Date: 1st August 2006 at 11:38pm
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As I browsed the internet looking for stories of note this evening, an article titled ‘Zokora snubbed Arsenal for Spurs’ caught my eye, and something just didn’t seem right.

Could it have been the fact that I am arrogant enough to believe that Arsenal are a far superior club than Spurs and no player in their right mind would choose them over us? Perhaps, nethertheless, it just didn’t sit right with me at all.

After a brief search on our neighbours Vital site, I was presented with the hard evidence that set my mind at ease.

The statement that Zokora gave today said, ‘I listened to an offer from Arsenal, but decided Spurs was where I wanted to be at. One of the things was that they showed they really wanted me.’

‘Kolo Toure and Emmanuel Eboue are friends of mine, and of course it would have been nice to play with them at Arsenal – but I really wanted to go to Tottenham.’

I suppose that is all quite plausible…….until you read what he said a few weeks ago.

‘Arsenal and Manchester United enquired about me and I even had personal discussions with Arsene Wenger. But these two clubs never put in a firm offer.’

In his newest statement he clearly states, ‘I listened to an offer from Arsenal’ but in his first statement he freely admits ‘these two clubs never put in a firm offer.’

Some may argue that Zakora’s poor English may have confused him somewhere along the lines, but accidental or not, Zakora could not have snubbed a team who never put in an offer.

Those who doubt me, here is Exhibit A and Exhibit B.

So I guess, it’s more a case of Arsenal snubbing Zakora rather than Zakora snubbing Arsenal.

Case closed.


39 Replies to “Zokora Did Not Snub Arsenal”

  • Oh dear, 11pm on a Tuesday night and all there is in the world to do, is to hunt back through “the who said what records” and come up with this. Paul take off your rose coloured glasses, retrieve your head from wherever you have stuck it and enjoy the real world. Get a wife or a life to keep you away from the internet late at night or simply go to sleep and dream of Arsenal glory. Could it be that Wenger and Zakora only discussed personal terms?

  • There’s no rose tinted glasses about this TL, just facts. As I already mentioned, Zokora maybe have got a bit mixed up with his english with regards to meeting AW, but the facts still remain that Wenger did not put in an offer for the player so he could not have snubbed us. It is my job as VA editor to write articles on everything Arsenal and I just wanted to nip this in the bud before you “squirts” got all high and mighty about a player choosing you over us, something which clearly did not happen here.

  • And if you can put the rest of whatever passes for a gooner’s life on hold yet again – we’ll need a fully researched update on the life and times of Real Madrid cheerleader Josie Reyes.

  • There are plenty of other threads with the topic of Jose Reyes, please discuss him there and not detract from the fact that Zokora is talking out of his **** box.

  • Even if a firm offer etc was put in, maybe he would rather be a big fish in a small pond, then a small fish in a big pond :p i don’t see him pushing Gilberto or Fabregas out of starting places! Glad we didn’t try/get him.

  • oh come on boys, face it! berbatov and zokora both turned you down! of course he would have been pushing for your team as well johnaldinho, were you under a big rock iduring the world cup. he is a top player, and as good at least as the immensly overrated gilberto!

  • Hold on, since when did we bid for either of those players, especially Berbatov, yes Wenger made enquirys about Zokora but didn’t follow them up because he’d prefer to play Pat Rice, but Berbatov was never an option, all our strikers are better than him 😉

  • Why would either of them turn us down for spurs elmo ? there’s no logic in your arguement ? like we need another striker anyway !? and Zokora, well, if your arguement is correct, then he turned down champions league football for the uefa cup, now that doesnt sound right does it??! go back and clutch at more straws your sorry spud!

  • end of the day its nice to see quotes from our new player stating this is where he wants to be, true his english isnt good so its no good nit picking what he has said and trying to work it round to either argument, i personally dont care whether concrete offer was put in or not, our new player is stating that he loves our club and would/did choose it over arsenal, if its true or just said to get of on the right foot, im not fussed end of the day he is a spurs player. and arguements over whose better etc are tedious at this stage we havtn seen berbatov or zokora in the prem yet so cant compare them on an even field.

  • nice to see a new player stating where he wants to be?!?!?!?!? Well he’s hardly going to say “I would have prefered a move to Arsenal, with their crisp football, Champions League status, and spanking new stadium, it would have been more appealing than a move to a team who has a brown kit with tendacies to **** theirselves when the going gets tough, but I guess it’ll have to do” now is he?

  • agree with that article, he would of been a good signing 4 u aswell, but rosicky will shine

  • we’ll let the spuds have there 15 seconds of fame. once again USA is completely and consistently irrelevant. as for the midnight articles…not all of us live in the uk so it matters not when the articles are posted.
    im not saying anything new but ill say it anyway coz it seems the spuds never get it.
    1. there was never any offer for zokora so he could not have snubbed arsenal…(is that so hard to understand…as in we only make offers for players we actually want. what a concept)
    2. berbatov would probably be 5th or 6th choice striker in arsenal or any of the top 4 teams i.e. not even our reserves

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