Date: 14th August 2006 at 8:43pm
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OAP nutcase goalkeeper, ‘Mad’ Jens Lehmann plans to retire in 2008.

It doesn’t come as any great shock as the German number one approaches his 37th birthday. Lehmann is aiming for one last major tournament before he retires.

‘At the age of 36, I have the European Championships ahead of me in two years and that is what I am working up to,’ he told Kicker.

‘Afterwards I think that will be it, both with the national team and as a professional footballer.

Lehmann also hinted at an earky Arsenal exit with his desire to play one last season in his home country.

‘We will have to see how the season goes, whether I extend with Arsenal or not.

‘I would still like to play another season in Germany.’

He maybe knocking on a bit be I believe Mad Jens is still one of the best in the business.


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  • Get him a whiplash collar when he plays chelsea. he’ll hurt his neck watching the goals fly by! 😉

  • “buy another lemon” – I hope we do, the amount of stick he takes from away fans is on account of his crazy on field antics, yes he gets a bit over heated sometimes but thats by the by. Lehmann was by far and away the best keeper in the PL and the CL last season, and Pter Cech aside, no keeper in the PL comes anywhere near him. Call him Lemon if you want, but that does not hide the fact he is an awesome keeper.

  • Stop it USA
    You’ll have me in tears in a minute.
    Good show yesterday. You looked like you could do with a left back..

    and a right-back, centre-half, defensive midfielder, winger, and oh yes,


  • I would say that Lehmann is the second best goal keeper i have seen at Arsenal, obviously no one will be better than Spunky.

  • Left back-definitely-Cashley. Right back-Paolo will be here for only this year. Center-half-JT, Carvalho and Callous Gallas are fantastic Goalie – Cech will be back and Hilario isn’t as hilarious as Cudicini. See you in 10 months, we’ll be looking over our shoulder BTW.

  • He has been the best keeper in the premiership for the last year and he is likely to continue this year too.

  • he has always said he wanted to finish his carrer in germany. he will go back to dortmund and we will bid for sahin and put lehmann in as part of the deal to get him i hope.

  • USA is right, he will need neck support of some kind given the type of football Chelski play, I just hope he doesn’t hurt his eyes looking into the sun. Isaksson, who’s just signed for Man City, says he still wants to play for a bigger club in England, don’t be surprised if him or Buffon arrive next summer.

  • USA
    Which goals are you talking about? Like the knee-jerk reaction Grogba scored last season? Y’know, maybe you’re right, he may hurt his neck watching the goals go in, coz the Chelsea goal will be on the othe end of the pitch, and of course he’ll have to crane his neck to see ’em! [Edited by pmust]

  • he werent the best in the premiership he was in the champions lague but dont forget all those mistakes since he come

  • Lenscheatingstien want out from famous almight arsewipes with Reg New the greatest manager ever..
    reyes of to madrid
    ashley of to Russia
    Judas sailing
    walcott still eating ice cream..
    You just might have to buy EngRish.. Bruddy hell

  • it will be relly sad to see old mad jens leave this club but then it was going to happen at some point i could never see him finishing his carrer here at arsenal, but thats what i thongh now it seems to be true, i am wondering who are we going to get that can replace the beast that is jens lehmann, maybe someone like buffon or maybe even a keeper like ricardo? what do you guys think would be an ideal replacement for jens?

  • it’ll probably b a keeper u don’t kno. depending on how well the le mans keeper performs in ligue 1 , yohann pele. my guess would be him. hes ******* huge, taller than cech and pretty impressive displays last season. hes been linked wiv us on numerous occassions. i reckon it’ll be him.

  • Lehamn always the best and forget the rest(the Russians alwasy are great in sucking jose always gives away blow jobs to cashley cole to join his frog band:D

  • Did you hear that ******* Tyler on Sky the other night ?..” Oh yes Rafa and Moorenio are two foreign managers who have one something here in their first season “….then silence….Well say’s I…” they didn’t win the ****ing double in their first season did they ???”….Anyway about Jens..he is still one of the best !! but he will be off after he collects his premier league Winners medal at the Emirates next season. I am so excited at the prospect of the coming season. I think AW has got things nearly as he wants them. We have some players of awesome ability who have yet to realise their potential but I think this is the season that it will happen. Cesc is going to be a sensational for us(again), RVP will get 20 plus in the Prem,Henry will be Henry ,Hleb will show why AW bought him, Diaby will be getting stuck in,Senderos will be elevated to world-class status,Ebouie will be a sensation etc etc….Cole? who give a f**K ???…..God I am so excited !!!

  • ppl.. hleb, rosicky, rvp, adebayor, cesc and henry.. i think lampard, shevchenko, ballack, essien, cole of the chelski scum will be afraid by our attacking prowess.
    defensively.. toure is as good as terry, if not better.. stick eboue in there along with senderos and you look at a top quality back line.. comparable to chelski’s carvalho, ferreira and terry.. also if cashley does stay(which looks improbable and as a replacement.. gael clichy).. we are lokng at a team which will win the premiership easily.. hah we need a neck collar to look back at the teams placed below us.. scum will eventually go down and the emirates will start the rising of the GREAT GUNNERS ERA..

  • Martin Fulop for 9.3 million please.. our ***** youve got no money sowwee we dont take IOU’s from Cheats

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