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Morning y’all,

A rather brief one this morning, before I am away out to work, a bit later than normal today.

Wingers’ World is nearing the end of it’s stint, what with the advent of the new season almost upon us, but it may return in some other form throughout the season.

Gordon’s Tonic

Up first of all to the land of the Stonner Kebab, that’s right I’m taking the high road all the way up to Edinburgh, where It’s being reported that Craig Gordon has agreed personal terms with Sunderland, and a whopping £9m deal is about to be signed, sealed and delivered (and he’s yours, Keano).

The Daily Record claims that Sunderland will pay £7m up front, with a further £2m to be paid in bits n bobs, here n there, while the player himself is in line to treble the £12k per week wages he was getting at sunderland by, well, three times as much. Zonkers.

Gordon’s been tipped to join the Premier League for quite a while now, with Arsenal more often than not his supposed destination. Indeed, maybe he would have, but it’s highly unlikely Le Boss would have signed th Scottish Stopper for a fee in the the region mentioned above, if that’s what Hearts chairman Vladimir OmenThreeManov was demanding.

Sol Glows

Well whaddya know, a heartening story reaches Wingers World this morning of an old man who has moved down to a South Coast retirement home and found a new lease of life. If it was a Disney film, I’m sure there would be little tweety birds landing on windowsills and magic brooms sweeping floors, while woodland creatures all peered round the old man’s front door, while he sand with joy.

And who knows, maybe that’s exactly what’s happening this morning in the life of Sulzier Campbell, as his fine displays last time out for Pompey have led to speculation that ‘Honest’ Steve McClaren will hand the defender a recall and ‘issue an SOS plea’ (© any bleedin’ tabloid you care to think of…), because John Terry is out injured for a month (so we lost a defender to injury, we are supposedly blessed with a dearth of world class defenders, do the press really need to sh*t bricks every time Terry blows his nose?).

TEAMtalk the source for that one, with McClaren their source, as he was quoted saying, ‘It would be silly and foolish of me to dismiss David James and Sol Campbell.’

Campbell in turn, said, ‘If the call came would be delighted,’ though it was not clear if he was referring to McClaren’s statement, or receiving a telegram from the Queen.

Stop! Hammeur Time

Some bombshell news now, in the shape of Fulham FC, who have sent shockwaves through the premiership by signing someone who is not from Northern Ireland (a bit like how everyone used to be surprised when we signed someone who wasn’t french – now they’re just surprised when we sign someone…). Fulham manager, and ex-liverpool spanish defender, Mark Lawrensanchez, has stepped in to snap up Watford’s Hameur Bouazza for a fee reported by as £4m.

Bouazza impressed in spells at Vicarage Road last season, and could be in line for his debut at The Grove this weekend…

Rafa looks to add a sissy to his squad.

Sky Sports reckon that Rafa El Gafa will try and bring in Real Madrid’s Brazilian full back Cicinho, who at present finds himself at the back of the queue for a starting spot at the Bernabeu behind Michel Salgado and Sergio Ramos, under new coach Bernd Schuster.

Cicinho, once touted as the successor to Cafu in the Brazilian national team, was interesting Roma, so say the Skysters, but in the form of a loan, whereas Rafa’s perceived bid of £6.8m would be more appealing to the utterly hideous madrid club (my opinion there, not Sky’s).

That’s all for now folks – I’ll try to squeeze one out, like a fart on a crowded train, but hopefully it will be more pleasant and less invasive to the nose. Ta-ra, chums…


32 Replies to “Wingers’ World 18 – Final Furlong”

  • I’m sorry to break out of this topic… but has confirmed that Gallas is the captain.. every other website I go to says that Gilberto is.. erm.. who’s wrong?

  • Well Wenger himself said it ‘s Gallas, plus is always the official mouthpiece. Gilbo being overlooked for captain, joint vice captains, the persistent link with Diarra. I’ve got a nasty feeling we’ve seen the last of Gilberto.

  • Gallas as captain! Brave decision. Gilberto is sanguine enough not to let it appear as though he has been snubbed even though it must feel like it.

  • Gilberto deserved it more than Gallas, and already proved he was good at it! He has always been commited to Arsenal, never has a bad word to say, and the captaincy bought the best out of him. Little Dutch – you could be right about it being the end, the rumours about Diarra just don’t go away.

  • Despite being a spur I really feel for Gilberto here. It?s not uncommon for me to give begrudging respect to Arsenal players as footballers but I?ve always had a soft spot for Gilberto as a footballer and thoroughly affable character. I personally didn?t think he was a bad captain at all and thought his calming influence would be good for your (sometimes overly emotional) younger players, but obviously AW knows more then myself?

  • WHY GALLAS !!!!!!!!!!!…….. he is been at arsenal for a year !!! we might as well as picked rosicky (atleast he has experience ,(being captain of the national team )…toure and gilberto are more hardworking and deserved 2 be captain …..HELL !! even jens is a better option !! gallas is a worldclass player but last season all gallas did at arsenal is moan !!….

  • I’m getting a bit ticked off with people banging on about Gallas’s supposed whingeing. Honestly, instead of reading the sun, actually take the trouble to read his ENTIRE statements, where he implicates himself heavily in the criticisms. e.g when he blamed himself for trying to come back from injury too quickly, or admitting it should have been his responsibility to help Arsenal defend corners properly, or when he said he played well below his best last season. I laughed at Chelsea’s insinuations last summer, but it appears they got exactly what they wanted, because our supporters seem to have swallowed it hook, line and sinker. I really thought we were more intelligent than that. Nice guys finish last, Gallas is a hard ass who wants to win, I would have gone for Gilberto, but a part of me thinks Gallas is the skipper this team needs.

  • Gallas as captain. Last season Gilberto took all of the responsibility and commanded a crippled , *****ty team. Now that Wenger pulled his tricks, everyone is back again, the team is strong again, nice and shiny, Gallas will command it.Truly unbelivable. If you finish this season without any trophies, and from the third place down. You can be absolutely sure that gallas will leave your team, just as henry did. Poor Gilberto, I feel for him, he should come back to brazil, where he would be appreciated…

  • Although I’m not totally happy with the decision, I also think that if this responsibility doesn’t get Mighty Mouth to consistently up his performances then nothing will. Nowhere to hide now Willy. Time to show us that your bite is just as big as your bark. Let’s get right behind him lads, cos we all know that there’s nothing better than getting your Willy up for the occasion 😎 Sorry, I’ll get me coat!!

  • I think Gallas and Gilberto would both make good captains in completely different ways. Gilberto is the calming influence, but maybe this team neads a more fiery attitude in terms of their football. Not happy at first but it is starting to make some sense. I feel sory for bert tho.

  • I agree Rob, we need a shift in focus. Everyone knows we can play the nice stuff, but we need to do the nasty stuff better. Gallas clearly doesn’t mind telling people to raise their game and that’s what we need. I feel for Gilbo, but I think we need a slight shift in focus and this appointment makes sense to me. When we’re losing to teams like Sheff Utd, Man City, West Ham, Fulham (Gallas only played one of the aforementioned), you have to question if a kick up the arse is needed sometimes. Gallas is the guy to administer that and I think he’ll knit the team together. What better motivation to play well than to keep Willy from shouting at you. Keane was never a popular personailty at United, he never socialised with the players, he told most of them he didn’t like them (Forlan and Rio for example), but anyone here want to question his captaincy credentials?

  • Don’t know bout you LD, but I’m looking forard to seeing Keane in action on Saturday 😎 What’s that saying about absence makes the heart grow fonder? I’m sure I’ll have had enough of him again by 3pm though, once he’s finished gloating about the 3 points gained that is lol.

  • As a supporter of Billy for captain, I would like to say one thing to those who are against it – at least we will all see with our own eyes if he walks the walk! Although he is not the most ‘Arsenal’, I believe it’s possible for him to ‘earn’ the armband, by now showing doubters that he is willing to give it 200% – hopefully this will bring the best out of what is a world-class defender.

  • ok this isnt jake b, but this is ***** gallas is a nothing inconsequential player- who proves not very much consistently- this is the only move this summer which i think is backwards- we aren’t playing the name game like other clubs so why pretend it with our captain- hope that makes sense

  • The only thing I’d say is that Gallas does have a winner’s mentality (or proclaims to). Although we’ve probably all been focusing on Fabregas and van Persie as the key players this season, it’s probably our spine of Lehmann, Gallas and Gilberto who are going to be really key. Gallas and Gilberto probably make a good combination. Does anyone think that Diarra is actually going to be signed??

  • My girlfriend wrote that, I disagree with her. Like Rob I feel for Gilberto, but Gallas as captain could turn out to be a great decision, we shall see.

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