Date: 9th August 2006 at 5:31pm
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A £14 million bid has been lodged for French Winger Franck Ribery, unfortunately it’s from Lyon.

Arsenal have been strongly linked with the player over the past few days with many sources claiming Arsenal would place a bid within the next 48 hours, well the bid has arrived but not from Arsenal, from OM’s french rivals Lyon.

The player himself said earlier this week that he wanted to leave Marsielle, and the club he wanted to join knew it and it was just a case of agreeing a deal.

Maybe Lyon were the team he was talking about and not the Gunners, or maybe Lyon have just tried to jump to the front of the queue, one thing is for sure, the wheels are definately in motion.


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  • Well as of tomorrow night he is cup tied. Uefa seem to have changed the rules again so even if a player plays in the uefa cup then he is cup tied for the cl. That wasnt the case last season but it appears to have gone back the way it was. Plus if lyon believe arsenal are about to sell reyes (likely) & will then bid for ribery they probably want to get it done now before arsenal get the cash to spend.

  • Thats a very plausable theory AG. However, Ribery seems to be set on which club he wants, so if it is Arsenal then Lyon are just wasting their time!!!

  • R7- Thats very true, but ribery (or his agent) seems to change his mind daily. If reyes is going then I desperately hope arsenal sign him because he & henry seem to have a great understanding & friendship which henry doesnt seem to have with most players. It does seem his mind is set on lyon though.

  • I think lyon was always favourties to sign him if he does go, but then who knows who was? And in the end if lyon are not the club he want’s he can just dig his heels in until the club he does want come in, if they ever do. Think 14m for him is to much more in the region of 6m if a fairer price. A good world cup doesn’t make a player and so many have been bought on tourny performences only to fail to shine consistently over a season. Rather keep the players we have then sell and sign new ones.

  • I meant will Walcott be the first player to gain a full cap and the go BACK to play for the under 21’s???

  • if arsenal sell reyes first then buy ribery marseille will hike he price up as they know we’ll be desparate to sign a winger. ***** that. buy yaya Toure, stick Fabregas out on the right and Hleb left. sorted.

    isn’t Saviola still unattached?

  • i’d hate to see us buy ribery, we have loads of midfielders for the right and left side. it would be a terrible waste of money.

  • its lyon he wants plus even if you got him u would probally sell him in a few years like wot ur doin with all ur good players

  • we shuldnt worry abt this Reyes guy he can go ,,,,we can drop Van persie to his position and henry will partner Adebayor as he looks sharper and stronger this season…We need a Good centr back and another defencive midfielder…

  • well personally he’d be a good signing and would improve the team, but there are better wingers out there. But still i wouldn’t complain if he signed for us coz players under AW tend to improve tenfold. yaya toure is close to joining monaco, but we do need a DM. owen hargreaves wants to come to the prem and we should go for him and also a new CB.

  • I’d love to see him in the English game. one of the players of the world cup. I hope Arsenal move in and dnap him up before Lyon.

  • (I’d love to see him in the English game. one of the players of the world cup. I hope Arsenal move in and snap him up before Lyon. Druss_the_Legend) i tottaly agree with you on that he would be absoloutly amazing not only in the primership for arsenal but also in the champoins league proving hes not cup tied, if we get him it will be amazing but the best news is that the lyon bid had been denyed its time for AW to swoop in

  • Well now i don’t think AW will go 4 ribery cause he has played tonight 4 L’OM in the uefa cup so if we do buy him he’ll be cup tied. We need players who can play in the CL and now theres no chance of getting scarface. I think we should go in for nuri sahin, although he is a central midfielder, i think he can do a similar job as rosicky and play on the wings. Yes i kno he’s young but has incredible talent. He is skillfull and can play perfect passes. Him and rosicky on the left side plus he’ll adapt easily coz he knows rosicky and lehmann. No doubt these players have mentioned this to AW. There was an article in the papers a few months back which said we had agreed a fee with dortmund for him and also a rumour saying that wen we bought rosicky we had 1st option on him. Another youngster but surely worth it. Man utd were gonna replace him wen they thought ron *****er was goin. C’mon wenger this would be ideal to our fast flowing play and we’d be able to play cross diagnol throughballs all over the pitch, which would anihalate any team.

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