Date: 9th August 2006 at 5:43pm
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Sven Gormless Ericsson stunned football fans the world over by calling untried Arsenal striker, Theo Walcott, into England’s World Cup 2006 squad.

Shagger Sven was in a world of his own as he picked the 17 year old starlett to take to Germany, and while Walcott’s talent is not in question, the decision even raised the most biased Gooner’s eyebrow.

Sense seems to have prevailed and new England boss has omitted the teenager from the squad to face Greece at Old Trafford next week, and place the young striker (along with Darren Bent) into the Under 21’s side to face Moldova.

‘I wanted Darren, Scott and Theo to have the chance to play some competitive Under-21s football,’ McClaren told The FA’s website.

‘Darren has just come back from injury, Theo has not yet played a Premiership game and Scott faces stiff competition for games at Liverpool. The Moldova match will be very positive for all three of them.

‘They are all still very much in my plans. I see the Under-21s as a very important stepping stone to the senior team and I will keep a close eye on them this season.’

Walcott should take heart from this rather the dismay, as he will feature more often and gain valuable experience which should profit both club and country.

I wonder if he is the first player to gain a full cap before playing for the Under 21’s??


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  • I wonder if he is the first player to gain a full cap before playing for the Under 21’s?? < no Wayne Rooney never played for under 21's as well, and both he and Walcott only have 1 under 19 cap. I think thats better for Walcott to play in few Under 21 games then maybe being called up to senior squad and once again not being used, least he gets some game time. Hope he does well and helps him develop as a player. Hopefully he can shine for them and show few people what he is capable of!

  • What I meant was I wonder if Walcott will be the first player to gain a full cap and then go BACK to play for the under 21’s.

  • Sup peeps? Just got back from Zagreb, Croatian women are fiiiiiiiiiiiiine! I think the Walcott thing was quite inevitable, getting into the U-21s before playing in the Prem is still quite an achievement. Theo’s “excursions” for the WC will do him and Arsenal the power of good, effectively it was like a loan spell.

  • Sven Gormless Ericsson lol very good indeed he was that. hopefully mcclaren will do a good job

  • he needs a few games, i thought we would dump him out on loan this season, can’t see him playing in the premiership or CL games, maybe fa and league cup

  • The kid’s never going to gain any experience unless Le Boss either loans him to a team that will play him or just takes a chance on him. I would prefer the latter since watching him at a WC qualifier. The little guy has PACE!!! I think AW should just throw him in the second half of an FA cup game.

  • I thought he’d retired to help the career of his more famous girlfriend. He’d get some exercise hauling her bags through airports and hotel lobbies.

  • good start by stevie mac! nice and sensible, wallnut should have been in the u-21’s to start with, and no-one disputes that.

  • Typically the Sun are trying to put a bad spin on it like its the end of his career or something, when it’s clear to everyone who know anything about football that its the correct thing to do!!

  • I kno rocky7. The media have no shame. He’s only 17 and they think his career is over already. He’s only just begun. Y they try to bring ppl down bemuses me. It’ll be funny though wat they say when Walcott becomes a superstar which will clearly happen, jus let them wait and see. There gonna be putting there hands on his balls as soon as that happens…

  • Back with the kids where he belongs, The boy has an undoubted talent but the World cup?! He can’t even get into the little French side of North London…

  • That is true but although he hasn’t played yet he certainly is getting valuable experience playing with the likes of Henry, Fabbie, Reyes, Hleb and so on. So with his natural pace and the learning with these quality players every day he is sure to become a superstar. He is a head strong boy and is very dedicated and will become an legend at the club. Mark my words…

  • he should never of been in the world cup team and until he starts playin reguarly for arsenal he shouldnt be put bak in

  • everyone just dont like it cos he’s a gooner
    had England actually played well and led any game comfortably i’m sure he would of played, and he would of been a lot better then OWEN, CROUCH or ROONEY. Yeah I said it.

  • As soon as he was picked for the WC, most people with an ounce of knowledge of the game realized that it was a ploy by Erikkson to secure his own legend by introducing the latest “wonderkid” to the England set up. But Erikkson should have known the British Press better. Typical tabloids, they jumped on this story. Build them up so you can knock them down. Luckily, as protocal has pointed out, Walcott is extremely level headed and hopefully it doesn’t overly affect him going forward. The only thing I can say for sure is that Wenger has a great deal of faith in him. And if he does, so do I.

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