Date: 20th October 2006 at 9:15am
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After the deadline day shennanigans and the aftermath that was accusations of William threatening to score an own goal, Didier Drogba of all people has stepped up to the plate and defended his friend.

Chelsea’s Josie Moaninho had claimed that Gallas refused to play and threatened that if he was forced he would get sent off or score and own goal, a claim which Gallas dismissies completely.

But Drogba says Billy is nothing but a professional.

‘What I remember is that he gave 100% of himself from the first minute with Chelsea until the last. William is someone for whom I have the greatest respect.’

‘He stayed true to his values.

After a bitty start to his Premiership career, and his diving antics, Drogba himself is due a little more respect.

After being boo’ed by the Stamford bridge faithful, the big Ivorian now battles to stay on his feet (Blackburn away was it?) and seems to be reaping the rewards this season.

Credit where credit is due all round then eh!


16 Replies to “Drogba: Greatest Respect For Gallas”

  • Through gritted teeth I say hats off to Drogba for the change in his attitude this season. Scored a couple of scorchers and as you have said he now tries to stay on his feet and is reaping the rewards. His goal against Liverpool this season was a perfect example, if that had been last season he’d have thrown himself on the deck before getting a shot away.

  • he turned himself from a diving moaner into a seasoned premiership player and a lot of credit is due to him for that. we need someone like that to partner Henry. Ade and RVP are just not quite at that level, though I still have high hopes for Ade in particular.

  • Adebayor is almost identical to how Drogba was when he first joined Chelsea, but with a little bit of extra skill on the ball. He will come good.

  • Adebayor is also a fair bit younger than drogba so i fully expect him to get better & better. This season already he seems to work in a more sensible way rather than just chasing after everyone as he did last season. Rvp on the other hand is a lost hope, he may have great ball skills but he is selfish & apart from one or two decent games he contributes little.

  • Actually another player (ex arsenal) that deserves a lot of respect for pulling his game together is David Bentley. He is finally living up to the hype after a few very poor seasons.

  • I would reither have Drogba, big match winning stricker than TH14 who is after his own goal, scoring 20..30 goals against average teams and Arsenal end up fighting season after season for fourth place.
    Since that man arrived at Chelsea, this club became a nightmare for Arsenal, Liverpool and Manu.

  • drogba has indeed come on in leaps and bounds so far this season, mor like the player who first rose to prominence whilst at marseilles. Ade is looking very promising now, RVP concerns me – in that i am worried that he may not make it, and i dearly hope that he does, he is *so* near to being a phenomenal striker for us, i feel, it’s that extra 2 per cent needing to be travelled for him to get there, i really hope he makes it…

    »»Arsene Knows««

  • good on Drogba for coming out with this statement … at the end of the day Gallas has moved on , both clubs got what they want from the deal and both clubs are benifitting IMO ..

  • Drogba has to be the most improved player in the Premiership by a mile and its good he’s come out and backed Gallas in public.

  • Hey what the hell you on about LASAYER? Show some sense on this place or get your stupid brain outta here as we do not want worthless scum here.
    I rate Dragba highley still, he has improved a lot and is a good player. (although vitdacnet I think saying Drogba over Thierry is stupid, and what do you mean we are “fighting season after season for fourth place” thats just more thick-it was one season, Thierry is miles better.

  • still wouldnt pick drogba over henry. a few hot games doesnt compare to three consecutive hot seasons. and whos the fool talking about fightinf for fourth season after season??? clearly your a new football fan. it was 1 season. and frankly the way we are going the next five years are ours

  • Off course it’s henry over drogba any given day, even Mourinho would tell you that, but Grogba seems to have grown up a notch football wise. You look at some of the goals he has scored, Liverpool, Barca, the one I think against Blackburn which he scored with someone riding piggyback on his back, and you gotta admit he’s come of age.

  • who was that crazy to prefare DorgBa Than the Great HeNrY will i think if u give a real football fan a million $ he would still not do that and that shows how stuid The spud and Russian Pimps Can be;
    the bright example vitdacnet…
    But full marks for Drogba he is now a better striker than last year last year i was thinking why should’nt we Nominate C.Ronaldo,roben and Drogba for the Oscars they were just acting great. this year ZAKORA IS ON THE LIST the from the little side of North London

  • Drogba has improved as a player no doubt…but comparing him with TH14 is just stupid…just like the idiot who says we are finishing fourth every season….

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