Date: 10th March 2007 at 12:53am
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After a week or so’s holiday from editing the Vital Arsenal site for such duties as preparing for the impending (ok not till June but it feels like it’s real soon) birth of our (the wife and I) first child and decorating the house, I return at a time when life is not as rosy as it could have been for we Gooners.

Indeed the exit from 3 different competitions in 10 days has brought the fans of the London Lotto’s and those ever optimistic Spuddies to our site in their droves, and can we blame them?


Let’s face facts, as seasons go, this one has been one hell of a disappointment, indeed this could well be the first season since the arrival of Arsene Wenger that we have had nothing to look forward to at the end of the season.

Since 2000 we have had either a final, semi final or League Champions trophy to look forward to come the close of the campaign. Yet even though we have already played in one final this season, the defeat to PSV means our season is over. Some people may tell you that there is still a Champions League position up for grabs but I can assure you that our place in next season competition is all but confirmed. 1 point behind Liverpool with 2 games in hand and 5 in front of the orcs with also two more to play (including Bolton) pretty much assures us of a place.

In comparison to our own, the history of Tottenham and Chelsea is almost non-existent, their trophy room a mere cupboard to our jumbo sized dining room.

It is our illustrious history that brings these cretins to our cyber-home, jealousy and the fact that every loss gives them a rare opportunity to ‘give it large’ to fans who have had the monopoly on the bragging rights for longer than most fans have been alive.

Arsenal football club has been at the pinnacle of English football for many a year and are the third most decorated club in English football history, and as such have had much more opportunities than other fans to stick it to their rivals.

The future of our club looks like we will bounce back from this current flunk we appear to be in, but in all honesty that is pure speculation, however the facts regarding the football clubs of Arsenal, Chelsea & Tottenham are not. Could I be this big of an arrogant arsehole if I weren’t dealing with the truth?

At the end of the day, each and every true member of Vital Arsenal can rest easy in his bed in the knowledge that every Chelsea or Tottenham fan who posts he vile and cretinous (and on the odd occasion well constructed) comments on our beloved site they do so with jealousy and hatred of our success in their hearts.

Our season may have finished, but as Graeme Souness (surprisingly) claimed after our knock out defeat (draw) if you are an Arsenal fan you should be disappointed, but not worried.


24 Replies to “I Don’t Blame Chelsea Or Spurs…”

  • LOL…hopefully they get into a mass brawl and expel each other. That Souness quote is spot on BTW, which is why the fans leaving early was so disheartening to me, even more so than Alex’s goal (who deserved it BTW, he was just fantastic). You gotta roll with your boys through the good times and the bad.

  • “every Chelsea or Tottenham fan who posts he vile and cretinous (and on the odd occasion well constructed) comments” … of course forgetting every Arsenal fans vile and cretinous (and on the odd occassion well constructed) comment left on our pages. Try to have an intelligent discussion and it quickly descends into an inaccurate portrayal of the extreme with lashings of personal abuse as well. The bottom line is – you’ve had a top team which may come back, every time a team comes to your place to seek a point we here this pathetic crusade against ‘anti-football’ and the behaviour of Wenger this season has provide loads of ammunition. Furthermore you are the only set of fans who think you have an automatic first XI and reserves unlike the rest of the league who have a squad, and the harping on about your alleged reserves, a large number of who are full internationals, almost begs for opposing fans to jump into your page at the slightest opportunity following a negative news story … the fact that you even have this article on here is pathetic and nauseating in itself

  • Rocky – Congratulations on the impending birth of your little gooner – nice to have you back. (constuctive post I hope!)

  • Cheers Merls. Hectic isn’t the word mate. Good luck for tomorrow, although I shouldn’t think you’d need it 😉

  • next season starts now. Wenger will again make one or two harsh decisions to make this team play to it’s full potential, and he should use the remaining league games to findout which players will make the cut for next season and will lead the team in it’s next golden era. COME ON YOU GUNNERS..

  • Sir_Harry, you are claiming they got personal, that’s ironic, since most of debates i had with you , or other spuds, was 30x more abusive than any gooner has ever done to me or you ,you can call them pretty much everything(cuz they are).But not disrespectful , that’s your club’s title.

  • Rocky, welcome back, it’s been quiet without you! Sorry Henry’s out, but good luck the rest of the season. I am looking forward to our visit in May, even if it does take a long time to get on the tube. I am confident we will all be staying to full time!

  • Is that a compliment West1? Lol. I think the only thing we have to look forward to (and I’m being serious here) is beating Chelsea at our place which hands the title to Man Utd, seeing Cole’s face would be our only joy. So this is what it feels like to be a Spurs fan 🙁 Taking joy from others misery because we’ve won nothing.

  • Meh I want Chelsea too win. I still want too follow the Fa cup. A game with Spurs isn’t really a game too be honest. Like seeing big clubs clash too be honest. But what someone said is true, a win win situation.

  • hey rocks, welcome back mate !! good article, what with so many spuds and chelski infesting our site over the past week, not that im complaining, its good to have some banter which happens only with the chelski fans (and may be jacky B) !! the spuds dont seem a popular lot, do they?

  • K_chelski, you instigate personal abuse, and also make claims which only have a passing acquaintance with the actual facts .. I appreciate your English is not too hot but maybe you might want to reacquaint yourself with some of the facts before making such an inaccurate statement. The abuse instigated towards others for holding a different opinion in the last 5 threads on this page should be sufficient. Especially as in some cases they have been instigated by the site journalists

  • There has never a personal attack on any individual, on ocasions I have hightlighted certain comedic comments made by a particular Vital memeber, but never insulted an individual. Banter has always been the article content, but it usually descends into vile abuse due to the fact that many people can not take ***** taking comments on the chin without resorting to abuse. While we know that most provocative articles will end in childish abuse doesn’t mean we shouldn stop trying to have banter with those who enjoy it.

  • Oh oh oh really sir_harry? Oh, please, pardon me, i don’t know what brazilian rent boy means.Could you explain it to me?Since my english is not “hot”.The abuse one can suffer on the vital spurs page, is way beyond football, it’s simple stupidity.Look at your page first, then criticize others.

  • K-Chelski … as I have NEVER used that term to describe you I am somewhat curious to discover why you are attributing it to me?

  • not you, but your mates, isn’t that more offensive than anything said in this vital site?I believe it is.I do recall you saying “I don’t know what *****ed up place brazil is…” , do you remember that?We all have to stop that, me , you, the gooners.Gettin’ personal isn’t fun, we have to stick to the footy.Agreed?

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