Date: 27th October 2006 at 4:14pm
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Van Persie. A talented young player, with ultimate potential. But, straight to the point, Van Persie is a very important player to us last and this season, for he is the only beside Henry who can score goals.

We always had 3 goal scorers. But, Ljungberg no longer one and Pires left, we had nobody to pull the trigger, therefore, Van Persie goal scoring instincts were needed more than ever.

But in the long run, I just can’t see him fit in. He somehow does not play arsenal passing free-flowing style. You look at most of his goals, and almost every one of them are simple tap in’s or individual goals. Rarely are they are a result in which he plays a big part in build up.

He is said to be like Bergkamp, but is nothing like Bergkamp. He is solely a trigger-puller, one we probably need now, but we will need someone a lot better than that in the long run. He lacks Bergkamp playmaking skills as well as consistently making good runs.

The chance he wasted against Reading was absolutely horrifying. Every other Arsenal player in his position would have passed it to Henry on the left.

And Van Persie wants to be a star. Sadly, with Henry, the team HAS to be played around him. Van Persie needs to learn this.

Van Persie is also terribly one-footed. He has, in my opinions only two options to succeed:

1. Wenger plays him on the right, and Hleb plays on the left, Rosicky plays behind Henry this is the position he plays for Holland, cuts inside with his left foot. This position fully utilises his talents.

2. Van Persie learns to be more central, like Torres and two-footed.

Unless Van Persie becomes a team player A.S.A.P, he place in team will be threatened by Aliadiere and Baptista. Granted, neither of them has proven anything but:

1. Both are central and two-footed.
2. Both have a lot more pace than Van Persie
3. His place could even threatened by Ribery or Walcott. If either secures the left wing spot, Rosicky will play the Bergkamp role, and Van Persie will be left out.

MY PREDCITION ON VAN PERSIE: He’ll be replaced by Aliadiere sooner than later.

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  • i dun agree wid most things in this article, we always need a goal scorer in our team, and we have pure footballers with exceptional skills, we’ve always lacked a goal scorer besides henry and pires in the last few years, ljungberg was only a goal scorer in the double winning season of 2002, i doubt if he has even reached double figures since that season, though i maybe wrong as i dun know the stats, but RVP is a great talent, and wenger can bring the best out of him and i’m sure his overall game play will also get better, cuz he is playing with such talented players that he is obviously going to learn a lot from them, and his overall game has improved a lot this season, he may not be as creative as other players, but he certainly does play more for the team now than he used to before, and about the chance that he missed at reading, when every other play would have passed the ball to henry, what is wrong with that, everyone misses chances, atleast we have a player in the team besides henry who has the confidence to go for the goal and who believes he can score, when most players tend to pass on that responsibility to others, so lets show some patience and in time i’m sure he’ll be a great overall player for our club, i’m with RVP and so much criticism about him written in this article is bulls**t and not fair on the lad..

  • RVP is one of our best attacking players and although i do believe that he hasnt brilliantly he has alot more to his game than just taking pot-shots. Sunlimely gifted, he will become a great player.

  • im also not sure about the articel….i think RVP will be a fantastic player, but he has to learn to be less selfish and like you say, become more of a team player, but once he has done that, i think he’ll be as good as if not better than anyone else in that position.

  • Ah, the intellectuals have joined us this evening. Don’t shake your head LASAYER, both your brain cells may collide. Then where will you be?

  • And they have the nerve to say care in the community isn’t working.
    Well done sonny, what else did you learn this week? Any eight letter words?

  • wat are u on about. RVP will definitely make the grade. He won’t be replaced by anyone. Van Persie is one of those players who likes to go for glory by himself. he will play as a team player most of the time but also likes to be selfish. he will learn as he matures and will be fantastic don’t slate him even though he does bemuse at times with his decision making, but no ones perfect.

  • I agree with the article in the main. RVPs main weapon is his lethal left foot. it is some weapon and no other player in the prem has a left or right foot as good. but other parts of his game are lacking as you have pointed out. Henry said RVP was the most talented football in training at Arsenal. imagine what wenger sees everyday when RVP is doing anything he likes with the ball while other players watch in awe. I think this persuades AW to play him. we all see his poor passing or bad decision making though and can see he needs to improve. I dont mind selfish strikers, but his passing is inaccurate and his decision making is slow. also his movement when he plays in a 4-4-2 is not good enough. always marked by the centre back. I agree he needs to play right wing, but AW has Hleb.

  • I think RVP has exceptional talent, the problem is we are still talking about potential and him learning. He’s 23, by now he really should have learned. If one person can turn him into a team player, which will be a hard task, it’s Wenger.

  • As I have said in the forum, there is absolutely nothing wrong with RVP technically, infact he’s the most natural finisher since Robbie Fowler but a million times more skilfull. Rob’s problems lie in his head, once he iron’s out these minor problems, he has the potential to become one of the best in the world.

  • Some quick points on your three points:

    1. Both are central and two-footed (Aliadiere and Baptista): How two footed is Baptista and how many times have you seen him play? For starters he is not a centre forward, he is a Lampard-style player who bursts from midfield. Aliadiere is not terribly two footed, in fact in my opinion there is no player in the squad that you could accurately describe as being two footed, even TH14. Being able to score with both feet does not make you two footed.

    2. Both have a lot more pace than van Persie (Aliadiere and Baptista): This is just wrong. RvP is a much quicker player than Baptista, especially on the ball. Aliadiere is probably quicker, but having made only eight starts for Arsenal in five years (due largely to injuries maybe) it is hard to judge his ability against Premiership opposition. Pace is also only one attribute, albeit an important one in an Arsene Wenger side. Van Persie has other things to offer that Aliadiere doesn’t, his versatility being one of them.

    3. His place could even threatened by Ribery or Walcott. If either secures the left wing spot, Rosicky will play the Bergkamp role, and van Persie will be left out: Firstly we have not bought Ribery, and are unlikely to until at least next summer. Wenger has said he intends to play Theo on the wing, however we are still playing a 4-4-2 in at least half our games which means another spot up front. in a 4-5-1 van Persie might miss out to Hleb on the right, but in a 4-3-3 Hleb doesn’t have the width to push up as a true outside right. Whether Rosicky plays so far up to take the “Bergkamp role” is also yet to be seen. Personally I don’t think he’ll play that far up, even in a 4-5-1, where I think we’ll see a triangle of Gilberto, Cesc and Tomas.

  • I think that most of what youve said is true but i think that its much better for the team if they depended less on Henry.. they should have a go at the goalkeepers…see when we played against Manyoo, no Henry no finishing for sometime! RVP just needs some more time in my opinion and he will surely fill in Dennis Bergkamp’s shoes in the very near future.

  • some short comments… RvP is brilliant and has enormous potential given time… Dennis Bergkamp was one of a kind and will not be replaced but instead compensated for…. and finally, homophobes such as lasayer have no place in modern society and certainly not at vitalarsenal…

  • Yeah we don’t rate him, we think he’s rubbish, over a hundred members of this site have said so, Chelsea are the worlds most successful team ever and President Bush is cleverer that Professor Stephen Hawkin………..Have a word with yourself.

  • He has massive tallent, but it is true that he lacks pace, and two of the main things that Arsenal run off. Making clever runs and clever passes. He could be fantastic, but needs some extra hours with Arsene.

  • Unlike Chelsea fans westl, we have the ability to intelligently discuss a player’s talent without parrotting media arse holes like Hansen.

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