Date: 23rd January 2007 at 9:06am
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Ask any Arsenal fan this week, would you prefer 3 points against United and to win against Bolton next weekend or for the kids to beat sp*rs and the answer is fairly simple.

Now ask any sp*rs fan which they would prefer and they will be desperate to beat Arsenal in a competition that Wenger has always used to give the kids a game.

So now let`s look at Wednesday’s first leg. The importance of the competition has slightly hotted up, for sp*rs fans anyway. But I do wonder why they are getting so worked up. After all its only our kids, who granted have played some great football and come away with some great results along the way to the semi final, but if the kids lose, well we won’t be too disappointed, after all they are not our first team. sp*rs fans will be dancing in the street however, any sp*rs team that beats any arsenal team of any age is worth a celebration, they even watch the 6yr old league and go mental !

BUT! What would be the fallout if they lost to our young guns?

The disgrace of having a full strength team lose to a bunch of 18yr olds, would they call for Jol’s head, they wouldn’t even have enough time to replace the whole team as the transfer window would shut the next morning.

In the grand scheme of things, Arsenal can’t lose this tie, where as sp*rs can’t really win, after all it`s only our kids.
After their 6-3 mauling of Liverpool, their confidence will be high, I will watch and will them on, but unlike sp*rs fans, if they lost I will be able to smile and say they had a good run considering.

Nothing to lose, everything to gain for our promising kids.

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25 Replies to “Nothing To Gain, Everything To Gain”

  • Some of the fickle ****ers are calling for Jol’s head already. Poor tactitian, GG in disguise, you name it they’ll say it. The great white hope season seems to be well and truly back in the archives. Shame really, another false dawn. HAHAHAhAHAHA

  • hahah hatespur, yes they are fickle, i haven’t met a fickle arsenal fan before, but then if i did, are they are spud in disguise ?

  • You could tell by the anguished, pained look in the eyes PUREGOLD. A look that only nearly 50 years of mediocrity can give you.

  • haaaaaaaaaaaa hatespur, yes you are quite right, and ofcourse the tone of voice, no humour in it , no sarcastic tone, even baldy has lost all sense of humour.

  • A psychiatrist, who was just starting out, advertised his
    clinic as follows: “Satisfaction guaranteed or your mania
    back!” which is why spuds still exist. “I can’t get no… satisfaction.”
    Should be the spuds equivalent of “You’ll never walk alone”

  • At the end of the day – Its 11 against 11 and they are wearing your shirt are they not? – And if you lot are to be believed, they are sure to become the cream of world football. The only thing they lack is experience, which (don’t get me wrong) can be important. But skill is of much greater importance. Just think of the players who have played amazing football when first bursting on to the scene – Pele, Rooney, Owen and Messi to name a few. Havin said that i will be devstated if we lose to bunch of whippersnappers. lol

  • hey jacky your right they do wear the shirt and it is 11.v.11 but you forget, that these are our reserves, our kids.. if we lose we lose to your first XI, no shame in that, if you lose, well need i say more ? 😛 should be a good couple of games though, always nice to have a london derby in the semi’s, and Wycombe in the final HAHA

  • absolutely agree for once – But i do wonder why he (Wenger) dont bump a couple of these kids up into the first team in light of recent performances – though I did notice Denilson on the bench at the weekend

  • well its a reason he sold lauren, he said if had kept lauren it would of stopped the progress of Hoyte and Eboue. and now RVP is out for a while we may see him bump a few.. walcott is the one who needs games to develop, but you know, when your winning, why change it ? no need to fix what is not broken huh ?

  • I am really looking forward to this one. I normally hate playing spurs because if we lose I would not be able to take it, but I really dont feel any pressure going into this. if the kids lose, we can still say they had excellent experience this year in the CC. a derby we can enjoy for once, bring it on.

  • Pure – Yep spose you are on a run and all that –
    Gazzap – Not a million miles away from Gazza is it? lol Anyway, are you kidding? – you have enjoyed every single derby since the last time we won, and that was over 7 years ago.

  • Yeah I was wondering about this in the other article…what sort of team will Tottenham field? Considering this is the closest they’ve been to silverware in a long time, do they field a slightly weakened lineup and risk getting run off the pitch, or do they field a starting XI that, if they still lose, could see them get demoralized? I reckon Jol will just go for it…if you’ve got belief in your team, you gotta show it.

  • He will undoubetdly pick what he feels is our best side. Better to be embarrased than to throw away an opportunity through fear

  • It’ll be their full side. Joll will have seen the papers and won’t want that heat on him, especially after their draw at the weekend.

  • I don’t think Jol is the type of manager who is influenced by fans or media, he deffo looks his own man. My only arguement will be what he calls his strongest side and his tactics on the day, i haven’t been impressed by his decisions, a man who leaves a natural goal scorer like defoe on the bench for so much of the season ? that said, it will be a closely fought game, with so many of our players not english, i am not sure if the pressure will be there for them as they probably don’t realise the important of a derby game, or maybe they do.. can’t wait !

  • Yeah defoe is a great goal getter, but in a game like the north London Derby, ball retention, and a lil bit of magic is important, so for that reason alone, he may opt for Keane ahead of him again. I wouldn’t be surprised.

  • Spurs best chance is in the opening 30 minutes. Arsenal in every league cup tie I have seen for the past 2 years the youngsters start really nervously. Being a big game, with a crowded stadium will be a bit intimidating at first but if they see out that opening 30 minutes without conceding I can see them winning. Either way they will gain great experience & it will allow wenger the chance to see who will make it!!

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