Date: 22nd January 2007 at 10:57pm
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After proving his loyalty to Real madrid, PSG, Liverpool, Man City, Fenerbahce, and joining the Orcs from Bolton, Nicolas ‘Le Sulk’ Anelka says he would like to come back to the place from where he started his tour d’Europe.

Speaking to Telefoot, the French TV show, Anelka said:

‘Coming back to Arsenal would by great.’

‘They are a great club who are solid and serious. Arsene Wenger is one of the best coaches in the world, and I can’t hide that the club marked my life forever.

‘I have spent some great moments there.’

Have you now, Nic? While I agree that we are a great and serious club, you are neither of those, so the get-together would not work. And I also strongly believe that you finally found a club that matches you completely – the Bolton WANDERERS.

PS. I see you all gearing up to embrace our long lost striker and making him feel very wanted when he visits the Grove next week in the Bolton shirt.

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19 Replies to “Le Sulk Wants To Come Back”

  • He is a quality twit and he seems to have matured greatly. I know taking him back would be asking too much of Wenger but he’s not half bad is he?

  • I would take the player back in a heart beat………………..I wouldnt take the person or his personality back in a million years.

  • for helping us win the double and for all those millions we made from you thanks but as for coming back no-thanks

  • Haha…I remember him saying earlier in the season how he should’ve still been in Liverpool and now this…. I can’t be bothered to listen. x_X

  • i dont believe u ppl find this crap even worth reporting.. no doubt he still is a quality player.. but i wouldnt take the guy and his personality even if i was pad for it.. the sulk would completely ruin the dressing room atmosphere.. hope he stays with the “orcs”.. as mr.mustchin puts it.. so we kick his ass next week at the grove..

  • not a cat’s chance in hell. The player who could have been the best striker in world football, had he stated under wenger’s tutelage. Yet misguided ambition and greed put paid to that. How he must rue the decision he took to up and leave. Unfortunately, he’s now too old to become a wenger signing methinks; too pricey, given his baggage and ‘previous’; too infrequent in turning in top-nothc displays on the football field, and will now never reach the potential he had. such a shame, i honestly believe he’d have been like some mutant cross of ronaldo and adriano with bells on if he’d stayed at arsenal… »»Arsene Knows««

  • i always say never go back, and wenger is the same, he coud of signed veira in the summer, could of signed petit a while back and he never, once they are sold that is it. whilst anelka looks good for bolton he woud look ordinary for us. he was a great player but his time has past, i wish him luck with bolton, ofcourse not at the weekend !

  • thanx adi, I should have done it before… the term Orcs re. the Bolton team is a term I borrowed from Mr. Mustchin. Very appropriate one as well.

  • It was Anelka that kick started the whole Wenger Project off. £500k into £22.5m in just over 12 months was arguably the most important tansfer in our history. With that money we started the long road to becoming the team we are. Overmars & Petit money helped as well but it was that 22mil which got us going. As to whether he should come back? Everyone else has answered that already.

  • I don’t know why you are taking that attitude to be honest, the guy is a good a striker. Personally I would like too see him at Arsenal and I think to a degree he would be more useful that Henry well no Henry does a lot for the team but anyway simply put. Anelka is a good finisher of the ball Henry isn’t he is a good player but not a pure blood striker. Arsenal create the oppurtunities we need someone like Robbie fowler or Van nistleroy who can scrape goals. On top of being a good player Anelka can score goals ruthlessly.

  • because he’s a treacherous, foulmouthed, greedy, idiotic, backstabbing, judas simpleton “gunners” and why would we want someone like that playing for us, we just sold another ******* like that to Chelsea, why bring in another?

  • It’s not like Arsenal doesn’t have enough strikers in the ranks as well…even with Persie out they’ve got Henry, Adebayor, Beast, Alidaire and even Walcott. And none of ’em have the tempermental issues that Anelka has displayed over the years. No one’s questioning his talent…it’s his mentality (or lack of it) that’s the issue.

  • Hmm I guess I was about 7 maybe a bit older so I don’t know what grounds he left the club on.

    I just see that he is a good goal scorer. Arsenal have good foward players, none of them are natural scorers in from of goal.

  • Gunners, Beast is…He is one of the best scrappers in front of the goal.just give him some time to get used to pace of premership he will show his true colors

  • I forgot about Baptista. I guess I am just being a fanboy I just remember the fa cup final against Manu I think.

    Shame as a player its quite saddening, I guess he chose money over self progression.

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