Date: 25th January 2007 at 7:35pm
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I’m not one for tempting fate, and I had to think twice about publishing this but if our members provide good quality posts then I feel that we are obliged to publish them.

With that I give you this…

Now we all now how well our youngsters have done this season in the competition. The way they have gone to West Brom, Everton and Liverpool and played them off the park; and when having to dig deep from 2 goals down at Sh*te Heart Lane shows that IF we do make it to the final, they deserve to play.

But will it be the case?! Lets not forget, this is a cup final – and for any other team, a great opportunity to get a European spot in the bag for next season. I for one, think that they deserve their place in the starting XI for the final, but will the board and manager agree….. here are my reasons for doubting their places

a) Its in a nutreal ground, in Cardiff, with possibly 80,000 fans against Chelsea – could be a big and daunting experience

b) Chelsea are a great side, lets face it…. and they will most probably be playing their first team and will be vast favourites.

c) Could the youngsters finally freeze on the big stage? Dont forget, even the best players have struggled in Cup finals or massive games.

My final point would be the board taking into consideration the Arsenal fans. No doubt we all want to go to Cardiff and see our team in the final.

But would we want to/or afford to be able to pay all that money for travel and accomodation and ticket prices etc to go see our youth – kids – reserves (or what every you want to call it) play and possibly get beat?

Most football fans go to see their best team, or certain big players.

Its a tricky decision for Mr. Wenger, but personally Id think that we should just take the risk, play the same lads – and put in a great performance.

Come on your Gunners!

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18 Replies to “Enthusiasm Of Youth….Or Not?”

  • Play them they deserve it! If they lose the pain of defeat will make them stronger for bigger tests to come. If we do win it let Wenger lift they trophy as it was his bravery and forsight that has helped the kids grow. Saying all that there is a very tricky 2nd leg on the horizon.

  • well yesterday was a bit of both anyway with Toure, Fabregas and even the Beast in the team who you cant call kids (despite cesc’s age). I think wenger may add one or two more first teamers in but I would not be surprised to see 5 or 6 ‘squad’ players. I would support that approach.

  • If they make it too the final I would like too see the team playing now feature. So should the fans aswell they made it to the stage they deserve to play there too.

    Also the experience they would pick up would be invaluable. I wouldn’t care if they lost the game, I just want to see them play their heart out. To be honest that’s all I want from a player waying an Arsenal shirt, whether they win isn’t important too me its them playing the Arsenal football.

  • Play them and does it really matter if they lose. No because they get to play against chelsea in a cup final. They got there so they should play.

  • Buggerov will likely miss the return which limits the pikey threat, feel Ade will replace Aliadiere to start and maybe no Traore but apart from that pretty similiar team to yesterday.

  • It’s a tough call but it would be a huge lack of respect to the kids. They have done magnificently to get there and then in the biggest day 0f their lives (so far, until they win the Champions League!), they get dropped just because it is against Chelsea. Because think about Denilson who could face the likes of Essien, Ballack and Fat Frank in the middle of the park. That must be any kids’ dream so why let it go? Besides the Carling Cup means nothing anyway!

  • i dont think the young guys will be fazed there is a certain type of fearlessness that young players have at this age. id love to watch them take on chelsea…but first things first.

  • Plus we need to see if the kids are ready to step up into the 1st team, and what better opportunity for arsene to gauge that than in a cup final against premiership opposition !! but yes, 1st the semi-final pls – let us not tempt fate here.

  • SHOULD we despatch the spuds next week and make it to the final, then the same players have earned their right to play in that final. They got the club there. They’ve not frozen at spurs, they’ve not frozen at liverpool. And even if they were to freeze in the final, it is, as arsene says, all fantastic experience for them. To be that young and play in the final of a cup competition, against the most expensively assembled team in the history of the game, in front of all those fans, and that atmosphere. They can only ever benefit from it. BUT we have to get there first of all. part one has been secured, we need to taka care of part 2 next week, and we all know what happened aganst wigan at the same point last year. (adopts yoda voice) ‘Rest on our laurels, we should not, much work to still be done, there is…’ »»Arsene Knows««

  • yes, i agree with most of you who say that the young gunz should play in the Final should we go through. As a an ex-basketball player, I can tell you that lack of experience doesn’t necessarily mean you will freeze on the big stage. it largely depends on the individual. Further on, in a team sport another crucial thing is to have a leader. I feel Toure and Cesc, have done a splendid job throughout the competition and their presence has given the rest of the players a lot of confidence. Sometimes when you are young, you think not of the crowd and the surroundings, you want to prove yourself on the big stage and I am sure that you all have witnessed lots of youngsters in many sports exceed the expectations and rise to the occasion. These young gunz yesterday showed a lot of bottle and resilience and if they book their trip to Cardiff, AW will SURELY play most of them. This goes for Traore, Denilson, Aliadiere (if fit), Theo Walcott, Song, Hoyte etc. I am very very proud 2 B a Gooner.

  • i think the youngsters should play, if they don’t then they might feel that mr wenger dosen’t have faith in them and they might not feel like they are needed at the club

  • if they make it they have to play, it would be crushing to do all that work to get to a final against the likes of everton, liverpool and tottenham just to be told your not good enuf for chelsea. personally i would love to see how they could handle such a fixture, and dont care if they win or lose as long as they have a good go, afterall there are more important trophies still to play for

  • i think wenger should play the youth team only.. if they are good enough to reach the finals.. they are good enough to win it..

  • yeah LD, we often accuse the spuds of something like this when they think they’ve already won against us – happened earlier in the season too. I hope we arent left with egg on our faces, like them. Fingers crossed 🙂 !!

  • Which is why I said ”If we make it too the final” as much as I hate spurs they are a team who can possibly beat us.

    If they make it too the final they should play in the final and the experienced players should watch them. Eventually they will have to carry the club on their shoulders. Playing chelsea now gives them a taste of what it is like to play on a high stage and against a quality team. If they can topple Chelsea that will only do well for their self esteem it would prove that they can take any challenge.

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