Date: 4th August 2006 at 12:00pm
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After all the speculation about Fran Merida, it has finally been revealed that he is a gooner.

Upon the release of the squad lists for today’s two games, if you scroll down to the bottom of the squad to face Boreham Wood on, there he is.

Every Arsenal fan has pretty much known that he is an Arsenal player, but has just been waiting for confirmation.

Merida comes in high regard and was signed much in the same way as Cesc Fabregas.

Barcelona will not be happy.


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  • I dont think liverpool will be too happy either. I think benitez thought he had stolen him from us, however his agent (also cesc’s agent) seems to be pretty loyal when it comes to arsenal. Unlike a certain Mr Barnett.

  • I was honestly getting worried there for a while. Sky Sports were reporting we we’re set to miss out on him to the mickey mousers. Their large spanish contingint I thought would have been a big draw for the kid. If the videos on the web are anything to go by, he’s like a young version of Ronaldhino (without the horses teeth).

  • you was correct d11gunner. All hail Fran he is ours and will be great if he develops as quick as Cesc did. Could be in the first team before the end of the season hopefully. Lets hope we get that Assulin Gai (barca) and Nacer Barazite (basically done deal) next. The europaglobal football academy is in full swing.

  • Just pinched this off a ManUSA website
    “instead of torres, another striker who could come to united is fran merida. now this fellow plays in the barca youth team and although hes damn young. lemme tell u hes nothing short of brilliant. ive been seeing videos on the net. and hes got all the assets needed, skill and pace and finishing and hes strong too, decent in the air……. mebbe united shud try n get him.”
    Wonder if they’ll still rave about him when he’s banging goals in at Old Trafford.
    Ferguson, your too old, let go, it’s over.

  • Fran Merida is a Defensive Midfielder who likes to get foward and has the ability to play long raking balls and bang in long shots on either foot. He controls play and rarely loses the ball. He can also tackle very well and was captain of the Barce youth team to my knowledge.

  • nice to hear about merida! apart from him, anymore new arrivals? The trialist from Ghana? Maybe.

  • I bow to your knowledge protocal, however from all the videos I have seen of merida he looks nothing like a defensive midfielder.

  • well thats jus something i read about him on another arsenal forum, which was sent in from a local in Barcelona. I don’t really kno if its true but ipressumed it was. But u can never trust the internet. He is a midfielder, i don’t think he’s a striker.

  • Barca see (or seen!!) him as a central midfielder who can play right sided if required. But at 16 years old I’m sure wenger could mould him into a goalkeeper if he tried hard enough. I’ve a mate who apparently watched him play for there youths at 15 and he said his range of passing was extrordinary. we still need hard tacklers though. Merida’s one for the future and the Ghanian hasn’t been named in either squad. I still have my fingers crossed for Gallas.

  • sad…you need a stupid article to make you feel better about losing the CL final…..nimrods

  • I hope wenger can develop him into a Gilberto type player but still with all his attributes, like skill, passing, shooting and hopefully tackling, then we can try and sign that Nuri Sahin as our attacking midfielder or Right sided midfielder as this kid is awesome. Plays for dortmund completely fantastic..

  • Oh you’re not bitter are you??? I’m over the CL final now and ready for the new season……with Fran Merida & Cesc Fabregas. Cheers for the free world class players 🙂

  • well barcefan, your team won fair and square and i was not bitter. But had we have 11 men your team would’ve lost as our team have pace and technique all over the pitch whereas ur team although possibly the greatest at the mo, lack speed in the defensive areas e.g. van bronkhurst and oleguer, even belleti would’ve been exposed had we have eleven men. Hopefully we draw u at some stage in the competition again, possibly semis and it will be proven.

  • you idoits every barca fan at the game wanted the goal to stand, so you would need to come out and attack not go for a boring result then we would have killed you 3-0

  • rocky you knob you can have all the players you want but we have the titles, take eto and wed still beat you we are in a differnt class, your so proud of your new stadium but it is half the size of ours, and with chelseas money in your league you will never win a major cup again

  • does the 2006 bit mean you’ve been supporting barcelona since 2006? 😉 Wouldn’t be bitter that Henry picked to stay at arsenal then go to barcelona?….

    About time this deal got sorted and confirmed, been dragging on since last summer! Looks a great prospect, another gem that Wenger can shape and form! Would be a shame if he got wasted at barcelona like Fabregas was. Be Intresting to see how his development goes if as quick as Fabregas.

    Lets send a thank you card to barcelona, now if only they could get a good young defender we would be set :p

  • Yeah our new stadium is half the size but then considering how you think barca are such a big club you fail to sell out for all but about 2 matches in your season. Whats the point of having a 98000 seater stadium & only 50000 fans attending? Also how proud you must be of barcelona, the only time you beat english opposition is when they have 10 men on the pitch. Everytime its 11 v 11 barca fail to win.

  • barcafan, it was the gunners that took the most highly rated spanish youngster in years to the CL final not you lot. Give it a few years and we might even take Merida there too. Your big, old, delapidated stadium obviously wasn’t enough to keep the 2 boys. Maybe it’s because your captain is a he/she and they we’re worried about the after match showers.

  • barcefan every team has its time its urs at the mo in spain, but watch out for real madrid they’re comin back 4 ya. Barce need i remind u went through a barren spell, once at the top and started to flop. Its jus the natural way of football. Then u acquired Ronaldinho and then things started to happen. Real Madrid are jus coming out of depression and will rise once again. Chelsea are the team at the mo in england, but i have no doubt Arsenal can dominate again. Our team has great pace in every department and that will scare a lot of teams. As well as that we have great technique and teamwork is improving all the time. I think it is our year this year, but that remains to be seen as Chelsea do have formidabble squad. But football is a funny game. Ne way ur stupid if u fail to realise good things don’t last forever. Jus enjoy barce’s success while u can, coz madrid aren’t to far, athletico madrid too got a good squad now wiv sergio aguerro. I feel sorry for Barce and their racist fans lol.

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