Date: 19th September 2006 at 10:40pm
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There is no denying that the aesthetic beauty of Ashburton Grove is a sight to behold, yet many Gooners have had small gripes about various aspects of the stadium.

Massive queues for beers, Too much bare concrete, certain seating positions within the stadium not having access to the big screens & the lack of a clock were the main topics of discussion at the lastets fans forum, and suprisingly, the board has listened to the voice of the common fan.

The release of the feedback from the board with regards to the points raised by Arsenal fans group ‘AISA’ makes for some pleasant reading.

The following is an extract from an email I received today, it explains what the club intends to do to rememdy the problems the common Gooner has experienced.

Some feedback from AFC and from the Fans Forum regarding issues raised:

1. AFC will be introducing some moveable catering outlets both inside the concourse and on the podium. Secondly, the possibility of having fast lanes for drinks only or drinks only bars is being explored, and is anticipated to take place after game 8 or 9.

2. A feasibility study is to be carried out regarding the introduction of a third large screen next season – in the North East corner.

3. There are plans to ‘customise’ the bare concrete areas underneath the Box, Club and Upper Tier areas. Timescales are awaited.

4. Likewise there are plans to have a clock inside the stadium, but the position has yet to be decided.

5. The membership/entry card system has the functionality to operate as a cashless system – there are plans for its introduction, possibly next season (ie using your membership card to pay for refreshments, merchandise etc).

So for once it appears that Arsenal Football Club is prepared to take the fans concerns into consideration to help all connected with the club make Ashburton Grove feel like home as soon as possible.

To be fair to the board it was always going to take time to settle in and get everything just the way we like it.


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  • I recieve the same e mail weekly through the gooner. I really like the work these guys do, as well as redaction and the supporters trust. I sent my own suggestions and I really hope the club take them on board. To be honest I won’t hold my breath, Arsenal are not great with customer relations.

  • Very true LD. My two major concerns regarding AG have been looked at though. There bare concrete is horrible, we want our “ROCKY” & “KINGS OF LONDON” signs back. And the queues for drinks have been ridiculous. Other than that all we need is a few classic wins and we’ll soon feel at home.

  • The concrete band bothers me most, but I know the club is doing something about this, I. like you, hope the old signs from Highbury reappear. Paul Matz and everyone are doing a great job taking our concerns to the club, they deserve the highest praise.

  • Oh and with the drinks, I wouldn’t know to be honest, I stopped buying programmes/shirts/merchandise/refreshments from the club a long time ago. I pay for my tickets and that’s it, I feel the club take the ***** as it is. Probably a sad indictment at how peeved I am with them. Last season they sent me two tickets for Ajax away and charged me for both, despite the fact I have one away scheme mebership, they refused to refund me because I requested a refund in person. So when I wrote them they told me the request came over a week after I’d received the ticket so they wouldn’t refund me. The club must do much, much better with the fans, because they are alienating future generations.

  • They really can be very poor. I know that the red action guys have had several run ins with the board just from trying to create a better atmosphere. Even the Yorkshire Arsenal Supporters Club have been told they are not allowed to bring a giant flag they paid lots of money for into the stadium as it will “restrict peoples views”, like we’d unfold it when the game was in play. They actually tried telling us that it was against PL / FA rules, until someone pointed out that other PL clubs have these kind of flags, then they changed their story!!

  • I was aware of the flag, the giant shirt that was successfully unveiled in Cardiff once or twice. Without any injuries I seem to remember!

  • I seem to remember that the people who designed the banners wanted a relevant number (I can’t remember what it was) on the “Kings Of London” banner but the club said it was disrespectful to the rival fans.

  • Yeah we wanted 13 on it, the amount of titles we’ve won. I can see how that might bother Chelski fans! Having said that, having OT 2002, WHL 2004 etc hardly screams hospitality does it?

  • To me, (ot that they are bad) but surely that is worse than having the number 13 on it. Hell, the diamond club has got all kinds of trinkets of memories such as those that I doubt any rival wants to remember. What the board needs to realise is that we want AG to be hostile towards other teams, it is our home and we don’t want them to feel welcome!!!

  • Wasn’t the problem with the KINGS OF LONDON sign that the arrow pointing South-West embarrassed David Dein too much?

  • no, it wasthe sign-post saying ‘******s of the world’ pointing toward SW6 that bothered David Dein. He thought it wasn’t harsh enough and that it should have a certan number 3 laying back with a tenner ravaging it’s throat, while signing off the first draft of a all-too-readily-acknowledged-as-inconsequential book with the other…

    »»Arsene Knows««

  • How does Highbury look at the moment. Have they started working on it yet? I’m coming to Europe/UK next year and hope to see it before it changes.

  • JakeB – On my way to AG for the Boro game the other week I went to Highbury and had a quick shufty through the old gates. The sight was heartbreaking. On the inside they’ve absolutely ripped the crap out of it. Where once laid the most perfect pitch in the Prem, is now a big pile of rubble. Even the builders were selling the old tiles for a tenner a throw outside the gates. Gutted.

  • That is very sad Rocky. I’ve been reading Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby and I just wanted to see the various features of Highbury before it disappears. The different stands, the famous clock. These are hard to pick up from the tv on the odd occasion that they show an Arsenal match here in Australia. Haven’t seen an Ashburton game yet. They only show Champs League matches free to air, and they generally show manu or liverpool games in preference to The Arsenal. Can’t wait to get out of here and watch some real football.

  • Rocky , can you actually go into highbury ? i wouldn’t mind a little unofficial tour round to see what i can find 😛

  • No it’s a tip now. All the seats have been removed from the north bamk and, as rocky says, there’s rubble all over the pitch. Everything of any value was auctioned off.

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