Date: 30th September 2006 at 6:33pm
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Tottenham Hotspur led Arsenal for the most part of last season, and didn’t their fans let us know.

We Gooners suffered torment last season we haven’t seen the like of since the 1991 FA Cup semi final, and they have been assuring us ever since that it is they who are a team on the up, whilst we were nothing more than cannon fodder.

Yet the man we have all grown to despise because of his constant lying, has at last discovered the language of truth.

In an article on the Sky Sports website entitled Jol: Spurs not fit for top four The Spurs manager has finally realised that the gulf between Spurs and the top four is a little bigger than they first thought.

The manager dubbed ‘too fat to manage’ said ‘If you look at the quality of the top four clubs, then they are still the top four and we are together with six or seven other teams,’

‘You can say we did well last year and that this time we have to be in the Champions League but we are not there yet.’

However Jol’s brain slipped back into Tottenham’s cloud cuckoo land when he then stated,

‘Hopefully in the next two years we can be contenders for the top four.’

They make you laugh don’t they!!!


18 Replies to “Jol Is A Realist Unlike Spurs Fans”

  • Haha yeah I remember last season a hoarde of spurs fans saying ‘You’re *****; you’re a one man team; you’re second to spurs’, etc etc; it just shows you how painful and unfortunate it is to be branded a spurs fan. May they rot in hell… BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

  • Boy you lot were worried!!!! We will be kings of north london and that is a fact!! Why are ARSE so worried about 4th spot ???? Surely you should be contesting for the title!!!!! after all if you are as good as you think you are????

  • COCKeril we just find it funny that you thought you were bac in the big time when it’s obvious that you are nothing more than mediocre. See the article titled “The Title Race Is Back On” for our feelings on the current climate!!

  • hehe COCKeril can only say that henry cant head the ball and moan on about how worried we were last season. Its so funny to watch the demise of spurs! and funny how this article popped up 5 minutes after my comments in another post referencing it! but i like to see the spurs bashing so keep it up! Portsmouth win tomorrow and we can dish out even more. i feckin love it!

  • Hey Cockeril,
    Keith Berkinshaw once said “there used to be a football club over there” before you make your kings of North London comments remember what your own manager said about you. kings of north London maybe only in the dhirorria league.

  • haha guys he has nothing to say now, cuz his own manager said they are not good enough, so what will he say, we should just ask him one thing, before they become the kings of london lmao, what does he think about jol’s comments? we really wana know mr. Cock, what do you think about ur manager’s comments?

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Article’s like this have the habit of turning round and biting you on the arse…..muppets!!…lol

  • Is jol trying to do Barry White impersinations? his voice gets deeper and deeper. Or is the spurs job got him on 100 a day?

  • heh, you gooners… ill grant you, im impressed by how well your younger players are doing, but come on… its not going to last forever. and youve got that ***** off big stadium to pay for now… henry for sale perhaps? jol signed for us on a five year deal, and as he says, in two years or so, our entirely youthful, ENGLISH side will have blossomed into serious arse beaters; while your rest of world xi grows old and weary.

  • Erm BBB, when Jol became your manager he said in two years we’ll be challenging for the title……..that was two years ago was it not? Which title is he planning on challenging for? Championship? And why would Henry be for sale? Do you work for the Sun?

  • Sorry I just missed you last comment there. How could our team grow old as yours remains youthful when our team is younger than yours? Does MJ have a special potion? Fool.

  • hehe grows old. our auad is younger considerably.And we have WORLD class players. name one of yours ? those english guys you have cant even get in the first 11 except robinson and hes considered by many to be the wek link in an already bad england team

  • “Erm BBB, when Jol became your manager he said in two years we’ll be challenging for the title……..that was two years ago was it not? Which title is he planning on challenging for? Championship? And why would Henry be for sale? Do you work for the Sun?”

    Go on son!! Most of these spu*s fans are really quite dim!!

  • hmmmm cockeril and spurs scum been smoking funny stuff again, Jol knows you are a small feeder club to us bigger ones.. i think west ham have more chance myself …

  • wot ever they been on, it is affecting their minds, i feel for them, to build yourself up each season only to have the dreams broken every year since 1961 must be hard…. to dream of winning the league, well thats the only place you will find it, in your dreams

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