Date: 4th August 2006 at 11:28am
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Once again the subject of Jose Antonio Reyes to Real Madrid has reared it’s ugly head.

Apparently, Jose has been speaking to Real’s dodgy newspaper, Marca, and has told of his difficulty in settling in England. Again.

If this report is to be beileved, Reyes is hoping not to play in next week’s Champions League qualifer as that would leave him cup tied and would seriously hinder his chances of a transfer.

‘He [Arsene Wenger] has not said anything to me, and I do not know if I am going to play or not,’ he told Marca.

‘I hope not and that everything can be solved before. It is clear that if I play the move to Madrid would be complicated.

‘But if I must play, I will play.’

‘The subject is being taking care of by Mariano Aguilar, she is speaking with the clubs and has my full confidence,’ he continued.

‘I cannot deny I am a little anxious, I know people want me [to stay in England] but I cannot adapt to this life.

‘I miss Spain and I have a unique opportunity to return with Real Madrid. Everybody must understand that I cannot let an opportunity like this pass – Madrid is unique.’

I guess we will know more on the subject when the squad for next Tuesday’s game is released.


24 Replies to “Is He? Isn’t He? Is He? Isn’t He?”

  • If jose goes, I’ll harbour no ill will. It’s fair enough a Spaniard declaring Real as a dream move and he or Wenger for that matter have made no secret that he’s failed to settle in London. Maybe a Baptista / Robinho swap could be in line. I also see that Fran Merida’s been named in the squad for the Boreham Wood friendly. Watch this space, the kids supposed to be top drawer. Cesc mark 2!! And yet another gem uncovered by AW!

  • If Reyes did say that then yet again its another illegal approach from madrid. Are fifa ever going to stop these w*****s.

  • How can he say this to the marca. It just doesn’t make any sense. The marca is a bulls**t paper and these are just annoying rumours. Jose Antonio was in the pre-season camp in Austria, and now is in Holland to play against Alkmaar. So how he managed to give an interview in the marca baffles me. He probably did give this interview, but it could’ve been months ago, and as their isn’t that much transfer activity going around trust the press to regurgitate old garbage. He is staying and btw he was awesome in that last friendly supplying those crosses and playing those long balls. Is Fran Merida really in the squad d11gunner? I hope so…

  • Well if he goes then all the best. If he is that adamant and Real will give us Robinho in return then we should go for it. But knowing Wenger is a big fan of Baptista we will probably go for him. Ah well

  • Good news if we can get Robinho or Batista against Reyes. I never believe he would ever settle with Arsenal, as the team needs a lot of ball winners when Reyes is playing, because he gives away a lot of balls.
    No doubt, he is an excellent footballer but, with Gilberto being our only ball winner, we are always going to suffer with Reyes’s carelessness.

  • true maybe but he did learn to keep the ball, for example if he ran at a player and couldn’t get past he would turn back and play it simple. He didn’t lose it that much near the end of the season. i think he eradicated that from his game. but maybe you’re right Robinho has the natural ability to go past players and would be a straight swap for Reyes on the left, but Baptista would be ideal as Diaby is out till October and his physique and strength would bode us well in the Premiership, so maybe this could be a good thing, but i will still miss Reyes and think what could’ve been…

  • i think it would be best if he left, he wants to stay 1 minute and go the other. make ure mind up

  • As AW never likes to spend a lot of money in signing the big boys, may be, this is the only opportunity left to the club to grab some big boys like Robinho or Batista without having to spend that much, apart from losing only Reyes.

  • You’re probably right, but lets jus wait and see if this happens now. It might not even take place as Wenger is a big fan of Reyes and might not want to let him go just yet.

  • you have no idea the world apart you are from barca, your so proud of your new stadium, yet it is half the size of ours and you lost in the final, and your best player threw a hissy fit infront of 20 million viewers…mugs

  • let Reyes go. there’s not point us even trying to keep a player thats not 100% committed. wenger should get baptista cos he is big and strong, we have too many weak easy to knock off the ball type midfielders. I do rate robinho but he is just not what we need. Baptista did not work out at real but we have all seen how wenger can change a players’ career. I bet AW would take the money and buy malouda though!

  • well we were hard done by with the sending off. Even the ref regreted it and Sepp Blatter wasn’t to pleased cause lets be honest it made it less of a spectacle. Even though we tried our hardest and actually went in front with 10 men and eight minutes from time started to deteriorate due to us chasing the game as we had no choice and u guys eventually won. I was proud of the Arsenal and wasn’t that bitter knowing we worked our socks off. Ronaldinho, where was he a pundit said lol. Didn’t even get a sniff. Eto’o didn’t play that well, only player that did for u guys was iniesta he ripped us apart when he came on. but thats about it. Like i said if we had 11 men we would of won even if the ref allowed u to score that goal i know we still would’ve won, i’m that sure. Ne way only time will tell. We will meet again and i hope so…

  • Baptista or Robinho any one of these players will add quality and not to mention depth to the squad as they can play more than one position. I hope Robinho comes though and hopefully if this Ashley Cole fiasco is sorted out and chelski cough up the 25mil we can try and sign mascherano a exceptional DM. Not that tall but he is one of the roughest and toughest tacklers out there and AW is a fan also. He is Makalele x100 trust me.

  • Why don’t players just do a press conference when crap like this happens and state their TRUE desire to stay or go etc, whats true and what isn’t. Am sick and tired of reading newspaper’s either making up storys or twisting them to suit their own purpose. Roll on the madrid properganda machine!. I’d love reyes to stay build up confidence and show his true form from sevilla, it would be great for the club. But with the coleski crap going on, do we really need this as well? Please Reyes just come out and admit once and for all infront of the cameras what you want from your own mouth…we deserve that much.

  • AW needs to have more pragmatic approach toward the club and try to listen to the fans. We’ve got over 40 players but, only about 10 players are capable of consistancy in the Premieship. That’s the only reason despite their quality, we are not among the likely winner of the premiership. We just look like a school of football and not a professionnal club.
    As a consequence, le club’s image is suffering at the moment despite having a new stadium. There are a lot of quality players who are not that expensive at the moment. For exemple, Marcos Sena, Alou Diara(the player who replaced Viera at WC final), Riquelme, Gravsson(Real). We need a strong defensive midfield to allow youngster like Fabregas to play freely without worring much about defending. This remains a real concern among le club fans.
    Reyes is leaving or staying is not our concern at all.

  • i’d have no problem with reyes leaving, he as never really fitted in and he loses the ball far too much. we have loads of cover up front and attacking midfield. i want a couple of centre backs and a defensive midfielder and i’d be happy with the squad, also a better reserve goalkeeper would be handy. reyesand cole should be sold as quickly as possible. we will get 20-25 mil for cole about 10-15 for reyes, arsene will be able to get about 6 players for that amount of money.

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