Date: 20th September 2006 at 1:20am
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In what can only be described as a beer fueled discussion on the Vital Arsenal forum, one member asked the question, ‘Do you think Spurs will get relegated?.

As funny as that would be, it’s not going to happen, but The Prof charts the reasons why Spurs are suffering and the problems they will encounter in the coming months.

I think that Spurs are discovering how hard it is to break into a top four team, as usual the Spurs arrogance last season was based on absolutely nothing, no trophies, no convincing wins against big sides and crucially no balls.

This season it is going to be even harder for them; they have Europe to deal with, higher expectations and much more games. Spurs really thought that just having one decent season qualified them as top four material and somehow on the way to surpassing Arsenal. To win anything in the Prem, you have to firstly beat Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal, I don’t see Spurs doing that anytime soon, unfortunately I don’t see them getting relegated either.

I just see this as a timely reality check, last season they had absolutely everything going for them to get fourth place, our Premiership form was bad, we were distracted by Europe, they only had to play about 5 games in comparison to our 352, yet they still bottled it, I personally don’t think they will get a better chance and I also think their final day f**k up exposed the difference between us and them – we have the mentality and capability to cross that all important line and become winners, Spurs don’t – and that’s not even my opinion, that’s a fact based on stats.

So for Spurs, relegation no, back to a mediocre mid table team with a superiority complex, a very real possibility.

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  • I have got to agree with everything you have written. Spurs feel that by finishing fifth and buying every English player under 22 that they are a top four team and a shoe in for the champions league next season. Funny then that even with all their first team squad available except for Aaron Lennon they are languishing in the bottom half of the table with only a win against bottom team Sheffield United to show for all the money they spent. Didier Zakora must be cursing his moment of madness when he passed up the chance to join Arsenal and instead decided to join the third best team in North London (I’m sure our ladies could beat this Spurs side!)
    Champions league…..Your having a LAUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • i admire the spirit of the piece, but if i am to be honest, we are but one point better off than the spuds from the lame. It’s too early to fling mud about, though i should very much like to point out that it is within the capacity of quite a few teams to have a season exceeding expectations, only to encounter a situation hindering their process the following one. This may happe to spuds, OR they may recover. What leads a gooner such as I to think that they will fare worse than the arse is that they appear to be falling short in their performances this season. We have turnedin good performances in all goames, minus a finishing result of a goal.That will come, it did on sunday. Can the trotts do likewise? we shall have to see how events unfold… t’will be interrrestink, comrades…

    »»Arsene Knows««

  • I don’t see them being able to beat chelski, manu, l’pool and us to make a title challenge, but i think they showed last year that they’re good enough to grind out wins against most of the rest of the premiership (without playing decent football). This is something we’ve struggled to do recently as we haven’t been clinical enough in our finishing. I think that this is about to change…

  • I have read this four times now and I am still dumbfounded only a couple of hints of a smart arsed comment, so I will also try to be objective. Firstly I don’t think there is a Spurs fan who thinks we are top four material, the top end expectations are to improve on last season, with the majority (98.5%) happy to take fifth, improved cup runs and a decent spell in EUFA. It is quite correct that we do need to beat top 4 and this will bring confidence needed to take the next step. Three years ago a 2-0 loss to Everton was par for the course, now it is seen as a disaster. You cannot go from an average of 8-9th? to top 4 in a season unless you are given a couple of hundred million quid and the directive to make a loss. Consistancy is the key, last year it was in results, this year it has to be about the final positions, 2 years of EUFA and we maybe ready for Champs League. The other area where we need to contend is in gate receipts and with Man Utd pulling in more than double the capacity of WHL, this will need to be addressed to maintain any long term attack on the top 4. It will also help us compete with new signings. I will use the Ashes as my final point, record crowds lasy year, England won and the games in Australia have been sold out for months. There has been a resurgency of the sport in the UK. England will probably go out to Australia and get flogged but the year or so that the urn was Englands helped out everybody, both national teams, county sides and fans/the game in neutral countries. Think how much better a win at WHL would be after a loss to Spurs at home or vice versa.

  • TeddyLyon, you obviously dont read the comments over at vital spurs because its probably somewhere in the region of 50-50 with regards spurs fans that think they are a top 4 team. I have visited that site just once & the delusions of grandeur were rife. One fan actually named several clubs (I cannot remember them all) but “portsmouth, villa, newcastle & arsenal” were 4 of them & then he went on to state that spurs are better than all those teams!! Now obviously being biased I think arsenal are a much better club & team than spurs & again there are several reasons for me to believe that. Please can you give me just one real reason backed up by a real stat that would make spurs better than arsenal at this current point in time, other than just the fact you love that club??

  • Great article and accurate. And TeddyLyon good response. I will take debate with you on one thing. You say most scum dont think your top 4 material. Yet if you look at literally hundreds of posts they are saying how there going to be overtaking the great arsenal and getting into the top4 this year. What a load of nonsense. Youve actually averaged more like 10th for the last 8-9 years excluding last year. There are many teams who have been averaging between 5th and 8th for alot longer and still havent managed to get even close to the top4. So why are so many spurs fans so arrogant that after one season, with hardly any games that they can do the job. I respect guys like you, but so many are arrogant and disrespectful of what being top4 and having won the title actually means. Maybe if they could gain some respect instead of living in a world of idealism it may help with so many of the idiots calling for Jols head already.

  • To add to that. Right now on your site i quote “the mantra is that with arron lennon were only one winger away from the title”. I mean are they totally diluded. Get real.

  • you know i believe football goes round in circles, spurs had a good season last year, but they will go back to being a mediorce average prem team around 10th 🙂


  • No need to shout Cockeril. And after visiting the Vital Spurs site I found that there are not many confident fans, infact most are pretty down beat. The difference between the two teams this season is that Arsenal have threatened to batter teams and have just been a little shy in front of goal, and at Old Trafford on Sunday we showed what is to come, whereas all Spurs have offered is poor poor football, which is why we Gooners were partying like animals on Sunday whilst you were boo’ing your team off for the second home game in a row.

  • Hoof! Spuds the new Wimbledon? Basically if you fling enough mud, some will stick, Spuds were long, long overdue a good season. West Ham finished 7th and were relegated next season, Ipswich finished fifth and were relegated next season, Forest finished 3rd in 95 and barely stayed up in 96. The Prem has a big band of mediocre clubs, Spuds being one of them, and one day they were bound to top that mini league. I have also noticed Jol doesn’t rate English players mentality. Look at his most recent signings, Chimbonda, Mido, Assou Etoko, Ghaly, Malbranque, Zokora. He is trying to copy Wenger’s French/African model, because English players in general do not perform on the big stage.

  • Carrick going has disrupted our progress!! lol, one player for gods sake! So you dont think Bergkamp, Cole, Pires & Campbell going has disrupted our progress you muppet! By the way its 1 point ahead of you & a game in hand. If you lose to Liverpool you will struggle to make the top 6. Chelski, man usa, arsenal, liverpool, everton & even portsmouth will be way clear of you. As for playing us off the park you must have been watching different games to anyone else. At s***e hart lane you were better first half we were better second & it was spuds hanging on for a draw. At highbury you were the better team but then you were playing our reserves. The minute henry & cesc came on you were all over the place & once again hanging on for the draw!! I notice on the spuds vital site you said you deserved fourth place?? I think you will find the team that finishes fourth deserves it & that wasnt you despite the fact you set a new record for the least amount of games in a season!

    18 Goal Attempts 14
    10 On Target 7
    8 Off Target 7
    0 Hit Woodwork 0
    4 Offsides 4
    10 Corners 5
    11 Fouls 11
    This is your only win and you were lucky your keeper was man of the match and UTD still had an off day! YOU DREAMERS!! lets see how you do at the shrine???

  • cockeril, u have indeed surpassed yourself & do sound exactly like a real c**k. Where is there even the slightest hint of racism in what little dutch says?? English players dont perform on the biggest stage & thats a fact backed up by years of mediocrity when we are all told how wonderful the england team is!

  • Wake up and start getting a grip and realise your time is over and move over for the lily white army!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • What lily white army?? Do you mean Fulham, the mighty team that gave the spuds a footballing lesson with their reserve team on sunday!! Liverpool are gonna wipe the floor with your bunch of no hopers. Dreamers you are, but then thats all you have!

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