Date: 9th February 2007 at 7:18pm
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Arsenal Football club have announced a technical partnership with American side The Colorado Rapids, as revealed by Vital Arsenal late last night.

The Rapids are part of the Kroenke Sports Enterprises which is owned by American billionaire Stan Kroenke.

The exclusive deal provides Arsenal with an excellent marketing opportunity in The States, as the popularity of football looks set to rocket in America as clubs try to sign ageing stars such as David Beckham, Luis Figo and zinedine zidane.

It was not confirmed that The Rapids will change their name to incorporate ‘Arsenal` in their name but two domain names including ‘` have been purchased by the Kroenke Sports Enterprises.

An annual football tournament will be hosted at a new football academy funded by Kroenke and Arsenal. The tournament will include Arsenal, The Rapids as well as other teams from the only American professional football league – MLS.

This is just the latest step in David Dein`s evil master plan to conquer the world after Arsenal set up a centre for footballing excellence in Thailand last year.

The Rapids will travel to London to train with Arsenal for 5 days on March 8th.

AFC`s MD (managing director) Keith Edelman couldn`t hide his delight as he confirmed the deal: ‘We are delighted to be able to announce our partnership with Kroenke Sports Enterprises and the Colorado Rapids.

“This is a very important step for Arsenal Football Club as this becomes our first venture into the United States marketplace. We are approaching this as a long term development partnership that will benefit both clubs significantly.’

Edelman is not the only person delighted by the deal, KSE Executive Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer Paul Andrews had this to say: ‘We are thrilled to have established such a partnership with one of the leading clubs in the world that will help continue the expansion of our sport well into the future.’

Colorado Rapids MD, and Arsenal fan Jeff Plush said: “This groundbreaking partnership with Arsenal, a team that has been in the first flights of the sports for more then 100 years is the one of the stepping stones to continue pushing our sport into the next level. In today`s international business community, soccer is the only true global sport that transcends ethnicity, culture and language and with this type of relationships we are making sure that our company is expanding this vision through our worldwide sport.”

This is just the latest step made by Arsenal Holdings PLC to secure the long-term future of Arsenal football club after they secured a £100Million deal with Emirates and got the go-ahead for the Highbury Square development.

The marketing value of football in America is hard to estimate but this deal could be worth millions of pounds a season.


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  • Where did you first hear about this happening? Vital Arsenal that’s where….unless you looked at The Independant website early hours of this morning. 😀

  • oh it’s the mighty , it’s the mighty COLORADO ARSENAL, the best football team in all the land eh?AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA.Are you lot going to stop yappin’ about not having money now?It’s like England is colonizing ‘soccer’.

  • ‘We are trilled to have established such a partnership with one of the leading clubs in the world’

    Trilled? Does this mean that they’ve been blasted by budgie seed? Sorry Nick, I’m in silly mode this evening. Another good bit of business for the club! Nothing new there then.

  • Ye but unlike you we didn’t need millions to be successful…wake me up when you do a proper double or atleast get near to going a season unbeaten

  • K_chelski this is how a proper football club is run. I know Chelsea tried to go down that route but they couldnt hack it and were on the brink of extinction before your sugar daddy arrived. whatever happens, however many trophies you win the whole world will look back at you and know you are quitters who couldnt handle life in the real world of football! hahahahahahaha.

  • Imagine a man who gets himself a load of credit cards. He goes out buying all the things a man could want, 50 inch flat screen hdtv, Joey chair, bentley, you name it he had it. The ladies flock to him as he walks round the clubs with his Rolex showing on each arm and his pimp daddy suit. After his spending finally catches up with him he has to announce himself bankrupt, the ladies are no longer there, the rolex is replaced by some bizarre sundial type thing on his wrist. Suddenly in a puff of smoke the devil appears and asks the man if he would like to have all that wealth back and more in exchange for his soul. the man happily sells up and continues his spending but on a much grander scale. Would you respect this man more than the man who instead of spending on credit and selling his soul actually built an empire created his own wealth and lived in luxury created by hard work. I know who i would respect more.

  • good move by arsenal !! looking to tap the americal market but with a long-term perspective, as always with all dealings related to the club. I see more short term benefits to the Rapids, though i dont see how this can possibly harm us in the long term.

  • Iceman, the rich folks don’t need yo respect, hahah.You know , i think it’s hard to get rid of wealth.As Chris Rock once wisely said, “you can’t get rid of wealth”.

  • does this mean wenger can call time outs now?

    is anyone here old enough to have seen the NASL in the 70s? (national american soccer league) i hear it failed because refs regularly made bogus calls so they could go to commercial…

  • Im glad you dont want respect because il never respect lotto chavs who show no humility. i know Mr Kenyon and Mr Abramovich want respect tats why they arrange trips around the world to promote you guys, I can see them now on the karaoke in a US bar “R-E-S-P-E-C-T
    Find out what it means to me
    Take care, TCB”

  • K_Chelski, do you not think that people like RA do what he has done with Chelsea for respect? I sure as hell dont think he did it out of the goodness of his heart, and it’s not making him any money.

  • iceman, i never said i didn’t want your respect.I SAID RIIIICH folks, don’t want any respect.Yeah simmy, billionaires are not respected enough.I guy that has more money than the queen of england is not respected.He didn’t need to buy chelsea.He bought it because he wanted to be a part of football.Those americans bought liverpool for money, and when they realise that it was a bad move (believe me they will) hahaha, that will be it.

  • I Will respect what the 2 Americans are doing if they actually run the club as a business and achieve success on the field. To run a football club as a business and win trophies is incredibly difficult, some teams just cant hack it 🙂

  • Real madrid are the example of that iceman – galactico theory worked well for a while, still is raking in the cash, but the results and silverwear have run dry

  • ‘He bought it because he wanted to be a part of football.’ He is part of football. In fact, he’s the tool of football 😎

  • everyone bar chel$ki will c(r)a$h and burn, only the mighty blues will prosper. sometimes the chavs sound like an upgraded model of a deluded spud. wanted to be a part of football. good lord. he still wants to be I assume, but somehow in the footballing world Roman has very few friends who mean something in this footballing world u mention. His only friend is his cash. It’s the same with you so-called football club.

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