Date: 4th July 2007 at 3:19pm
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As regular readers of Vital Arsenal will know, we have be campaigning for a better stadium atmosphere and a wider range of player songs since the conception of the network nearly two years ago.

Well today I received a truly remarkable piece of song writing, the likes of hasn’t been seen since some Gooner genius came up with the Paddy Vieira theme tune.

The song popped into my email inbox via the Online Gooner forum and the guys at RedAction, and it is that good, I feel it my duty to try and get every Arsenal fan to learn this ditty and pump it out at every Arsenal game.

So without further ado, I present you with Eduardo ‘Dudu’ Da Silva’s new song.

Tune: proclaimers – 500 miles

I would walk 500 miles
and I would walk
500 more
just to be the man who walks a thousand miles to see Eduardo score
dudududu dudududu


80 Replies to “Arsenal – New Song For Eduardo”

  • like it. Only worry for me is the amount of S’s. The smelly f***er behind me has a lithp…sorry lisp. I couldn’t contain myself last season when he kept calling Baptithta thit.

  • The best new song I recently saw on a forum went to the tune of ‘Let It Be’… ‘when we found ourselves in times of trouble
    Arsene Wenger came to me
    speaking words of widom-sell Henry
    so when we got the cash from barcelona
    who should our new striker be?
    Arsene said politely ‘Van Persie’
    Van Persie, Van Persie, Van Persie
    Van Persie..he can be the answer Van Persie’

    sing it

  • devoid of wit. though good “singability”. Oh and in the original its da not du. Your opinion. wrong.

  • If it’s catchy, and he scores goals, then it might catch on, tbh anything’s better than constantly hearing ‘and it’s Ar-se-nal….’

  • And why does it need to be witty? I assume you don’t believe ANY of your songs are funny. And the original version of “We are sailing” the words are “We are sailing” and not “We are Tottenham” You see my point? It’s pretty simple, even for a Spurs fan to grasp……btw Anon 1, that is pure genius.

  • i still like ‘dudu dudu, da da da da, is all i want to say to you’… but that’s probably just me 🙂 »»Arsene Knows««

  • Best ever, has to be at the 93 semi final against the Spuds, “A spoonful of Sugar helps the Venables go down…in the most delightful way.”

  • No Rocky I am envious that we dont have one to match the viera or Petit. Mostly ours are not funny. But the best footy songs are. And like you pointed out Anon’s is class, dudududu is not.

  • How about this-
    eduardo eduardo you ****in retardo
    same as the rest of you’re team
    hahahahahaha losers

  • You’re entitled to think that the song is poo JB, I’m not denying anyone that, just that the reasons you gave were inadequate. As I proved 😛

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