Date: 27th April 2006 at 10:40pm
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Just 24 hours after Arsenal amazingly made it through to the Champions League final, Middlesbrough have become the second Premiership team this week to make it through to the final of a major European tournament.

Astonishingly, Middlesbrough once again had to score 4 goals in the second half for the 2nd game on the trott, and they did. Massimo Macarone once again scoring the winning goal.

Arsenal and Middlesbrough are now representing the Premiership in the European game and it can only be good for our league.

So a big congratulations to Middlesbrough and to Arsenal for showing the world just how good English football is.

Lets hope the Super Cup can be an all English event.


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  • “So a big congratulations to Middlesbrough and to Arsenal for showing the world just how good English football is” well this makes me laugh i mean hats of to boro they can be called an english team…but how exactly is arsenals success showing us how good english football is? arsenal show how impossible it is for english youngsters to actually play in the first team and there oppurtunity is replaced with foreigners id love to see how this is good for english football

  • buckers, spot on mate, arse*** are a disgrace to English football they should me moved to a all World league there not welcome in the premiership.
    But well done Boro, I hope you go on and win it I will be rooting for you anyway.

  • nice 1 scottdayid i really would liek to see some honest gooners at least admitting that they would like at least some english players playing for their “english club”

  • I’d love it if our team was full of England internationals, but it’s just not possible. The players who are good enough are all remaining very loyal to their current clubs and would cost the earth to buy, and the rest just aren’t good enough. Why pay 8 million for Dean Ashton when you can get Robin van Persie for 2 million. Explanations please?

  • thats not always the case rocky ashton is an examply of fluctuated price due to a successful half season with norwich, however huddlestone 2mil lennon 0.5mil carrick 2.75 mil robbo 1.5mil…make no mistake about it these players before they signed for spurs would of been more likely to go to arsenal had an offer come in….howevewr wenger over the last few years had opted to give foreign youngsters there chance…if you think ashton is too expensive at 7mil try 13mil for hleb or 17mil for reyes..dont get me wrong there is a place in every team for foreign players but wenger has made the decision to purely crowd the the team with foreigners….now for arsenal this could be a good decision but not for english football…if english youngsters dont get a chance at big clubs what chance do we stand in having a decent national team in years to come…what if all other top clubs decided to have this transfer policy?? down the line wenger has made decision not to invest in english youth when for cheaper money htna he has spent he easily could have done…so to hear that arsenals progression in europe is good for english football really is laughable

  • You must know very little about our club. Currently we have 6 England internationals (at whatever level) at our club, I wonder how many England internationals everyone else is producing. You really should do your homework. Plus, Hleb is world class where as Ashton is not (different positions also) so you can’t even compare.

  • Rocky7, I will give you explanations. Lennon £1m, Huddlestone £2m, Carrick £3m, Robbo £1.5m, Jenas £7m, Defoe £7m, Dawson £4m, Davenport £2m. Where was you when these signings was going on? In France probably.

  • I’ll admit we lost out on Lennon and Robbinson, great players, but when you can get Cesc Fabregas for free, Philleppe Senderos for 500,000, van Persie for 2 million, Mathieu Flamini for free, why pay over the odds for English players?

  • u cant compare ashton to van persie either.i know which players your talking bout…cole is the only one to be given a chance to shine….campbell was a world class player on a free apart from that gilbert and walcott…..apart from that are u trying to be clever and go to under 17’s level?! regardless of this whats to prove that your arsenal youngsters gilbert,muamba etc will be given a chance…..i mean were ricketts and sidwell to name a few?! its ok to say u have these youngsters in ur suqad its only natural to have english youth players in the reserves but on wengers trakc record that exactly where they will stay…the whole point is wenger would rather import youth than nuture his own or even buy english youth….which is what most fans disagree with

  • Muamba is held in very High regard at Arsenal and will certainly make the grade, Justin Hoyte is the other player also doing well in the England set up. Whether these players go on to play for Arsenal is by the by, Arsene Wenger is still producing players that play for England, and therefore doing his bit for the country. And how can you even mention Ricketts when he went to you and you passed him on also.

  • no but we gave him a chance in the first team to at least let him show if he could progress, if the players arnt good enough for the first team there not good enough im talking about ur transfer policy that is what is in question

  • Until we move to our new stadium we haven’t been able to compete in the transfer market, all the world class english player have just been too far out of our price range (to date Sylvain Wiltord is our most expensive player at 13 million). We cant go back to buying ‘good’ players just for the sake of it. Arsene Wenger has worked for 9 years to get Arsenal where they are, why should we take a step down just to satisfy other fans. We are not unhappy with the way our club is run, so why should you care? The only reason you bring it up is because it’s the only thing you have on us!! I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the pair of you, to date, the only Spurs fans who say anything on these artciles have just expressed childish comments. It’s good to see that at least two of you can TRY to back up their arguments with good old debate. It’s refreshing.

  • well regardless of the rivalry i like to see other fans views from other teams on certain topics. i dont like the name calling and slating on these sites its pointless. leave that for the games :-). to be honest you have had money to compete money spent on hleb reyes is 30 million and with that you could have bought jenas carrick defoe robbo lennon huddlestone and had 10 million change…the money for arsenal to buy english was there but wenger chose not to…this doesnt mean he hasnt chose good players it just means he hasnt chosen english, so when i hear comments that arsenals position in europe is good for english has got to be questioned…its good for one german two ivory costians,two spainards, three frenchmen, a brazilian, a swede and a judas., but not for england

  • Don’t believe everything you hear with regards to tranfers fee’s. The fee for Reyes could rise to 17 million, but at the minute it’s more like 10, same with Hleb, could rise to 13 Million but the initial fee was 7 million. Jenas, Defoe and Huddlestone couldn’t bring us anything we don’t already have, I mean Defoe can’t even get a game for you so what makes you think he’d get in the Arsenal line up, come to think of it, what makes you think any of the players you mention would fit in the Arenal system (Lennon and Robbinson excluded). I like the look of Carrick but for him to get a place in our team would mean losing Fabregas, and thats just not going to happen. Cesc will be one of the best players in the world in a few years and I can’t see a player of Carricks ability wanting to be a bench warmer for the next 10 years!!

  • BTW, I forgot to mention. Arsenal getting to the final is good English football in another way. Should Arsenal fail to finish 4th and Spurs get in the CL, there is a very real chance that you will not past the qualifiers (like it or not thats the way it is) should that happen because the way the english teams (Arsenal aside) performed in the Champions League (especially Man Utd finishing last in their group) the Prem teams could very well see themselves slide down the coefficients rankings tabel, thus meaning the year after we very well may only get 3 champions league places. So if you want as many English teams in the comp in future, you would do well to cheer us on!!

  • what your stating is matter of opinion and more importantly a completly different debate altogether. the questions of who would u prefer carrick-fabregas, jenas-silva are different questions than what this is about…..hweover if adeybayor can get into your first team defoe would have no problem its only because of keano’s MOM performances pretty much every game he cant get a game…
    carrick is still in my mind under rated…hes onyl starting to get recognition and he is a world class player already, fabregas has had a few good european performances and suddenly its “viera who?” wasnt it him and a few other light weight foreigners who put u in ur current plight in the league now? with sum very poor away performances?? your players get the plaudits from the media because there in champ league…and the public because its on the back page beileve whatever they read….the argument of player v player anyway coudl go on forever and no1 will agree i personally would only take eboue, ashley cole, and henry from ur team but then thats my view

  • A matter of opinion yes, and Wengers opinion is that the players he chose for Arsenal would be able to do a better job at a cheaper price, and of course, Wengers opinion is the only one that counts when it comes to buying players. How can we question a man who has brought us 7 trophies in 9 years and has become the most sought after coach ion the world?? It is Arsenal that employe’s Wenger and not the FA, surely it’s his sole aim to make Arsenal a successful club. And that is what he has done. At the end of the day we are still an English club with English players and our success in the Champions League is just as important as anybody else’s, it helps put Premiership football up there with the rest of the world, and brings in the revenue that the WHOLE LEAGUE benefits from.

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