Date: 8th March 2007 at 2:15pm
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I am sure most of you reading this are familiar with Hornby’s seminal text ‘Fever Pitch.’ (That is save for gloating Spurs fans, who are currently whooping in their caravan parks with delight, their mullets flapping forcefully in the wind). There’s a passage in it, which is included prominently in the cinematic adaptation that always presents itself to my conscience in moments like these. It goes something along the lines of, ‘the beauty of football is it keeps coming around again. If you go out of the Cup Final in May, there’s always the fourth round in January. That’s pretty comforting when you think about it.’

This morning life in Goonerdom does not feel good. Having exited three cup competitions in ten days, we are left to contemplate the remains of our season. Of course the Lotto Chavs are loving it, their vital editor Merlin declaring the fact that they are the sole London club left in the competition, ‘a unique achievement.’ How that is I am not quite sure, but given the fact that Chelsea still have ‘1955 Youth Cup runners up’ listed under Honours in their programme, you could see why the poor mite would think that. I am sure he considered dispatching his morning turd ‘a unique achivement’ as well. Not to worry, Chelsea football club will literally cease to exist in ten years time, and you will not find me contributing to the Chelsea collection buckets when it does. As for the Tottenham fans that are gloating here, their barbs laced with the usual cocktail of ignorance and schaudenfraude, they really have nothing on us here. The material we have over them is more rich and varied than a Steve Coogan characterisation, when they develop opposable thumbs and actually manage to beat Arsenal (perhaps we should bet on which will happen first) they may realise how pathetic they look.

Anyway, rant nowithstanding I arrived at the ground with a mixture of fear, nerves, apprehension and that nausea in my stomach that had nothing to do with the volume of Guinness consumed pre match. We knew it would be tight, but we needed to stay patient and play our game. We only needed one goal to level the tie and we played it correctly in the first half, keeping the game tight and being sure not to concede. Predictably we monopolised possession, but only half chances came our way, a rumbustuous Toure raid down the right could have produced better results early on, but his decision making let him down at the byline. Julio Baptista continued to be a nuisance, collecting a Hleb cross, flicking it in the air and scissor kicking it wide. Arsenal continued to get the ball in the box and Emmanuel Adebayor headed iwde. At the other end, little trouble was encountered save for a dangerously underhit backpass from Gilberto which nearly let Jefferson Farfan in.

In the second half, the Gunners raised their game, as Hleb once again assumed the mantle of creator, looking to commit PSV defenders, working the Chinese left back Sun Xing ragged and looking to create opportunities. Natuarlly, the home crowd berated him and Baptista for having the gall to try and create in dangerous areas, howling their discontent whenever PSV’s ten man defence, superbly marshalled by Alex, frustrated. Naturally, Freddie went off to thunderous applause for nil output, he should really journey to Rwanda with these idiot fans who insist on berating players that put themselves in the firing line, together they should be able to crack the problem of famine. Because Ljungberg has been dining out on 2002 for five years. Arsenal stayed patient and got their reward. Wenger commented in the days building up to the game that they ahd worked extra hard on converting set pieces. Well, Denilson whipped in a wicked corner from the left which cannonned in off of Alex. It was a very undeserving own goal, but I did not concern myself with that. Convinced we could go on and win the game, the pathetic atmosphere lifted slightly and it was game on.

Seconds after the restart, a long ball from Toure found Adebayor onside, his controlling touch was good but he contrived to blast the ball straight at Gomes. My feeling became more negative as at this level of the game you cannot waste chances of that calibre. With the Gunners firmly on top, we were to repeat the trick minutes later. Hleb brilliantly beat three players (how dare he? sell him!) and found an onrushing Fabregas who placed the ball over the bar when he really should have scored. Once again, it is worthless blaming individuals, our profligacy in front of goal is a collective problem and it is one that has seen us exit three competitions in ten days. Interestingly, our two central midfielders’ combined age is only two years more than Philip Cocu, yet they dominated the central midfield. Wenger looked to panic for me in sending Henry on, he clearly was not fit and I felt we could have scored again without him. I know it is a stomach muscle he has torn, but when you are carrying an injury, you shift emphasis to other parts of your body and this sort of problem usually follows. With Henry prone, we were suddenly playing with ten men. Ljungberg ran out of legs after half time and Fabregas found himself covering cental midfield and the left wing as the game became stretched.

The culmination was sickeningly predictable. Hleb conceded an unnecessary free kick in his eagerness to get the ball and Arsenal, once again, did not produce on the only defensive situation they were presented with all night. Simons swung the free kick in, and Alex climbed incredibly high above Diaby to head home. Lehmann looked to be caught in no mans’ land, but given his heroics in last year’s run to the Final it is hard to castigate him. My feeling is that this will probably his last European game for us and I only wish for him, that it could have been in more prosperous circumstances. As the ball hit the net, legions of ‘fans’ headed for the exits. All I can say is that I am glad none of these people are my friends/family if that is their pathetic and childish reaction to adversity. They might as well have thrown dollies and dumbies onto the pitch and the ignorance I see at home games continues to astound me. PSV keeper Gomes injured himself in the celebrations with all substitutions used. As unlikely as it seemed, a goal could have sparked a last ditch rally against a goalie who was rendered immobile. But the players’ morale visibly sapped at the sight of their own supporters turning their backs on them. Some people really do not deserve to get tickets for games of this stature. Through this site, I am regularly in touch with people who, through a quirk of geography, cannot get to see Arsenal live and I know the sight of these erudite twats walking out will have hurt you more than it did me. For my part, I stayed until the bitter end and, yes, I got stuck in a huge jam in the Blackwall Tunnel, but that’s the way it goes. If you cannot handle that, do us all a favour and fuck right off, honestly.

Watching PSV celebrate like they had won the Cup stung my sensibilities as well, it made you realise that this was the ceiling of their ambition, a Quarter Final berth. But credit to them, they fed ravenously on our weaknesses and the best of luck to them in the next round. As for us, well it was lost on two major factors. Firstly, not scoring in the first half an hour in Eindhoven was frankly criminal. Secondly, not defending a simple set piece in a game you dominate, we have been punished time and time again in a like manner this year. But remember last year? We all thought we would continue to be outmuscled and lose 0-1 away from home ad infinitum, that seems like a long while ago now and Arsene will sort this problem. The Carling Cup run should by now have convinced all concerned that the future here is incredibly bright. Football offers you something life does not, another chance. Lose on Wednesday, there’s always the next game. Out of the Champions Legaue, well there’s next year. These young Gunners have got a few years left in them yet and we now have the opportunity to begin the planning for next season. The likes of Denilson and Diaby can now fully ingratiate themselves and Mr. Wenger can assess what needs to be done in the summer. I leave you with a quote from Thomas Paine, ‘the real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength in distress, and grows barve by reflection.’ We are the Arsenal and we will be back, because we are the Arsenal. LD.


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  • Like you said, there is always next season, and with the kids you have, you will have a great team in the years to come. Good luck.

  • Last year we used the 4-5-1 formation with so much success.. and I think we even did that in the beginning of this season in the CL.. why didn’t Wenger use that formation in these 2 games?
    That said, I think people having a go at our philosophy again is just ridiculous.. we just need to be sharper in that final third! We don’t need to be whacking long balls all over the place..

  • yes great piece LD, these articles really do cheer me up. But when will we learnt to defend set pieces, how can this go on ??
    Next game we have carew to deal with, and have a timid striker force.

    Adebayor really dissapointed me yesterday, but im not going to start moaning, we are out and got beaten again by the sly fox that is koeman, good luck psv

  • I agree that the 4-5-1 is a must in next year’s competition, we got the balance right last year. I just had a feeling after Moscow we’d gone back to our old ways a bit, and this feels like a huge step backwards. What is truly amazing, is that given the classless taunts of classless chavs and success starved Spuds, a Liverpool fan, a person whose team’s European history dwarfs our own so significantly, probably the only team in England who could claim, without argument, to be the biggest in the country, is the one who is the most gracious. All I can say is I’m so made up Liverpool won because it won me fifty quid, I bet my mate back in December that Benitez’s guile would knock Barca out and at least I can buy some new shoes now!

  • ‘the beauty of football is it keeps coming around again. If you go out of the Cup Final in May, there’s always the fourth round in January.” providing you negotiate the third round!

  • Whats the matter LD, didnt get enough feedback from your “witty” comments on our board than you felt like basing an entire editorial on it? Bless. Nice article though – agree with much of what you say. IN truth, amusing as I found it, you were unlucky to go out and I’d have loved to get you lot in the CL as we havent had a chance to abuse Gallas yet. He left us, a winning team, took a paycut, and moved to your lot who promptly stick him out on the right back spot, and win nothing all season. How gutted must he be?!?!?

  • We do have a few problems in taking the chances we create, our end result from taking set pieces isnt very good, and our defending against set pieces is shaky, at best. I dont think we need to change our playing style/formation.

  • The finishing from Adebayor and Cesc on those 2 chances wasnt very good – they ought to have done better, but LD is right. I’m not going to berate the individuals, coz it could just as easily have been anyone else in the team. And Lehmann was in no-mans land, he showed bad judgment there. Expected more from such an experienced keeper.

  • bullers, come sunday, wouldnt be surprised if we dont see ya around here, mate. mebbe for a whole week after that. atleast beat them before gloating, and yes, if u do lose, be prepared to have us on ur site reminding you of ur lil boast :). just a gentle reminder, of course,.

  • Those of you who saw bullers’ comment and wonder why it is deleted should know it is because of yet more disgusting comments about Wenger. Any comments of that tone will not be tolerated, so don’t ebven bother typing them. Have your fun if you must (it must have been a pretty moserable 46 years to be a Spurs fan), but don’t try that crap cos it’ll just get taken off. OLASAL, you’re criticising me for doing one sentence on your site in my article? Really? Would you like to look at the title of your site’s leading article this morning? And you criticise me for commenting on it, yet have no reservations putting ‘ARSENAL’ in the title. Your house is very much made of glass my friend and your football club is on life support. Can’t wait to see your faces when the plug is pulled. Never will the expression ‘blue is the colour’ have quite so much relevance as that day.

  • Littel Dutch I appreciate that you don’t want to har opinions about your manager. But please understand that they are MY OPINIONS and as a human being I AM ENTITLED TO THINK WHAT I LIKE. Inotice that you didn’t just edit the post you had to take it all away so you can forget forget forget what a waste of space you club is when it comes to keeping your bottle. What I wanted to say to all gooners that are still alive – Was THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR A VERY SATISFYING EVENING OF FOOTBALL – IT WAS GREAT TO SEE SUCH TACTICAL GENIUS COMING FROM YOU MANAGER. IT WAS GOOD TO SEE YOU SQUANDER ALL OF YOUR CHANCES IN FRONT OF GOAL AND IT WILL BE GOOD TO SEE HOW YOU FAIR IN THE RUN IN WITH CONFIDENCE AT DANGEROUSLY LOW LEVELS. THANKS YOU LADIES – YOU;’D BE BETTRE OFF WATCHING YOUR LADIES – AT LEAST THEY’VE GOT ‘BALLS’ TO PROGRESS IN CUPS

  • LOL LD – come now my frustrated little friend. You must know by now that wishing for something, no matter how hard you do it, doesnt mean its going to happen. I bet you lie awake at night wishing for Mr A to walk away, for Jose to leave, for Chelsea to be brought down a peg or three, down to the days when we werent winning anything – like you are now. Sad truth of it is mate – this IS our bad season. We’re having it now. And we are still better than you. Think about next season – Villa and Liverpool spend big in the summer, we spend big and attack the league with renewed hunger, and United remain a formidable force. You STILL cant fill your ground, and there isnt any atmosphere anyway even when you do. Your team of kids is not added to, and Wenger’s growing disenchantment with the British game widens. You fail to qualify for the Champions League next season and Sp*rs are in it instead. We go on to have a fantastic season, and you will still be having (another) season of consolidation and “building for the future” – you’ve been doing that for a while now havent you? What do you think mate, time to start winning things? Us and United win everything now mate – not sure where you fit in? Still telling everyone who listens how you play lovely football? Yeah great – but what have you won recently? You are just a big club fallen on tough times and whilst us, United, and probably Liverpool and Villa are scrapping it out, where is that going to leave you? Henry, Fabregas, Toure, etc – how long are they going to stay for a cemetary of a stadium and no chance of any winners medals? Future bright? Whatever you say mate. *pats LD on the head*

  • I prefer Tomorrow Never Knows OLASAL, yor attemot at a wind up is commendable, but your club is on its knees, at the mercy of an oligarch. You know that and it scares you, which is why you have to come out with ill informed crap. e,g that we cannot fill our stadium. There is one game this season, where we did not sell out, Blackburn at home when we had two days to sell and distribute tickets. Remind me of Chelsea’s attendance at home to Bremen? And why were tickets for your home game with Arsenal on sale on the door? Tut, tut, tut. The fact si your posturing belies a sense of insecurity in you, otherwise why would you feel the need to wind people up so badly? I look at your post and I just wonder who you are trying to convince, me or you? Keep that penny jar filling up dude, because few people in this country will be making donations. bullers, you are free and entitled to your opinions, howver desperate and ignorant they are, but you are not free to make libellous and frankly disgusting claims against somebody else, hence your post being deleted. Now back to your trailer park mullet boy. P.S By describing yourself as “a human being” I think you’re taking some poetic license there, I think of you more as a w*nk that went horribly wrong.

  • Bullers, you ARE entitled to your opinions, but you are NOT entitled to share your crap with the rest of us. Spot the difference? And what the ***** is a Spurs fan doing trying to wind us up? A Chelsea, Man U, Pool fan, I understand, coz they do win stuff (or buy, whichever works). But a Spur’s fan? That’s a bit like Margaret Thacher’s husband (is he called Thatcher? It doesn’t go without saying!) trying to wind up Angelina Jolie’s husband “…your wife is ugly…brrrrrr!!…”. Huh?
    Olasal, the reason Little Dutch didn’t get any response to his comments on your site is coz there was nothing you could say back. I mean, come now, last London club left in the CL a “unique achievement”?? Like LD said, someone does it every year. And I’m sure listing the 1955 Youth cup as an achievement in your 2007 program is a bit sad, to be quite frank.

  • Bullers, comments about people’s parentage that offensive will also not be tolerated. Insult me if you must, but don’t involve my parents. Having lost a parent in my lifetime you’ll have to forgive me if that sounds oversensitive. Moron.

  • Another song from Bugsy Malone is ‘Ordinary fool’ I think that sums you up perfectly OLASAL. At the end of the day we do have another trophyless season but united have had as many as us over the last 5 years and they will deservedly be crowned champions this year (the whole country hopes). I would much rather never win a trophy again than win it with money that belongs to starving children who desperately need clothes. We have filled our stadium for every home game except Blackburn and we still managed to get over 50,000 in for that one. A chelsea fan laughing at a lack of atmosphere in a football ground should be taken as seriously as Ali G’s views on global warming.

  • OLasal, “us and United”? Where’s the comradeship coming from mate? and that bit where you say that wishing fro something won’t make it happen is advice you’d do well to use.

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