one of the worst performances by a referee I have ever seen.

So my astonishment at the comments from Fat Sam Allardyce today completely overshadows any amazement produced by Dowd’s unbelievably incompetent show on Sunday.

The Orcs manager somehow seems to think that the performace of Foy last night mirrored that of Dowd’s on Sunday and and is a continuation of referee’s favouring Arsenal over the little clubs.

Despite Foy’s only mistake being not to send Nicolas Anelka off after he committed the most blatant professional foul ever witnessed in the history of the game (goal scoring opportunity? they didn’t have a goalkeeper for f**** sake) Chubby Checker had this to say.

“We’re disappointed with some of the decisions he’s made and I’m particularly disappointed in the fact that when Ben Haim got sent off it was only the third yellow card in the whole of the game up to that point.”

“There were three bookings in the game and somehow, Tal has picked up two of them.”

“If Tal deserved that then I think he [Foy] should have a good look at himself and ask why he’s done it because if he deserved a sending-off for those two tackles then I’m not a football manager.”


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  • the truth at last, he agres he aint a football manager :). in fact, i thought ben haim should have been sent off long before that, coz the ref let a couple of fouls go without booking him. the ref had a splendid game, the penalties were spot on, he clearly saw campo’s dive, and though he didnt penalise bolton for a couple of bookable offences, i felt he was consistent coz he applied the same yard stick to arsenal. and yes – yellow for anelka? like rocky said, his only mistake of the game !!

  • “…if he deserved a sending-off for those two tackles then I’m not a football manager.” Well Fat Sam, finally u’ve hit it on the head. He deserved a sending-off and you are not a football manager. Just a huge ****.

  • If ther were any bad decisions last night, believe we would have heard about them following the (unjustified) outcry of the Wigan game Foy got most things spot on, what Fat Sam is really hacked off about is Wengers ironing out of Arsenals problems in dealing with the physical northern hordes, just enjoy your short-lived hold over us fatty, as it has now come to an end.

  • Imagine if Wenger said the same things after what was near faultless reffing performance. He would be called whinger, moaner all sorts but ‘The Blob’ seems to be getting off scott free. Ben Haim escaped a yellow wehen he blatantly tripped Baptista on the edge of the box, he then recieved a yellow for the penalty which was correct and then he chose to trip the beast again when he was running towards goal it was so clear he should have gone even the commentators/pundits didnt say anything! Next week he will be telling us OJ is innocent and Ulrika Johnson is a virgin!

  • I am not a fan of Arsenal but I can not see what Sam who is nomally a good sport I do think he should be grateful they made it to extra time they should have taken a hammering well before that, I am in the Whinging Wenger corner nomally but I have to say last night Arsenal got it right

  • tell jabba to put a cork in it. i honestly dont know how anelka didnt go, there was no one in the f***** goal

  • Fat Walrus Sam ‘usually a good sport’??? Yeah right, he is the worst whinger in the game. He is still not talking to the bbc over that bungs allegation. Wenger on the other hand has always continued to speak to them despite their newsnight program trying to paint him & arsenal as corrupt with no evidence at all.

  • He only feels ‘hard done by’ because Chris Foy gave him a mirror to look at!! Anyway Fat Sam if you feel hard done by, just imagine how your wife feels!!

  • I heard the genuine reason he doesn’t like wenger is because Arsene refuses to call him Big Sam. Shows the mental age of the bloke!!

  • Wenger is the total opposite of Fatso. Cultured, intelligent, satorially elegant, successful, modest, witty, respected world-wide…
    no wonder the Orc leader hates him.

  • BlubberDyce is one of the most hypocritical managers in the prem. I rememebr when a few years a go we were going head to head for the title with ManYoo, and he stated in the press that he hoped that the ref woudlnt let us get away with fouling, that we were dirty, etc. Then come the day of the game, The Orcs kicked sevel bells out of us, resulting in us having three guys carried off injured, and going from 2-0 up to drawing 2-2. I’d always liked bolton before that day. Since then, I have disliked the club immensely, and i absolutely abhore that fat grotesque walrus. »»Arsene Knows««

  • and while i’m at it, what the hell was going on with those bolton drums last night? ‘bang, bang, nag-bang-bang’ “CHEAT”. How utterly pathetic. Considering that on three separate occasions their players dived to try to win a pen, and once again they resorted to physical assaults to try and win. No intelligence, and no class. »»Arsene Knows««

  • and to think england were considering offering him the England job!! what an *****in idiot!! ben haim should have seen red for his first trip on hleb when he was through on goal and then his first trip on baptista!! but how the ref didnt send anelka off is beyond belief!! that was the very definition of ABH!! apart from that, the ref had a great game. pity about our time wasting though- the FA should clamp down on arsenal for daring to kill time by actually keepin possession of the ball on the pitch as opposed to the boltom way of wasting 30 seconds on every goal kick and throw in. Big Sam got what he deserved- an ass whoopin and a lesson on how the game should be played

  • I read in one of the articles that he is working his team to secure a place for the UEFA cup. What is the guy thinking ? Absolute No ambition when you are only 3 points behind Liverpool.

  • Feels hard done by, I watched the match, why would he feel hard done by the better team won, unless he is refering to the empty stands.

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