Date: 4th November 2006 at 2:29pm
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French footballing legend has said Thierry Henry has made a massive mistake penning a new deal at Arsenal rather than heading for Spain and Barcelona.

Outragously Platini suggests that what Henry lacks to be a great player is titles, even though he has won two premier league titles, three fa cups and help Arsenal to go down in history as the longest unbeaten side in English football history, smashing scoring records along the way.

‘I sincerely believe he made a mistake in not signing for Barcelona,’ Platini told The Sun. ‘I told him so and said the same to Barca president Joan Laporta. Henry would have grown a lot at Barcelona.’

‘Thierry Henry is a truly great player and is on the verge of over-taking me as a goalscorer for France. However, he hasn’t achieved the same category of other great stars. Why? Because he lacks playing in a great team and winning titles with his club like he has done with France, where he has been European and world champion.’

Some may question my slating of the ‘great’ Platini’s comments, but remember, this is the guy who wanted tackling to be taken out of the game.


23 Replies to “Platini; Give Your Head A Shake”

  • ‘Because he lack’s playing in a great team’ Spot on
    Plats,Europe’s always laughed at your p!ss poor European record.

  • You cant just say you think he would be better with Barca…..why do you think that? HTG – When was the last time you played in to Eurpoean cup? Please tell me. Where you alive? Was colour tv invented? Moron.

  • Europe has always trembled in fear for the Spuds. No seriously, I was chatting to some Villarreal fans before our semi final in spain, and honestly, I was telling them Spuds were our next door neighbours, they’d never even heard of you! That’s nearly as funny as when I was watching Chelsea v. Bremen in Hamburg and a German guy asked me if Chelsea had had parts of their ground closed for bad behaviour!

  • this only shows that Thierry is Arsenal through and through, he didnt listen to what platini said and decided to stay, because he knows he can achieve everything at our great club, and the joy of playing and winning at arsenal, he can never have it at any other team, you look at ashley cole playing for chelsea, and i sometimes feel he looks like a lost boy, ands compare that with gallas, who looks like he has been a gooner for years..

  • He was right, if Henry joined Barca he would be part of the best attacking combination the game has seen! At Arsenal he is your only top class striker!

  • ‘Henry would have grown a lot at Barcelona.’ – Er…yeah. How the hell can Henry grow anymore at this point in time? Has anyone scored more goals in Europe the last five years? Platani simply doesn’t view the EPL in the same light as Liga and probably Serie A, which to my understanding is a common theme with a lot of continental types. Nothing to get too pertubed about. This just gives me more reason to root against Barca this season though…would be a laugh riot if they didn’t win Liga or even make it to the Champions League knockout phase.

  • Henry is a gonner through and through, and on Ashely cole, he does look lost and your right that Gallas does look at home which does show something.

  • rocky7 i just wanted to know what ever happened to watching every arsenal game for free online. i regret to write that i will not be watching the full match of sundays game nor will i be watching it live. one available to watch here Alberta Canada are the sat games N sometimes UEFA games.

  • its only platini’s opinion. the reason henry didn’t go was because of racism. and here we are all the stupid spuds supporters deciding they can come here and pop their big noses in and then cry if we go onto their site and give a comment or 2.. difference being as i read it, spuds just cause sh1t and talk it too, whislt the articulate gooners seem to be able to debate in an intellectual way. and if you want clear prrof just look at the managers. fat man shrek is as stupid and thick as they come.

  • hate theGoons, you sad little muppet – I would thank you to keep out of a european debate as your team qualifying for the UEFA for the first time in years hardly gives anythgin you say any gravitas. We play the best football in the league. Remember when spuds fans used to say that in the 80s? Or are you just a football fan from the advent of the Premiership? Nowadays all your mob serve up is turgid sh1te…

    »»Arsene Knows««

  • anyway, platini should be concentrating on the upcoming elections for the position he covets, not mouthing off. Very nice of him to offer an opinion on the henry saga, I’ll offer mine on platini – Michel, you can lick my balls.

    »»Arsene Knows««

  • Interesting comment Shinobi. And if what youre saying about platini not rating the prem is true, then that is down to the s**te negative football played by many of the teams…

    »»Arsene Knows««

  • Some of these old pro’s just like to feel important every now and then , so they have to come out with some rubbish just to feel important again.

  • Barca have nothing on arsenal that a coupla Champs League Cups won’t change. Come to think of it, while we’re in that category, a coupla Euro trophies are what Club L’arse need to even have something on Spurs.

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