Date: 18th February 2007 at 6:12pm
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Just a short article on this occasion (quite a challenge where I am concerned). But a few observations I have noted today. Firstly, this time last week Wigan should have had a penalty against Arsenal. It was not given and it was arms across England, poor Paul Jewell, a minute’s silence requested at all matches this season and Arsenal were invited to make a public apology to Wigan for having the temerity to beat them. ‘Same old Arsenal always cheating’, the big clubs get all the decisions.

Yesterday, Arsenal should have had a penalty when Aliadiere was tripped by Warnock. Where are the hysterics? Where is the nationwide outcry? Why are Blackburn not being asked to apologise for not letting us win? Last week, Thierry Henry was lambasted by sections of the media for having the downright gall to get upset with Chris Kirkland for time wasting. His celebration of the equaliser elucidated his upset and the media were full of how classless we are and how poor Chrissie will now need counselling as a result of being criticised for cheating. Sly Sports handed out giant wanted posters with Thierry’s face on them. Of course the dunce that is Richard Keys was very critical of the F.A for charging Gary Neville following his taunting of Liverpool fans at Old Trafford last year, ‘do we want players to be robots? We’re taking the passion out of the game,’ he remarked (rumours that Rupert Murdoch’s hand was up his backside when he uttered these remarks have yet to be confirmed.

Having watched the re run of Match of the Day this morning, I was disappointed but not a bit surprised by Ray Stubbs’ utter stupidity. In the post match interview Wenger was heard to remark, ‘The problem is not with Blackburn being too defensive. It is with us, we have to find a way past it.’ This did not prevent Stubbs from rattling off absurdities such as, ‘What do they expect Blackburn to do? How much more help do the big clubs want?’ Admittedly, there was a regrettable incident after the final whistle with Cesc Fabregas making disrespectful remarks to Mark Hughes. Cesc is a bad loser, this has been shown in the past (whisper it, but this is also why he’s a born winner). The comment was made in the heat of the moment and he apologised for it later, whether he was told to or not we’ll never know, but the incident is over. But Ray Stubbs reasoning for his distaste was laughable, ‘Mark Hughes has won four F.A Cups, which Cesc Fabregas hasn’t.’ So? What does that have to do with anything? Fabregas was in the wrong, but why do Hughes’ trophies come into this? Well Mr. Stubbs, if I am to apply your logic, Mr. Wenger has won three F.A Cups, Fabregas started and won an F.A Cup Final aged 17, Ray Stubbs has won no F.A Cups, therefore you are not within your rights to criticise either party.

Half way through the build up to the Spurs v Fulham match, Richard Keys quite randomly brought the Fabregas- Hughes incident up. (It had absolutely nothing to do with anything they were discussing, least of all Fulham v Tottenham). The conclusion? That Fabregas should apologise for his remarks. Well if Mr. Keys was not such a despicable liar he would have perhaps mentioned that Fabregas did apologise. I’m not going to suggest that the media are against us, because every fan thinks like that about their team, the fact is we get a lot of good press for the way we play and the likes of Sky will blow any incident out of proportion in a sad attempt to boost ratings, their idiocy is not restricted only to us. Besides, I will leave the paranoid, persecution complex stuff to Vital Chelsea.

Which leads me nicely onto my last point. I had to laugh heartily when I visited my old muckers at ‘Vital Chelsea towers’ to see they have penned an article accusing Arsenal of potentially ruining the Carling Cup Final as a spectacle by playing the reserves! Yes, that’s right, Chelsea fans complaining about another team ruining a game of football as a spectacle. Chelsea, the most boring side since, well, us in the early nineties. Chelsea, the team whose playing surface is so pathetic, that Ashley Cole is conteplating legal action against the F.A for deeming it playable. They then went on to accuse Wenger of arrogance for entrusting his youngsters with a place in the Final starting line up. Yes, Chelsea fans accusing another side’s manager of arrogance. Chelsea, the team managed by a guy who gave himself the nickname ‘the Special One.’ Chelsea, the team managed by the man who said, ‘First there was God and then there was me.’ And I said this article would be short! LD.


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  • when ppl are intimidated, they always say cr*p……. des idiots r afraid of our gr8ness n thus tak trash bout us…

  • When was the last time anyone heard a footballer apologise for something they had done wrong? When you have done wrong you apologise and the matter is closed, end of. the real question should be why did Mark Hughes feel the need to make a private discussion public? Hughes was no shrinking violet in his day and I can imagine he uttered a few choice words to the opposition when on the end of a bad result, Born winner perhaps? I dont remember Wenger making public the Remarks that Alan Mildew uttered to him. As for keys and his crew, i have no time for them. there was no apology that we had to sit through his terrible suits and hairy hands for the best part of ten years, the dude who presents soccesr saturday is far better presenter so Keys make up for his lack of skill with controversial remarks and he supports Coventry so he has a lifetime of hell to look forward to.

  • If the kids beat Chelsea next sunday, the chavs and all these assholes will still come up with something negative to criticise us..

  • But will we care Luckys?! I think not…..can’t wait for my first (and last?) visit to Cardiff next week!

  • Well Said LD…the way stubbs just glossed over the penalty and spent most of the time twisting Wenger’s words about replays left me calling for lineker

  • After reading so much stuff on the web on this topic, I feel lucky not to be able to watch and listen the sky ‘pundits’ and experts.

  • i never bother listening to half time or full time comments on sky or bbc, let alone watch any build up, i am happy to watch ad make up my own mind, but then i have the inteligence to see thngs for myself and not let stupid pundits try and infulence my mind, imean if we all believed them then we would of believed hanson’s comments of never winning anything with kids !

  • I’m going to have to say that Fabregas was sorry for his comments and decided on his own will to apologize. Sure we’re aware of his temper and bad attitude at times, but he’s also very modest, hardworking and never lets his ego get in the way of what needs to be improved in his game.

  • In a way, what they do is a backhanded compliment – sky’s need to talk about arsenal so much. Unfortunately though they feel the need to talk complete arse about the arse. Accused of being divers, whiners, arrogant, et cetera, it is surely only a matter of time before we also become accused of being terrorists, murderers, solely responsible for global warming and supplying enriched uranium to rogue states… »»Arsene Knows««

  • well, at least on tues night on itv. no, no, no wait i mean itv4-how daft of me to think we would be live on terrestrial tv- the commentators on there appear to “like” us a little more than the tw*ts on bbc and sky! and also, what the hell makes stubbs and keys qualified to comment on football, they are no more qualified than i am!! and does it pi*s anyone else off that no matter who we play, when it comes to being live on itv tuesdays,we are never the match they feature! always one of the other english teams. thankfully i have sky so dont miss a live match they show, but what about ppl that dont have digital at the minute! surely they should spread the live itv games around, rather than chucking us on a digital branch of itv! –rant over!!

  • I only get to watch the CL and FA cup on ESPN its horrible picture and the commentators are the most pro united and chelsea f***wits around. They dont even like liverpool ‘the great english club’. i dont get to hear these knobends such as keys and lineker but have read enough stuff from Hansen, Gray and Lawro to know what they’re about. Thankfully fox sports the Aussie channel plays almost every match of the mighty Arsenal, cos over here people wont just watch football it has to be good fluid football so us and ManUSA get the nod over CSKA London in all competitions. In melbourne Arsenal are the most supported team, we seem to steal almost all our chants from you North London blokes and our goalkeepers name is Theoklotis so we even get the ‘THEO, THEO, THEO’ going.

  • ducksworth, how does fab have a bad attitude? Players with a bad attitude start fights etc, I thought that was a very humourous way to let out his frustration! Hughes on the other hand doesn’t have a sense of humour, or perspective. If he was a bit more of a man, he would have taken that comment in his stride, and not gone to the media with it. I’m sure Cesc’s not sorry, and the other guys are slapping him on the back and are cracking up about his wit and guts. Hopefully he can bring more of that cocksure attitude to the pitch.

  • lmao rocky …. im sure didier “diving” drogba’s head would look much better on the mantlepiece lmao

  • afri-gooner – I take the bad attitude back after re-reading my comment. It was the wrong choice of word, indeed. But I’d have to disagree with you about how he’s not sorry. I think the apology was sincere as Wenger re-confirmed this with how Cesc took the initiative. But definitely yeah, let’s bring it where it counts….on the pitch!

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