Date: 7th January 2007 at 9:25pm
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LitteDutch standing by…..

Myself and Hon. Jon (J-Lo). You think you hate Chelsea? This guy takes Chelsea hating to another plane entirely!

Is it really too much to ask?

Me and my mum outside Le Stade de France tickets in hand.

Looking over events at le Stade de France.

Gooners enjoy a half time jar…..


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  • Nice one. Wow, this has been some task. Do you know what, its very funny you say that about me old mucker John, on our way to the 2005 Cup Final a load of Gooners doorstopped him and serenaded him with the Freddie song. Don’t see it myself but there you go.

  • In retrospect I really ssould’ve removed the red eye. Ne’er mind, looks kind of demonic and I guess I like that.

  • Its the only Arsenal replica shirt I tend to wear nowadays. So when I discovered we were playing in yellow there was only one choice!!! The shirt reminds me of Ian Wright’s hat trick at the Dell.

  • nice pics ! can anyone exp0lain to me what that whole The Trith thing was about, cos i have seen nothing on here and i am baffled.

  • Ur lucky it still fits! The oldest ive still got is from the cup double year and it fits like lycra! lol

  • The Truth campaign refers to a sun journalist who printed stories about Liverpool fans stealing from the corpses of the crushed victims and yobbish behaviour towards the dead. He has never apologised, neither has the sun.

  • As for the shirt, I got a new one for my 21st. The original came out when I was seven and I’ve grown a little since then. Outwards and upwards.

  • I’ve been after the 89 away shirt for years, it’s bloody expensive though, approaching 80 quid on eBay!

  • Deffo, my nephew’s actually coming to that game as well so I will certainly have camera. Plus I can flaunt my superb prawn sandwich seats!

  • Ooohhhh, I’ve just looked on EBay, and while the 89 shirt wasn’t there, the blue dreamcast shirt that we only wore a couple of times and was the best shirt we’ve ever had was on there……I’m havin that!!

  • Never liked us in blue. All the blue kits have been really nice, but I just don’t see us as anything other than yellow away from home. That said, I loved the gold kit.

  • Ive just stuck “whats your favourite ever Arsenal kit” on the forum! LD’s natty threads inspired me!

  • Oh and the orange collar poking out of the hoodie, you guessed it, the Dutch shirt. I have a nickname to maintain!

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