Date: 2nd July 2006 at 4:22pm
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I’m man enough to admit when I’m wrong, and recently, I’ve been wrong on a monumental scale.

Regular readers of this site will have read a few articles having a bit of a dig at England midfielder, Owen Hargreaves, mocking his play and the decision to include him in the squad.

How wrong was I?

Hargreaves has been England’s best performer at the World Cup, and if he can perform like that week in week out he would be a great addition to anyones club. He was one of the few players to show heart all the way through the tournament, and didn’t even get down hearted when he was boo’ed by a small selection of England fans. A true professional.

We football supporters are a fickle breed, and I fully expect Owen’s inclusion for the foreseeable future.

I also would like to issue an apology to Vital member leewortley who correctly pulled me on the subject and gave opinions on the player which turned out to be entirely correct, and more begrudgingly, an apology for mocking Vital Spurs’ weststandvoice’ for stating that Hargeaves was good enough for Spurs. I take that back…………

He’s too good for Spurs.

Congratulations on turning a lot of peoples head’s this summer Owen, you’re one of very few positives to come from England’s World Cup.


15 Replies to “Apology To Owen Hargreaves”

  • i’m not english… but just pointing out that hargreaves was meant to be shielding the back 4 allowing fat frank and gerrard to get forward… hargreaves got forward just as much, if not more… fat frank looked overweight and/or extremely lazy…

  • i was very harsh about him too… i underestimated him a bit…he was brilliant as the tournament progressed….speciallly against portugal…he did surprise me too

  • i, honestly, never slagged him off but i never said he was the best but yeah i think he shut a load of his critics up, he played the best and by far! e deserved a goal or two

  • I’ve backed him all the way. He’s the best in europe in the holding defensive position. He’s also got pace and great vision.

  • there needs to be a shake up, some of the fat cats in the team are a little too comfortable if u ask me. well done hargreaves! looking at it should have been hargreaves, carrick and gerrard. why was carrick dropped when he was motm last game. why wasnt lumpard dropped?????

  • Elmo – Lennon was not in the poll because he only played about 30 mins in total. Yes he did well in his time but you can’t judge him on that. And I think Carrick was dropped because the game just passed him by, theres no way he was man of the match.

  • I agree that Lampard should have been dropped – I said that after the Sweden game. However, I wouln’t have said Carrick was man of the match.

    As for Hargreaves, I think he’s probably engineered himself a move to the Premiership this summer. And I for one am hoping he comes to Arsenal.

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